Judge My Spotify: How Bad Is Your Spotify?

Last Updated on June 11th, 2024 at 6:14 pm

How Bad Is Your Spotify? (1)

Welcome to Judge My Spotify: How bad is your Spotify? Have you ever wondered what your music choices say about you? In this fun and lighthearted experience, we’ll take a playful look at your Spotify playlists and see just how “bad” they are.

Get ready to laugh, explore, and maybe even discover some new favorite tunes along the way!

TL;DR – “Judge My Spotify” is a fun tool that humorously evaluates your music choices on Spotify or Apple Music. Created by Mike Lacher and Matt Daniels, it playfully teases your selections and provides insights into your music preferences. Simply log in with your account, explore your musical tastes, and enjoy the entertaining experience!

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What is How Bad Is Your Spotify?

“Judge My Spotify” or “How Bad Is Your Streaming Music?” is a funny computer program that looks at your Spotify or Apple Music choices. It’s free and checks out what kind of music you like, then makes a joke about it. The computer program teases your music picks in a fun way and asks if you’re okay with a smile. It’s a fun way to see what music you like, who your favorite singers are, and if you prefer popular or different songs.

It was made by Mike Lacher and Matt Daniels from The Pudding, and you could use it with Spotify in 2020 and Apple Music in 2021.

Features of How Bad Is Your Spotify?

  • Fun Judging: Pudding Cool’s AI tool playfully looks at your Spotify playlists, making it fun to see your music taste.
  • Inspired by Spotify Wrapped: Like Spotify’s features, the tool gives you a different way to view your music likes.
  • Using Spotify: Log in with your Spotify or Apple Music accounts to use the tool.
  • Privacy: Don’t worry; the tool doesn’t keep any of your Spotify or Apple Music data. You can remove access anytime from your account settings.

How to Use Judge My Spotify? Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Go to the Pudding Cool Website:

Start your Spotify adventure by opening the “Judge my music” tool in your web browser. Link: https://pudding.cool/2021/10/judge-my-music/

How Bad Is Your Streaming Music?

Step 2: Use the Third-Party Tool:

Click the “Find Out” button to start, then wait for it to load the indicators of objectively good music.

Access the Third-Party Tool

Next, log in with your Spotify or Apple Music account. This connects the tool with the APIs, enabling it to evaluate your music preferences.

log in with your Spotify or Apple Music account.

I’m linking it to my account, so Spotify prompted me to agree to a privacy disclosure agreement.


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How it Works! Complete Mechanism:

The tool uses a funny computer program to look at your Spotify music habits, giving amusing insights. It mixes silly numbers with information from your Spotify or Apple Music, showing what kinds of music you like and if you prefer popular songs or hidden treasures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this tool safe to use?

Yes, the tool is all about having fun and doesn’t keep any of your Spotify or Apple Music information. It makes a one-time code to check out your top songs and tracks, keeping everything private.

Can I remove access to this tool from my Spotify account?

Yes, you can. Just sign in to your Spotify account, go to the “Apps” section, find “How Bad Is Your Spotify,” and click to remove or revoke access.

Why is “Judge My Spotify” not working for me?

A few things might cause the tool to not work right. This could be having trouble with your internet, issues with your web browser, or the website being down for a bit.

Final Words

Find out how your music taste stacks up with Judge My Spotify! Have fun exploring your favorite tunes, whether it’s great, not-so-great, or somewhere in between.

Keep enjoying your music journey and remember, it’s all about what you love to listen to. So, crank up the volume and let the good times roll!

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