How to Get Verified on Facebook in 2021: A Step by Step Guide (2/2)

get verified on Facebook

In the previous article, we mentioned how Facebook verification works. Let’s continue reading to know all about the exact ways to get verified on Facebook.

Six techniques to improve your chances of becoming verified on Facebook.

It checks for four characteristics when Facebook verifies a profile or a Page:

  • Authenticity. Is the profile or Page truly representative of who it claims to be?
  • Uniqueness. Is this the person’s or organization’s only Facebook presence?
  • Completeness. Is it complete in terms of the information it contains about the person or entity it represents?
  • Notability. Is the person or organization well-known enough that verifying them is in the public interest?

We’ll look at how to make sure your account satisfies all of the standards for a blue checkmark in this section.

1. Maintain a professional tone.

The image that your Facebook Page portrays should be consistent with the image that your brand portrays elsewhere. This aids Facebook in recognizing the link between your Page and your company.

Make sure you’re just publishing stuff that’s relevant to your brand on your Page, also, don’t forget to get rid of anything that might jeopardize your trustworthiness, such as:

  • Low-quality photos, off-brand trademarks, or personal postings
  • Posts with grammatical, typographical, or capitalization errors, as well as other unprofessional-looking material
  • Anything that isn’t in line with your brand’s tone of voice.

2. Double-check that your company’s information is current.

It doesn’t matter how professional your Facebook Page appears if your information isn’t kept up to date. Before granting you the verification badge, Facebook will check and authenticate your information, so be sure it’s correct. Moreover, You’ll need to double-check that the following information is correct:

Your website’s URL, as well as your email address and a brief description of yourself

3. Give specifics

The more information you can give about your company, the better. Make sure you’ve filled out all of the relevant information in the About section of your Page, after that, the following are some of the details:

  • A street address or addresses (if you have multiple locations)
  • Numbers to call
  • Your company’s mission statement
  • Your additional social media accounts
  • An overview of the company

4. Provide a link to the official properties

If you wish to get verified on Facebook, you’ll need the necessary connections, and then you must have an up-to-date link to your company’s official website for Facebook to approve your verification request, besides you must also provide a link on your website to your Facebook Page.

5. Make a Facebook page for your business.

If you’re verifying a business page, make sure you’ve created a Facebook Business Page first. Confirming a Facebook Business Page is the same as verifying any other page, and creating one is free.

Facebook Business Page set up

The facts you provide on your Facebook Business Page will make you look more genuine, distinct, and noteworthy.

6. Make your neighborhood a better place to live

Having a huge and active group of followers on Facebook is the greatest approach to display your reputation.

You may boost your Facebook engagement in a variety of ways. These might range from selecting material provided by your followers to utilizing Facebook analytics tools to determine how your audience reacts.

How to keep your Facebook account verified

Receiving verified status on Facebook isn’t the same as winning the Nobel Prize; it may be revoked at any time.

The following pointers will assist you in maintaining your Facebook verified status.

Observe community norms

It’s critical to be familiar with the Facebook Community Standards once you’ve been confirmed, after that you’re supposed to follow the same rules as everyone else. In reality, large-follower accounts are frequently exempt from manual or automatic moderation.

However, given the latest revelations about Facebook’s “cross-check” methods, having a huge following may no longer be as safe as it always was.

All Facebook accounts are subject to the same harassment and illegal content policies. Others are more appropriate for a well-known company or brand.

If you’re curating material created by other users, for example, be sure you’re following Facebook’s intellectual property and privacy policies.

Two-factor authentication should be used.

Having your Facebook page verified might add to the value of your business. Make sure your account is protected with two-factor authentication.

When you access your account using two-factor authentication, after that, you have a second option to confirm who you say you are in addition to the log-in page. This second piece of evidence might be:

  • A text message has been sent to your phone number.
  • An app for third-party authentication
  • A key to physical security

It’s far more difficult for someone else to gain access to your verified Facebook account if you use two-factor authentication.

Create a Facebook marketing plan and stick to it.

If you have a verified Facebook presence indicates that you are well-known, however, it is not for all cases. To stay relevant on Facebook, use smart Facebook marketing methods that help you interact with your audience.

Facebook marketing includes everything from traditional ad purchases to the creative use of boosted posts.

Anything that improves the image of your company is valuable. Follow the steps indicated above to get your business certified on Facebook.


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