Instagram Aesthetic Ideas for Your Brand

Last Updated on July 30th, 2019 at 10:43 am

Instagram Aesthetic

A unique and cohesive Instagram aesthetic isn’t just visually pleasing, however, could greatly enhance brand recognition and business success. It’ll convey your brand’s voice, personality, and support your followers instantly recognize your content when it appears on the feed.

Now that you understand how to grow your Instagram aesthetic, it’s time to get impressed.

Instagram aesthetic ideas


Recess Instagram aesthetic

Recess is a sparkling water brand that has taken what can have been a boring product and made it completely enchanting via their Instagram presence.

The company applies its irreverent and humorous brand voice to their Instagram content in a method that makes sense. With a definite color palette (lavenders, rosie pinks, and light tangerines), Recess shares illustrations, text posts, and creative product shots.

Key takeaway: Do not stick to one kind of content. Once you utilize a cohesive color palette you could share an assortment of content kinds and themes. Recess shares images of their cans next to a text post sharing a legal message. Since the color palette is cohesive, it works.

Almost Makes Perfect

Almost Makes Perfect Instagram aesthetic

I follow Molly Madfis –  lifestyle blogger both for her hilarious sense of humor, and to see how she is going to incorporate her neutral palette into every post.

While it may be obvious in terms of interior design posts, Molly is able to bring her neutral color scheme into images of her son, other subjects of her images, and her Stories Highlights covers.

Key takeaway: Tie your entire page together. When you understand exactly what colors represent your brand greatest, incorporate them into the rest of your page. The neutral palette of @almostmakesperfect’s Instagram Stories Highlights would look out of place on another page, however, blend into her overall color scheme perfectly. A minimal solid color on her Instagram Stories Highlights set the tone for her page.


Hostel and travel firm Hostelworld had a challenge on their hands when it came to making their Instagram aesthetic.

With their imagery concentrating on so many different locations all over the world and relying on lots of user-generated content (UGC), they had to discover a method to tie all their content together. They came up with a creative solution that many other brands can put to use: a graphic stamp overlay.

Key takeaway: Utilize a template or add a digital stamp or visual element to your content (the free online tool Canva is good for this). Hostelworld was capable of taking content that did not have much else in common, and add a graphic element that ties all of it together. A function like this creates your content instantly recognizable to your audience, too. Think of it like your brand’s Instagram signature.

Unico Nutrition

Unico Instagram aesthetic

Once you consider a typical protein powder, you may picture a large black tub with uber-masculine branding. Unico Nutrition is different and their Instagram page reflects that. With diversity at the forefront, Unico features a lot of colorful images, bright and joyful imagery, and a lighthearted vibe.

Key takeaway: Understand your audience. Unico knows that their audience is energetic, active, and young. They grew a bright and creative Instagram aesthetic that stands out from most other nutrition supplement brands however still reflects their unique brand voice.

Bohème Goods

Bohème Goods is an online vintage store that features used decor, clothes, and accessories. With a very established brand and color palette, owner Sarah Shabacon brings her signature style to the shop’s Instagram page.

Aside from the deliberate color scheme, the consistent editing style includes a sense of instantly-recognizable warmth to the Instagram aesthetic. Bohème Goods is not about being blindingly bright, new, and trendy, however, rather a refined method of slow living. The page’s editing style reflects this.

Key takeaway: Select the best editing style for your brand. Although light and whitewashed aesthetic are extremely fashionable amongst interior designers and lifestyle brands these days, Bohème Goods’ knows that is not right for their page. The slightly moodier and aged 70s look aligns with the brand better.


Flamingo is a body care firm that focuses on hair removal. They have a lighthearted, fresh tone that shows up on their Instagram page.

Selling razors, waxing tools, and personal care creams, Flamingo uses their Instagram page to relate to those products. From there, they have developed an individual aesthetic that keeps their product top of mind, however, not in-your-face. Rather than just showing countless photos of razors, Flamingo uses color and themes to make cohesion.

Key takeaway: Select a color scheme and Instagram aesthetic that is related to your product. Flamingo’s use of water and the color blue makes sense for their brand without showing the same boring imagery again and again. Think about how your customers utilize your services or products (with Flamingo, it’s in the shower or bath and then before a pool or beach) and what those situations have in common (water, towels, and so on.). When you know the way your customer is interacting with your brand, you could figure out the colors and pictures that most accurately represent who you’re.

With so many brands on social media, the best Instagram aesthetic could help set your brand apart and stand out from the rest. With the tips and examples above you could set up a unique and cohesive Instagram aesthetic—no design degree required.

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