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Last Updated on November 28th, 2018 at 2:41 pm

Latest features on Souncloud
Soundcloud has experienced a period of crisis and has even collapsed. But now Soundcloud is growing stronger thanks to the more and more innovative features. Soundcloud 2018 has made many changes in order to maximize the effect on artists on this platform.

Artists can come closer to their listeners. That will increase the amount of interaction for the tracks. Let’s take a look at the latest features on Soundcloud has launched.

Share new track on SoundCloud directly to Instagram Stories

Say goodbye to screenshots. Beginning at present you could share your music discoveries from SoundCloud directly to your Instagram Stories. Scanning the New & Hot charts to search out your next favorite track or artist is difficult to work – work that now delivers an immediate reward, because easily shared, means easily heard.

As an artist, you could publish a link to the single you just dropped so your followers can connect directly to the track on SoundCloud and access your new music on the spot. With mobile commenting, your listeners can listen and provide you with feedback in real-time.

Here’s how the new function works:

  1. In the newest version of the SoundCloud app, find a track you want to share
  2. Click on the share icon at the bottom of your screen
  3. Click on the Instagram icon or choose “Share to Instagram Stories” (depending on what phone you’re utilizing)
  4. Share the hyperlink with all of your followers on to your Instagram Story

It’s that easy. To find new music, share it with the world and enjoy the journey while uncovering your next favorite track – because what’s next in music is first on SoundCloud.

The new function begins rolling out to users at present and is available through the newest versions of the SoundCloud and Instagram mobile apps on iOS and Android.

Your SoundCloud streams now count toward the UK charts

It’s been a long time to come, however, we’re glad to announce that at present is the day: the Official Charts Company – the UK’s official, trusted weekly pulse of what’s hot in music at present – has included all plays on licensed, monetized tracks on SoundCloud to the UK charts.

While SoundCloud streams are already officially counted in the US and Canada, the addition of the UK charts means more localized exposure for artists such as you who construct and develop your career on SoundCloud every day.

So, what are you waiting for? Upload that song and if it’s licensed and monetized, you’ll begin getting counted right now.

Comments on mobile are back and available on Android and iOS

You know that moment: you are listening to a new song and BAM it hits you. Generally, it’s the beat, that easy melody, that intelligent rhyme. All is when it occurs you have to express how you feel about it, no matter where you’re in your day.

At present, we’re excited to relaunch comments on mobile with a brand new experience on iOS and Android so you could comment on tracks anytime, anywhere, right from your phone.

  • Simple navigation: Simply tap the conversation bubble icon to leave a comment or read the time-stamped comments on tracks.
  • Give and receive feedback immediately: Have more flexibility over when and where you share feedback on your favorite tracks.
  • More control and freedom: Handle your own comments and comments by the community with the ability to simply delete and leave comments on tracks.

As the world’s largest music streaming platform sparking social connections between artists and listeners all over the world, SoundCloud creates an open, authentic and dynamic community where everybody can share and join.

So be heard. Hear back. Connect anytime, anywhere – first on SoundCloud.

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