Keep an eye on these 9 Instagram trends in 2023 [UPDATED] (2/2)

Exploring Instagram’s Collaborative Collections Feature

As Instagram continues to grow, with over 200 million business accounts on the platform, it’s vital to stand out from the competition. But how do you do that? One of the most effective ways is by staying current with the latest Instagram trends. In part two of our article, we’ll dive deeper into the top trends for Instagram in 2023. By incorporating these trends into your marketing strategy, you can captivate your audience and promote growth for your brand.

So, let’s explore each of these trends and see how you can use them to connect with your followers.

5. Paid promotion is becoming more popular

As social media usage and user base expand, algorithms play a vital role in catering to users’ needs. Consequently, algorithm-based content distribution may decrease your reach. To tackle this, Instagram’s paid promotions are a growing trend in 2023.

Recall the first exercise, where we scrolled down to see the initial 10 to 20 posts. My feed and yours, too, may have had about nine Reels, six regular posts, and five sponsored posts, amounting to 25% of paid ads like the one below.

 an Instagram sponsored post - Instagram trends in 2023

While that may appear to be a lot, consider it from a different angle. It also means that sponsored posts take up 25% of your target audience’s feed. And that your brand can be a part of that 25% if you start investing in Instagram ads.

6. Shoppable posts make e-commerce easier

Instagram shopping is highly popular, as almost half of its users shop for their preferred brands every week. You can make it more convenient for your followers to buy your products by making a catalog of your products in your Instagram shop. By tagging your products in a shoppable post, buyers can make purchases without leaving the app.

Shoppable posts are expected to be a significant trend in 2023 since they simplify the purchasing process for customers. You can tag products in various types of Instagram posts, such as photo posts, carousels, Reels, and Stories.

7. Memes are included in social content calendars

A YPulse study showed that 75% of people aged 13-36 share memes, which explains why memes are still widespread on Instagram. Brands have improved the way they share memes by adding branded background colors and other design elements.

Additionally, many brands use screenshots of tweets, adding colorful backgrounds that match their brand aesthetics, and share them on Instagram. It’s a fun trend to incorporate memes into your social media strategy, but before diving in, ensure that the trend fits your brand.

8. Use carousel posts to engage users

Instagram carousel posts can contain up to ten photos and videos. They can be used in a variety of ways to share even more content with your audience at the same time. Furthermore, according to one study, Instagram carousels are the most engaging post type on the platform.

Create carousel posts that tell a story, such as new product launches or educational slideshows.

9. Interact with broadcast channel followers

Instagram introduced broadcast channels as a one-way messaging tool for creators to interact with their followers. These channels offer a more personal and interactive space for creators to share behind-the-scenes or latest updates with their audience.

Creators can presently send text, photos, videos, and voice notes, but Instagram plans to add more features in 2023. The purpose is to create a new method of connecting with fans and followers. It’s uncertain whether this feature will be extended to other business or professional accounts or if it will be restricted to digital content creators.


Instagram trends in 2023 emerge from various sources, including the adoption of new features and influences from other networks. Incorporating current trends into your content refreshes it and demonstrates to your audience that you are open to experimentation.

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