Instagram Rolls Out Music In Feed Posts

Add Music To Instagram Feed Posts

Are you ready to find the beat? Instagram is now allowing users to add music to Instagram feed posts. The popular social media platform has just announced its newest feature, allowing access to a vast library of tunes right in your pocket! This new tool allows users to express themselves more fully by pairing one of their favorite tracks with text and visuals. Whether it’s calming classical music or old-school hip hop that moves you, there’s something for everyone – a soundtrack tailored specifically for each story. So lace up your dancing shoes and let the rhythm guide you: Instagram’s latest update will have people grooving from sunup ‘til sundown!

What Is Instagram Music?

Instagram Music is a feature that gives users access to a library of music inside their Instagram app. Here, they can search for songs by artist, title, and mood, then post them as part of a Feed post story or Reels video. To make the experience unique, there are also options to add lyrics to videos that can be displayed across the screen.

How To Add Music To Instagram Feed Posts

To add music to your Instagram Feed post, you must first have access to the feature. Currently, it is available for users in more than 50 countries and rolling out globally soon.

Once you’re ready, click on the + sign on the top of your screen, choose your photo or video, and add your caption, tags, location, and hashtag. You’ll see the “Add Music” button below the “Add location” button. Tap it and choose from the thousands of tracks available. You can search for music by mood, artist, or song title.

Once you’ve chosen your selection and adjusted the timing to your liking, click “Done” and finish editing the rest of your post as normal. Now get ready for those likes to start pouring in!

Does Music On Instagram Have Sound?

Yes! Once the post is live, anyone who interacts with it can hear music playing in the background. This makes it even easier to express yourself through sound and visuals. Just don’t forget to turn on your sound first! Additionally, if you post to Reels, people can see lyrics scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

Why Add Music To Your Instagram Feed Post?

Adding music to Instagram Feed posts is a great way to add an extra layer of emotion and storytelling. With music, you can evoke a feeling, mood, or energy in a way that goes beyond words and photos. Whether your goal is to inspire, entertain or delight your followers, adding music will create an experience like no other. So get ready to get your groove on – music is here to stay!


Instagram has rolled out its newest feature, Music in Feed Posts. This addition will allow users to express themselves like never before by adding a soundtrack tailored specifically to their story. With access to thousands of tracks and the ability to add lyrics, music is a great way to evoke emotion and tell a story through sound and visuals. So turn up the volume – Instagram Music is now live!

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