5 Steps to Delete A Picture From an Instagram Carousel

Is there anything worse than discovering a mistake in an Instagram post that you just spent hours perfecting? Probably, but it sure feels pretty darn awful. Fortunately for us, now you can delete a single picture from an Instagram carousel post without deleting the entire carousel — so there’s some flexibility with regard to editing live Instagram posts.

Why is this great information? Properly, Instagram carousel posts (or, as Gen Z refers to them, photo dumps) receive three times the engagement of common posts, you need to be sure yours are flawless.

Right here’s the best way to erase what experts call an “oopsie.”

Can you delete one photo from an Instagram carousel after posting?

Sure, you completely can—although that wasn’t always the case. Instagram first introduced the feature in November 2021, inflicting social media managers worldwide to breathe a collective sigh of reduction.

IG chief Adam Mosseri introduced it himself through (you guessed it) Instagram.

There’s one catch: You still can’t delete a photograph from an Instagram carousel with solely two pictures.

Want to delete a picture from Instagram carousel that contains three or more photos? Simple. However, you cannot convert a published carousel into a standard Instagram post— in different phrases, there must be two or more photos remaining.

How to delete a single photo from a published carousel on Instagram

For instance’s sake, let’s say I wish to delete this cute baby cow from my own Instagram carousel (this is simply an instance, please don’t panic, no cute child cows had been harmed within the making of this blog post).

Step 1: Discover the carousel you need to delete the picture from and select the three dots icon on the highest right corner of your display screen.

Step 2: A menu will appear. From that menu, faucet Edit.

Post editing options on Instagram

Step 3: On the highest left nook of your carousel, you’ll see a rubbish bin icon appear. Tap that icon to delete the picture.

Instagram carousel post in editing mode with trash can icon visible in top left corner

Step 4: Instagram will ask you should you’re certain you want to delete the picture. Faucet Delete to seal the deal—however, be aware that you may still restore the picture up to 30 days after deleting it.

Confirming that you want to delete a photo on Instagram

Step 5: To save the edit, tap Done in the upper right corner. (This one’s easy to overlook, so pay extra attention!)

How to restore a deleted picture to an Instagram carousel

Assume you’re so dedicated to your job as a blog writer that you just actually deleted considered one of your favorite baby cow pictures from a carousel. Here’s how you can get it back.

Step 1: Go to your profile and faucet the three horizontal lines within the top right corner. From there, a menu will appear. Faucet Your activity.

Step 2: Scroll down till you see the Recently Deleted choice, and choose that.

Step 3: Any media that you just have deleted within the final 30 days will appear. Look for the picture that you’d like to restore and choose it.

Step 4: Hit Restore on the pop-up menu.

Step 5: Instagram will ask should you’re certain you want to complete the action. Tap Restore once more.

Restoring a deleted photo on Instagram

Whereas deleting posts from an Instagram carousel is pretty simple, it’s particularly unprofessional — and as each modern celebrity is aware, screenshots are forever. If possible, attempt to restrict the variety of errors you make (and pictures you delete) by planning a comprehensive social media marketing strategy.

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