How to Batch Instagram Reels Content Efficiently

How to Batch Instagram Reels Content Efficiently

In this article, we will explore a method to publish multiple Instagram reels without the need to record every single day. If you’re searching for a workflow that allows you to create content for several weeks in one go, we’ve got you covered. Learn how to efficiently batch your Instagram reels and save time in the process.

Reels Are the Future of Instagram

Instagram stands out as the ultimate social sales tool for eCommerce and small business owners. Its robust toolkit empowers you to create captivating content, track performance, drive conversions, and foster customer relationships.


The platform’s mysterious algorithm has a clear preference: Reels! Instagram has been championing Reels with fervor, making it the focal point of their recent updates. While other platforms may boast higher engagement rates, Instagram Reels dominates in watch rate.

The magic lies in the value of Reels views, as they grant you more time to connect with customers. Moreover, the algorithm deems watch time as a measure of success. More views and replays lead to increased recommendations and prime placements on the Explore tab.

Combine Instagram’s sales prowess with the viral potential of Reels, and you’ve got an incredibly effective organic marketing strategy in your hands. It’s a winning formula for driving real results!

Why Should You Batch-Create Instagram Reels?

Batching content for Instagram offers a plethora of advantages.

Save time: By planning, filming, and editing videos in batches, you can work faster and more efficiently.

Scale up: The streamlined process of batch-creating allows you to scale up your organic Instagram strategy effortlessly.

Mental clarity: Creating content ahead of time relieves the pressure, freeing up your mind to focus on other tasks.

Boost creativity: Concentrating on each phase of the video creation process for longer periods enhances creativity, as you dive deeper into brainstorming, presenting, and technical edits, rather than juggling multiple tasks.

How to Batch Instagram Reels

Follow this foolproof routine:

  1. Generate ideas: Let your creativity flow and brainstorm captivating content concepts.
  2. Plan and script: Outline your Reels and create engaging scripts to make your content shine.
  3. Film: Lights, camera, action! Bring your ideas to life by filming your Reels.
  4. Edit: Fine-tune your videos, adding that extra sparkle to make them stand out.
  5. Post or schedule: Time to share your creations with the world! Post them or schedule them for optimal impact.

To make this routine a breeze, set aside 1-2 hours each week for each task. For instance, devote Monday to idea generation, Tuesday to scripting, Wednesday to filming, Thursday to editing, and Friday to posting or scheduling.

But before you dive in, there’s one more crucial step: create a detailed content plan to guide your journey to Instagram Reels success!

How to Create an Instagram Content Plan

Your Instagram content plan is the rock-solid foundation for everything you create. It keeps you organized, on track, and brimming with creativity, making it indispensable for solo marketers seeking support and vital for coordinating marketing teams.

To get started, choose a productivity tool like Asana  or Trello, and create a dedicated board solely for Instagram production. Inside the board, set up columns that showcase the batch-creation process.


  1. Ideas: Gather and review content ideas with your team in this column.
  2. To Create: Whenever you’re ready to film a batch of videos, check this column.
  3. Recorded: This column holds a treasure trove of filmed ideas, waiting for their next steps.
  4. To Edit: Videos nearly ready for publishing belong in this column, whether you’re editing them yourself or handing them off to your team.
  5. To Schedule/Post: Once videos are edited and polished, they find their spot in this column, ready for scheduling or posting.
  6. Posted: Store past content ideas in this column for easy reference, revisit successful concepts, and avoid accidental duplicates.

Each time a content idea sprouts, a card is born in the Ideas column. As it progresses through your production process, that card dances along the columns. Stay organized, stay creative, and let your content plan lead you to Instagram success!

Ready to Supercharge Your Social Marketing Strategy?

#1: Get Instagram Reels Ideas

Get ready to dive into the world of creativity! Open up your mind and step into your creative space for some exciting brainstorming.

Remember, each content idea should have a specific target audience in mind, as different audiences crave different content experiences.

For new viewers, short videos with trending appeal work wonders. Incorporate footage with overlaid text to introduce your brand and captivate new audiences.

For existing followers, indulge in long-form videos and share personal stories to strengthen your relationship with them.

Allocate dedicated time each week for researching and ideating. And if inspiration strikes at other moments, seize it! But intentional brainstorming yields the best results.

Never fear having too many ideas; it’s a treasure trove! You can create 8-10 videos in each batch, and any remaining ideas are a head start for next week’s content!

