16 of the Best Facebook Ad Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign (1/2)

Last Updated on July 30th, 2019 at 10:55 am

Facebook’s potential advertising reach globally is over 1.8 billion people as of April 2019. That represents 32% of everybody over the age of 13. Statistics also illustrate that people continue to interact with Facebook adverts. The average Facebook user clicks on 11 adverts in 30 days. However, there are lots of competition out there, so only the best Facebook ad examples will get one of those coveted 11 clicks. With more than a quarter of all Fb Pages utilizing paid adverts, you have got to understand how to stand out from the crowd.

Here, we concentrate on highlighting among the best Facebook ad examples so you could model the success of these winning campaigns.

16 the best Facebook ad examples to learn from

Facebook photo advert examples


What’s great about this advert

  • With this bright, colorful visual creative, LEGO proves that photo adverts do not need a photo to be effective.
  • Creative copy creates intrigue without giving too much away, encouraging clicks.
  • The call-to-action button utilizes low-commitment text (“View Event”) to encourage clicks
  • The advert points to a Fb Event, so it does triple-duty: (1) Those in the event itself could RSVP. (2) Those RSVPs make additional organic exposure on friends’ feeds. (3) Since LEGO’s Fb Page is linked as the host of the event, the event page could also bring in new Fb followers.

2. Snag Tights

What’s great about this advert

  • The copy speaks directly to the target audience’s concerns and highlights the Snag Tights brand promise.
  • The images show the product in use by a wide range of body kinds, enforcing the copy’s claims.
  • The picture is colorful and appealing, and can even look like a friend’s picture at first glance, drawing the viewer in long enough to read the copy.

Facebook video advert examples

3. Tattoodo

What’s great about these adverts

  • These two videos both began as posts on Tattoodo’s Facebook page. Once it became clear they were achieving high engagement, they were promoted as adverts. Boosting high-performing content is a good way to increase the reach of content that has already been proven effective.
  • The adverts show how Tattoodo uses different video lengths and styles for different campaigns. The first video is almost two minutes long, while the second is just 25 seconds. There’s nobody video format that works for every purpose, so it’s a good idea to test and experiment.
  • The videos are colorful and eye-catching and move rapidly.
  • Each video ends with a clear call to action.

4. Nuud

What’s great about this advert

  • The video and copy address a few of Nuud customers’ main questions about the product: is the packaging environmentally friendly, is the product really all-natural, and will the product work on men.
  • The square video format works well for both mobile and desktop News Feeds.
  • The video is optimized for viewing without sound.

Fb collection advert example

5. Forgotten Tribes

Forgotten Tribes Facebook ad examples number 2

What’s great about this advert

  • The advert begins with a compelling video of a lady walking along the seaside in the advertised clothing, which grabs the user’s attention. (You could see the full video here.)
  • Since Collection adverts are a mobile-only format, Forgotten Tribes’ vertical video makes the best use of screen space.
  • The video is optimized for viewing without sound. And if users do have their sound on, they will not be annoyed by loud music. Instead, they will hear soothing ocean waves.
  • The linked copy (1184 Google Reviews) creates confidence for new potential customers.
  • The advert links to an Instant Experience storefront, shown in the second picture above. That is a full-screen shopping experience accessible without leaving Fb. The Instant Experience storefront begins with the same clothes item shown in the video, making a sense of continuity and letting people who just want to purchase that jumpsuit get right to the point.

Fb carousel advert example

6. Busabout 

Busabout Facebook carousel ad

What’s great about this advert

  • Busabout’s creative use of the carousel format showcases one large picture across multiple panels.
  • Both the text and the pictures in this add are user-generated content (UGC) from real past guests, rising the sense of authenticity. Busabout has discovered that UGC has 2 times higher goal conversion than adverts based on traditional photoshoots. Based on these outcomes, they have completely switched over to UGC for their adverts.
  • The picture shows the trip’s Generation Z/millennial target demographic, and the pricing is clear. These two factors permit potential travelers to self-qualify. That’s, they will only click on if they identify with the demographic shown and are excited about a trip at this price point. These factors contribute to reducing cost per click.

Fb slideshow advert example

7. Hygge Bands

Hygge Bands Facebook slideshow ad

What’s great about this advert

  • The pictures in this slideshow advert show multiple customers wearing Hygge Bands on their runs. Showing the product in use is a good way to encourage buying behavior.
  • The copy makes good use of emojis and uses a friendly tone to talk directly to potential customers.
  • The offer is a strong one, encouraging the purchase of multiple items. (Confession: This one got me. And I do not even run.)
  • The copy also highlights the product guarantee. This will increase buy confidence for potential new customers who do not know the brand.
  • Highlighting the option to purchase with PayPal also increases buy confidence for those who might not want to hand over their credit card details.

Facebook instant experience example

8. Feelunique

Facebook instant experience ad from FeelUnique

FeelUnique Facebook instant experience ad

What’s great about this advert

  • The video in this Feelunique advert showcases the products mentioned in the copy, encouraging viewers to click on.
  • Clicking anywhere on an Instant Experience advert opens the Instant Experience. Which means viewers could click on the video, rather than the call-to-action button, and still get an opportunity to shop.
  • The call-to-action (“Learn More”) is a soft sell.
  • The Instant Experience storefront has a clean, open look and feels, letting the products be the celebs of the show.
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