Guide to Successfully Run an Instagram Giveaway or Contest (2/2)

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Congratulations on your decision to run an Instagram giveaway! You’re already a step ahead in your generosity game.

To ensure your giveaway is a success, our second part is a step-by-step guide that covers everything from creating the rules and promoting your giveaway to choosing the lucky winner.

So, get ready to spread some joy and goodwill, you kind and noble soul! Let’s dive into the details.

How to run an Instagram giveaway

If you’re looking to boost your engagement and followers on Instagram, running a giveaway can be a great option. However, to ensure maximum success, it’s important to follow a blueprint and cover all your bases before announcing your prizes.

1. Determine your Instagram giveaway objectives

To successfully run an Instagram giveaway, the first step is to define your overall objective. Without a clear goal in mind, it will be difficult to determine whether your contest was successful or not.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Do you want to engage your audience more with your content?
  • Do you aim to generate a larger following?
  • Or, are you planning to build a library of user-generated content to share on social media?

Your answers will determine the type of Instagram giveaway you should run. Whatever your objective is, keep it in mind throughout the entire contest planning process so that everything you do is aligned with your end goal.

2. Decide on your budget and prizes

The next step in planning your Instagram giveaway is to determine your budget and the prize you can afford to give away. You may want to start with a small prize for your initial giveaway and then progress to a larger prize later on. However, remember that the prize you offer should be tailored to your target audience and unique to them.

For instance, while a cash prize or a popular tech gadget might appeal to a wide audience, a gift card or limited-edition product from your store would only attract those who are interested in your brand. This approach can further engage your target audience and help you achieve your awareness goals. If the winner shares photos of the prize they received, you can gain additional exposure and reach from your efforts.

3. Create and run an Instagram giveaway or contest

Are you hosting a giveaway or a contest? That’s the first question you need to answer. Generally, they’re interchangeable, but some companies opt for more detailed contests where contestants put in extra effort and judges pick the winner.

In contrast, giveaways have winners chosen randomly.

Next, decide how to run your Instagram contest. Refer to the previous examples, and choose the one that aligns the most with your primary goal.

Ensure that it’s simple for people to participate in your contest. Complex entry processes are a turn-off, so keep it easy.

When you decide on the ideal entry method for your contest, it’s time to plan the rest of the details.

First, decide on the duration of your Instagram contest. How long will your audience have to participate? Make sure you establish a deadline and notify your audience of the closing date.

Second, will you use a hashtag for your campaign? Creating a hashtag unique to your contest that no one else is using is an excellent idea. You can distinguish between contest entries and regular posts about your brand by doing this.

Third, what is the theme of your contest? This is especially vital for UGC-centered contests. You want to make sure your audience knows what kind of photos to share.

Lastly, how will you notify the winner? Will you tag them in a comment, post a new post, or message them? Plan these details before launching the contest.

4. Create your campaign assets

Next, you should start by preparing campaign assets to promote your Instagram contest. Not only will this attract the attention of your followers, but it will also help you promote it on various platforms such as your email newsletter, website, and others.

Create both an Instagram feed and Stories imagery to increase the number of followers who see the contest early on, giving you plenty of time to collect entries. To increase the total number of entries, make sure these images stand out. Consider getting high-quality photos of the prize and add “GIVEAWAY” or a similar copy in big, bold lettering to the top of your graphic.

In addition, you need to carefully craft your captions. Begin with an attention-grabbing hook to draw in viewers. Then, explain what the prize is, how to enter the giveaway, and the rules of the contest. Remember to comply with Instagram’s terms and conditions and release them from any affiliation with the giveaway.

5. Track your giveaway entry results

Make sure to closely monitor the number of giveaway entries, any inquiries related to the giveaway, and the number of relevant entries using the giveaway hashtag.

Run an Instagram Giveaway 1

Be vigilant of all posts and comments related to your Instagram giveaway, to determine whether or not you have achieved your desired objective. If one of your goals is to increase awareness or reach, track the performance of your giveaway hashtags in the Instagram Business Profiles Report to assess the hashtags associated with your brand. This will enable you to gauge whether your branded giveaway hashtag is generating the buzz you hoped for.

Run an Instagram Giveaway 2

Pay close attention during and after the giveaway to see if you’ve generated an increase in sales.

6. Use an Instagram giveaway picker to choose your winner

After your giveaway period has elapsed, it is now time to select a winner. The most effective way to do this is by utilizing an Instagram giveaway picker tool, of which there are many available specifically for this purpose.

Some brands even record themselves using a tool to randomly select a winner, and share the video on their Instagram Stories as evidence that the winner has indeed been chosen at random.

Several well-known Instagram giveaway pickers include:

  1. Wask
  2. GiveawayPick
  3. Comment Picker
  4. Iconosquare


Consider starting your own Instagram giveaways to enhance your followers, amplify social media engagement, and most importantly, drive conversions. By exposing more people to your product, you are raising the likelihood of introducing them to your brand and converting them into customers.

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