Boost Your Ideas with Social Listening When in doubt, research TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Study current trends, popular formats, and content from competitors in your niche. Then, adapt these ideas to suit your industry, business, and unique tone of voice.

Choose trends that genuinely excite you – your enthusiasm shines through in your performance, and your audience will feel it too.

Keep in mind that trends often originate on TikTok, but Instagram always adds its own twist. So, tailor your content accordingly.

If you draw inspiration from an existing video, be sure to summarize and link to it when describing the idea in Asana or Trello. This reference will be invaluable, and you won’t lose track of that fantastic video!

batch Instagram reel-elise

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#2: Craft Your Instagram Reels Plan and Script

Ready to bring your best ideas to life? Let’s dive in and develop those gems before filming!

Here’s a three-step process to nurture your content ideas:

  1. Plan: Define the video’s content and direction. What do you want to showcase?
  2. Script: Whether it’s a quick reminder of talking points or a fully scripted speech, jot it down.
  3. Adapt: Tailor the tone, content, and style to suit your audience and niche.

For instance, imagine you’re creating a classic talking-head video to promote an eCommerce product.

In the planning stage, choose the product to feature and plan the filming approach. In the scripting stage, craft an engaging hook, outline key points, and add a compelling call to action. Lastly, ensure your plan aligns seamlessly with your branding and tone of voice.

Let your creativity flow as you shape your Reels to perfection!

Once an idea is fully fleshed out, you can move the card into the To Create column.

#3: Lights, Camera, Action: Filming Your Instagram Content

Now comes the fun part: batch-filming your epic Instagram reels! But let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details of setting up your camera, props, and performance, all while keeping one crucial focus in mind: just filming—no editing, no scheduling, pure filming excitement!

Here’s how to ensure your Instagram content dazzles:

  • Camera: Film with a modern smartphone set to high video resolution—aim for 1080p and 60 frames per second (fps) for top-notch quality.
  • Microphone: Enhance sound quality with a shirt mic or mini-microphone (lavalier mic) plugged into your smartphone—a hit with your audience!
  • Storage: Ensure your device has ample memory space to hold the entire batch of videos. Save content directly to your phone for more flexibility.
  • Props: Elevate your visuals with engaging props. Switch them up between videos to maintain an element of surprise.

batch Instagram reels

  • Lighting and Setting: Film in a serene and visually appealing spot with excellent lighting. Consider a ring light for that extra glow.
  • Teleprompters: Keep your performance seamless and natural with a teleprompter, using a full script or brief notes. CapCut’s built-in teleprompter is a game-changer!
  • B-roll Footage: Capture additional footage of your office, products, and daily life after filming your weekly videos. Build a library of valuable footage for faster content creation.

Once each video is complete, save the clip to your phone and drop a copy into the relevant Asana or Trello card. For larger file sizes, upload them to the cloud and add a link to the card.

Finally, move the Asana or Trello card into the Recorded column. Videos you plan to post soon can move into the To Edit column, while B-roll footage is safely banked for future content creation.

Get ready to shine in front of the camera and unleash your Instagram reel brilliance! Lights, camera, and all the action await!

#4: Polishing Your Instagram Reels: The Editing Magic

Just like brainstorming, scripting, and filming, you can work your video editing magic in a single weekly sprint! If you collaborate with a team, ensure they can access the files through your productivity software. For solo creators, rejoice! All your video files are neatly saved on your phone.

Here’s a handy checklist for video editing:

  • Check sound quality and re-record audio if needed.
  • Add background audio to set the mood.
  • Trim footage to eliminate filler or dead time.
  • Incorporate captivating B-roll footage for a visually engaging experience.
  • Include subtitles for enhanced accessibility.
  • Create an eye-catching cover image for your Instagram reel.
  • Write a captivating caption that complements your reel on Instagram.

Once you’re satisfied with the video and all supplementary material is ready, move the card to the To Schedule/Post column in Asana or Trello.

Your masterpiece is almost ready to dazzle your audience! One more step to go before it hits the spotlight!

#5: Timing is Everything: Scheduling and Posting Instagram Reels

When it comes to scheduling or posting your fantastic reels, there are two schools of thought. Some prefer to schedule posts during the batch-editing process, while others opt for a separate task on another day. The choice is yours, tailored to your workload and working style.

The beauty of batch-creating content lies in the ability to post consistently without the constant pressure of content creation. Utilize scheduling tools to distribute your posts strategically and establish a steady rhythm. As your followers become accustomed to your regular intervals, they’ll be more hooked on your captivating content than ever before.

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