How to Get Free Instagram Likes (Because They Still Matter) (2/2)

Last Updated on October 10th, 2019 at 9:27 am

free Instagram likes

Continue with some other smart methods to gain free Instagram likes…

9. Post when your followers are looking

Instagram does not show posts chronologically, however, its algorithm does favor “recency.” This means if you wish to get in front of eyeballs, it’s vital for you to know when your audience is actually looking at the app.

Ok, so when is that, exactly?

Your own analytics will provide you with some guidance. But also, we did the math and looked at 11 different industries to see what time of day is best to post on Instagram for brands looking to maximize engagement.

10. Run a like-to-win contest

The next way to gain more free Instagram likes is Contests could take a bit of planning or a lot. However, a like-to-win contest is one of the easiest methods to rack up engagement in a given time period.

The key is to ensure your prize is desirable to your audience, but also particular enough that you are attracting real followers, not opportunists (i.e., don’t give away cash, iPhones, or trips to Ibiza).

11. Ask people to tag their friends

This one could be tricky. Save it for posts so great that people really want their friends to see it. You also probably need to give them a reason (say, a giveaway?) to not just DM it privately.

Or, there is the tried and true “reverse giveaway.”

(Just kidding. That is NOT a great example.)

Free Instagram Likes

12. Like and comment on other users’ posts

In its ongoing attempt to offer the people what they need, the Instagram algorithm prioritizes posts from accounts that it thinks are “close.” How does it measure closeness? By monitoring how much accounts interact with each other.

So, if you wish to develop your reach, and therefore your chances of getting likes, do not be a wallflower: go forth and interact.

13. Land a spot on the Explore tab

Behind that little magnifying glass icon, the Explore tab is a cornucopia of beautiful, entertaining content personalized for you by Instagram. Brands that show up there get lots of eyeballs.

However, how do brands get featured on the Instagram Explore tab? In brief, you need a good engagement rate to start with.

It is a bit of a chicken-and-egg, particularly when you are just starting out. Conveniently, Instagram began providing Explore tab adverts in July 2019.

14. Cross-promote your Instagram presence on other channels

Of course, your brand would never post identical content across all of the social media channels you utilize or do any of the other things brands do that people hate

Still, it never hurts to remind your Twitter followers or the folks on your email list that they are missing out on your Instagram content.

United Nations Twitter bio, which advertises their Instagram handle

15. Post user-generted content

Done right, user-generated content on Instagram is fun because it’s real.

This is a chance to generate desire and show off how much your customers love you.

View this post on Instagram

Bike short like you mean it. @saffi_karina

A post shared by MICHI (@michi_ny) on

16. Post behind-the-scenes content

People are nosy. Of course, they want to see what you, and your organization, get up to if you aren’t on your Sunday finest.

That mentioned, show them your Monday greatest, not your Saturday sweats.

17. Research what your competitors are doing

It isn’t espionage, it’s the inspiration. (I get it if you wish to name it espionage, although.)

Now that Instagram likes are hidden it’s tougher to see at a glance which posts are successful: particularly on accounts run by your enemies’ competitors. However, with the right tools, you could do some social listening to gauge sentiment and identify trends.

And a full-scale competitive analysis could also assist you to keep an eye out for trends and chances.

18. Ask people for their opinions

“Include a question in the caption” is common advice for bumping up engagement. However, now that Instagram likes are hidden, conducting an informal audience poll may be the prompt your followers need to tap that <3.

Plus, you are crowdsourcing some off-the-cuff focus group feedback. Totally free!

19. Host a takeover

Instagram takeovers—a kind of cross-promotion where different brands and influencers take over each other’s accounts—are a wise method to spark interest from your followers.

Ideally, your collaborator is aligned with your values but also brings a whole new audience over to check you out.

Sound like a great fit? Here are 7 steps to a successful Instagram takeover.

20. Test out different sorts of content

Does your followers prefer inspirational quotes or infographics? Do they like video? Does Boomerang catch their eye? Utilize analytics tools to A/B test all of them.

21. Stay on trend

Plan ahead so that your content calendar is ready with your brand’s angle on the big dates in your niche. Whether that’s Black Friday and the Superbowl, or International Dog Day, it’s vital to stay related to the conversation.

Of course, trends also rise up spontaneously, so when you get up and everybody’s talking about, um, aliens, feel free to participate.

22. Increase your reach with paid Instagram adverts

Ok, this one is not free. Instagram is the big leagues, with 25 million businesses and 2 million advertisers on the platform, and feeds are more and more saturated. Which means organic reach only gets us so far.

When you are unsure your greatest content is getting seen by as many people as it should, putting ad budget behind your top-performing posts is a valid strategy to develop your reach.

Hope that these methods will help you gain free Instagram likes!

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