Latest Facebook Trends to Build Your 2023 Strategy (2/2)

Continue to discover the last 4 Facebook trends to build your strategy in 2023. With Facebook reaching an impressive milestone of 2 billion daily users in early 2023, it solidifies its position as the dominant force in the ever-evolving realm of social media. In this dynamic landscape, it’s crucial for marketers to stay on top of the latest Facebook trends that will shape their strategies. And here’s the hint: AI-driven Facebook trends are at the forefront. If you haven’t considered the impact of artificial intelligence on your Facebook strategy, now is the perfect time to dive in!

The 8 Latest Facebook Trends for 2023

Trend 5: AI simplifies Ad Campaign Targeting

AI is not limited to content creation; it has made significant strides in the advertising domain as well. In response to privacy and transparency changes in iOS 14.5, Facebook has embraced AI targeting, which now serves as the foundation of its advertising business.

Through Advantage+ shopping campaigns, Facebook empowers advertisers to target high-value customers using AI algorithms, requiring only a few initial inputs. Similarly, Advantage+ catalog ads (formerly known as dynamic ads) leverage AI to present the most relevant products from an advertiser’s catalog to potential buyers, even if they haven’t engaged with the business before.

Early results have been promising. During a February earnings call, Zuckerberg reported a significant increase of over 20% in conversions for advertisers in the last quarter, accompanied by a decline in the cost per acquisition.

To-do List:

  • Familiarize yourself with the various types of Facebook advertising options currently available.
  • Begin experimenting with Advantage+ ad campaigns on Facebook to gauge their effectiveness compared to your previous advertising expenditure and return on investment (ROI).

Trend 6: New Growth Opportunities for Creators

When discussing content creators, Facebook may not be the platform that immediately springs to mind. Instagram or TikTok typically take the spotlight. However, Facebook has been actively enhancing the creator experience on its platform.

In October, Facebook introduced professional mode for all Facebook profiles, offering a range of monetization tools and opportunities. These include Reels Play (available to U.S. creators) for earning money from Reels, eligibility for Stars in Reels, Live Video, and Video on Demand, in-stream ads, and subscriptions.

As larger brands reduce their influencer marketing budgets, working with creators on Facebook becomes an appealing option for smaller brands. While these creators may have a smaller following compared to Instagram or TikTok, they may be more receptive to creative compensation packages.

To-do List:

  • Conduct research to identify potential creators for collaboration. Implement a social listening strategy to discover relevant individuals in your niche.
  • Follow the steps outlined in our influencer marketing blog post to reach out to potential creator partners.

Trend 7: Front-Line Customer Service Dominated by Chatbots

Facebook Trends to

In his post on generative AI, Zuckerberg mentioned Meta’s efforts in developing AI personas to assist people in various ways. Additionally, Meta recently unveiled its own AI large language model, showing promise in engaging in conversations and more.

According to a Social Trends survey, only 26% of organizations utilizing social media for customer service leverage chatbots. This presents an excellent opportunity for brands to demonstrate leadership and stay ahead of the curve.

While chatbots have been capable of handling basic customer queries for some time, conversational AI elevates their capabilities. They can now engage in more sophisticated customer service conversations, easing the workload for human agents.

In 2023, there’s no need for customers to wait until office hours to track packages, resolve common issues, or receive personalized product recommendations.

To-do List:

  • Familiarize yourself with the advantages of AI chatbots and specifically Facebook chatbots.
  • If you haven’t already, consider implementing a Facebook customer service strategy, utilizing Facebook Messenger.
  • Explore existing AI chatbot tools that integrate with Facebook, such as Heyday.

Trend 8: Enhanced Discoverability of Groups and Communities

Previously, Facebook’s suggested content solely focused on general recommendations. However, the AI recommendation engine now suggests Groups to join. These Group recommendations can be found across various areas of the Facebook interface, including the Feed, Notifications, within other Groups, and while watching videos or events. Recommendations are tailored based on geographical and demographic information, as well as your activity and interests on Facebook.

For brands, this emphasizes the importance of creating or participating in Groups to foster stronger connections with their communities. It’s crucial to remember that Groups should not be solely sales-oriented. Instead, they provide an opportunity to build community, enhance brand loyalty, and offer valuable resources for fans to engage with the individuals behind the brand.

To-do List:

  • Stay informed about the latest resources available for Facebook Groups and Group Admins.
  • Join relevant groups in your niche and actively contribute in a helpful and non-sales-focused manner.
  • Consider establishing your own Facebook Group to connect with your most dedicated fans.


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