The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Instagram DMs (1/2)

With the rise of social media, contacting brands has never been easier. Instagram DM has become the modern method of communication between customers and businesses. This is with nearly 50% of people considering digital channels to reach out to brands in the future. Considering that 90% of people follow at least one business on Instagram, it’s safe to say that Instagram DMs will continue to be a go-to for customer support. Personal and effective, Instagram’s messaging feature can help build strong relationships with customers, influencers, and brand partners. For maximizing Instagram DMs, here are some tips for sending and responding to messages. We will ensure your audience feels heard and supported.

What is Instagram DMs?

Instagram DMs refer to direct messages sent between two Instagram users or a group of users. In detail, these messages are private and do not appear on your brand’s feed, profile, or search. Thus making it a great way to communicate with followers and customers.

DMs can be used to send different types of content, including photos, videos, audio, stickers, and GIFs. Thus, brands and creators can use direct messages to establish personal connections with their audience. Furthermore, it helps seek partnerships and provide support to customers with questions or feedback. So, maximizing Instagram DMs is the way to go in this era.

How to send DMs via Mobile

Maximizing Instagram DMs

Sending and receiving DMs through the Instagram app is straightforward. Simply open the Instagram app on your phone, click on the paper airplane or messenger icon in the top right corner of your feed, and then select the conversation you wish to participate in from your Direct Messages tab. You can then write a message or send content, such as posts, Reels, or Stories, directly to another user or brand.

Unread direct messages will appear at the top of the list, making it easy to stay on top of your conversations. By using Instagram DMs effectively, you can build stronger relationships with your audience and drive engagement in your content.

How to send DMs on PC or Mac

Using a desktop or laptop computer, anyone with an Instagram profile can create or respond to Instagram DMs. This method is ideal for brands dealing with a high volume of DMs and want to maximizing Instagram DMs. Creating or replying to an Instagram message on a PC or Mac follows the same process. To open a DM on Instagram’s web version:

  1. Log in to your brand’s Instagram account using your preferred web browser at Note: Instagram DMs can be accessed on any web browser.
  2. After logging in, click on Messages in the panel on the left. Like in the app, the icon you see here will either be a paper plane or the Messenger symbol depending on whether you have connected your account with Facebook Messenger.
  3. The Direct Messages tab displays your brand’s messages and interactions. The unread messages will appear first in the list.
  4. You can also create a new DM by clicking on the blue Send Message button.

Answers to frequently ask about Instagram DMs

Are Instagram DMs private?

Instagram DMs are completely private and don’t appear in your brand’s profile, feed, or search results. They are also not visible to your followers, only the users who are communicating directly can see the messages.

Will the sender be notified if you take a screenshot of Instagram DMs?

In most cases, the sender will not be notified when you take a screenshot of their Instagram DMs. However, if the message was sent using vanish mode, the sender will be notified if you take a screenshot.

Is it possible to delete Instagram DMs?

Yes, you can delete Instagram DMs from both the desktop and mobile app versions. If you delete a DM, it will only be deleted for you, not for the other participants unless they delete it as well.

What is an Instagram DM group?

An Instagram DM group is a group chat that can include up to 250 people. You can use this feature to message multiple people at once.

Can you video chat on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram DMs allow you to video chat with up to eight people simultaneously. You can start a new video chat by clicking on the video chat icon in an existing conversation or starting a new conversation. According to Instagram, anyone who has messaged you (except for verified accounts) can video chat with you. If you want to prevent someone from video calling you, you can block them.

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