Have you known that your engagement stats increase after posting an Instagram Reel? You’re not the only one.

Because the short-video format debuted on the platform last year, brands and creators alike have discovered that these posts reel in more than just views. Many marketers have seen the numbers of their followers and engagement rates increase, too. One Instagram creator says she increased 2,800+ followers by posting a Reel every day for a month.

In this article, we will dig into your personal Instagram information and check this theory.

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You’ve probably been hearing lots about Instagram Reels, because it’s launched in 50 nations worldwide as of August 5, 2020. Instagram is keeping particulars about utilization fairly secret so far, however, we’ve uncovered some Instagram Reels statistics you’re going to want to see.

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If you maintain a presence on Instagram Reels and multiple social media platforms, you know how hard it’s to keep up with content creation for all of those platforms. Once you pay attention to short-form video content, it can be time-consuming and tiring to create enough of that content to go around. Fortunately, using your Instagram Reels content on different social media platforms isn’t hard. In this Instagram Reels guide, we’re going to show you the way to download Instagram Reels on Android or iOS, through screen recording, or using software known as Kapwing.

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Move over to TikTok, Instagram Reels – the biggest rival of TikTok – are here, and they’re looking to make a splash.

The Reel is launched in late 2019 by Instagram, Instagram’s answer to TikTok has received mixed responses from creators, influencers, and brands. However, big-name businesses such as Sephora, Walmart, and Beardbrand are already on board.

What does this mean for you? Instagram Reels is another good way for your brand to increase engagement and awareness of an already popular network. By creating Reels now, you will have an incredible chance to benefit from its potential early.

We want to help. Here are some of the greatest Instagram Reels ideas that will help you start your creative process.

Tip: If you find Instagram Reels pretty strange, ensure you know exactly how they work with our article Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Reels

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A new era of social media marketing has arrived this year amid Coronavirus with new platforms rising to the top and consumers behaving in a different way to brands. One of the latest features on one of the biggest social platforms in the world is Instagram Reels; a new technique to create and discover short-form video in-platform.

Reels lets you record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with custom audio, effects, and tools like filters. Users, as well as brands, have taken to it with famous brands such as Louis Vuitton and Sephora creating their first marketing campaigns on the app. Whilst the content on Reels is scarily just like that of TikTok, with many users repurposing TikTok content on Reels, we don’t consider it will be a direct competitor to the app.

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