Digital Media Report 2022: Facebook Hasn’t Died (1/2)

Digital Media Report 2022

You’ll learn about Facebook’s outlook for the upcoming months, the metaverse development from insightful perspectives, shifts at the top of a major social media ranking, fascinating trends in TikTok behavior, and more in this article. If you want to learn what people are actually doing online—just continue reading below to read about our digital media report in 2022. 

Top 10 takeaways

If you’re short on time, this video below will walk you through 10 of the most popular subjects in this quarter.

However, continue reading below for the detailed report and in-depth analysis of the trends and insights of this quarter.

People are becoming more conscious of their time online (and social)

Although we spend less time online overall, this does not necessarily indicate that the internet is becoming less important in our lives.

The usual global internet user still spends around 40% of their time online, even at the current average of 397 minutes each day.

Digital Media Report 2022: daily time spent with media

According to GWI’s research and analysis, people are attempting to use the internet more “purposefully,” particularly after the huge increase in social media use time during COVID-19 lockdowns.

The main lesson to be learned from this is that we must also be more deliberate, making sure that our marketing strategies and content actively improve the online experiences of our audiences.

Meta revises its statistics once more

It looks like Meta has revised their statistics on advertising audience reach once more.

Even when compared to the latest data that showed in the same tools just three months ago, the most recent numbers reported in the company’s ad planning tools are much lower across all three of its advertising-focused platforms:

  • Facebook: down 4.1% from July 2022, representing 89 million fewer users
  • Instagram: down 3.8%, from July 2022, representing 54 million fewer users
  • Facebook Messenger: down 2.4%, from July 2022, 24 million fewer users
  • Reach across all platforms and the Audience Network: down 5.5% from July 2022, representing 161 million fewer users.

Facebook’s outlook

Digital Media Report 2022: facebook advertising audience ogverview

It’s unlikely that the most recent revisions to Meta’s reported ad reach would be accompanied by a comparable decline in monthly active users (MAUs). However, In its Q2 earnings announcement, the business did note a decline in this statistic.

Instead of just a sudden drop, reporting methodology changes seem to be the main cause of the recent downturn. The most recent data, however, are still significantly lower than the possible reach that Meta’s tools reported just a few months ago.

Because of this, marketers should carefully examine the most recent ad reach data for the target markets of their companies. This will help to grasp and quantify the appropriated paid media.

Facebook isn’t dying

Investors and marketers alike will want to closely monitor how these figures change, but it’s critical to emphasize that Facebook is still very much far from “dead”. Despite its ups and downs, Facebook’s active user base has increased by a factor of more than 10.

Digital Media Report 2022: facebook's active users over time

With hundreds of millions more active members than its nearest competitor, Facebook continues to be by far the most popular social media network in the world, according to the current stats.

All three of the “favorite” social media platforms in the world are still under Meta’s control. And crucially, users still two-and-a-half times prefer Facebook as their primary platform to TikTok.

Digital Media Report 2022: favourite social media platforms

Additionally, analysis shows that the average user’s time spent on the Facebook app has risen from an average of 19.4 hours per month in Q1 2022 to the number of 19.7 in Q2.

What about the future, though?

Even if Meta were to report more decreases in active user statistics in the upcoming months. It would probably be years, if not decades before Facebook “dies.”

Take an example, Yahoo!, which has disappeared from media headlines in recent years. Still, data from Semrush shows that well over half a billion users still visit Yahoo! each month.

most visited websites

According to these Yahoo! tendencies, we may anticipate that Facebook will continue to draw billions of users for the foreseeable future.

And if you’re still not convinced, check out these most recent Statcounter statistics. It demonstrates that Facebook remains to account for more than 70% of all web traffic from social media.


How Facebook compared to Tiktok and other platform

Let’s compare Facebook’s most recent statistics with those of a few other websites that appear to be popular right now.

Advertisers can still reach twice as many adults (18 and over) with Facebook advertisements than TikTok ads.

BeReal is the next. Yes, there is a lot of buzz surrounding the platform, and it does seem to be expanding swiftly. It’s crucial to note that the installation number does not equal active user. Since data from August 2022 suggests that the app only sees 10 million daily active users at the moment. Furthermore, Facebook would still reach nearly 100 times as many daily active users as BeReal. Even if, that number had doubled since August.

As a gentle reminder, it is not the responsibility of marketers to jump on all the newest bandwagons. It is better to develop brands and generate sales.

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