Locating your Ideal Instagram Target Audience: How-To Guide

You may already be generating fantastic content for your Instagram marketing strategy, and you’re likely exploring various exciting features like stickers and Reels. However, it’s crucial to ask yourself if you are truly connecting with your intended Instagram audience. While creativity plays a significant role in marketing success, it can only take you so far if you’re not targeting a specific audience. Every aspect of your strategy should resonate with the type of people you want to reach, from the messages you convey to the visuals you create. To make your Instagram strategy effective, it’s important to align it with the needs and values of your target audience on the platform. This guide will demonstrate how to identify your target audience on Instagram and increase engagement with them.

What exactly is an Instagram target audience?

Your Instagram target audience encompasses a specific set of individuals whom you aim to engage with through your Instagram marketing endeavors. This group is united by shared characteristics that are relevant to your brand, ranging from demographics to interests and values.

These individuals are the ones for whom you will be crafting content and designing campaigns. You will adjust your brand voice, messaging, and tone to connect with them effectively.

For instance, Drunk Elephant focuses on a target audience comprising skincare enthusiasts who prioritize long-term skin health. Consequently, they produce Instagram content that highlights the promotion of healthy and beneficial ingredients. They even provide educational material about ingredients that contribute to skin issues.

Instagram Target Audience example

Identifying a target audience for Instagram is of utmost importance as it enables you to streamline your marketing efforts towards a specific group of individuals. When you attempt to reach a broad and undefined audience, your strategy may become scattered. However, by defining a target audience, you can tailor your approach based on their shared characteristics. This allows your efforts to be more focused and organized, leading to greater effectiveness.

5 ways to find your Instagram target audience

1. Create buyer personas

Instead of reinventing the wheel, leverage the information about your brand’s existing buyer personas to discover your Instagram target audience. If you haven’t created buyer personas yet, you can refer to our guide on how to develop them.

Develop a clear understanding of the typical customer profile for your business. Consider the nature and purpose of your product. Who is it specifically designed for? What are the needs and desires of your target audience?

Keep in mind that not everyone will have the same preferences. Different individuals may have distinct needs and motivations based on their unique challenges. Therefore, it’s possible to identify multiple buyer personas that are relevant to your brand. Each of these personas can serve as a separate target audience group for your Instagram marketing endeavors.

2. Take advantage of competitive intelligence

Gaining insights into your target audience can be achieved by examining the Instagram audience of your competitors. Analyze the types of followers they attract and the content they share. This form of competitive intelligence can provide you with a general understanding of what your own Instagram target audience should resemble. It allows you to identify any gaps or audience segments that you may have overlooked while building a profile of your own audience.

3. Make use of existing demographic information

Instagram analytics offers detailed information about the demographics of your current audience. These valuable insights into social media demographics can help you refine your Instagram targeting strategy.

To access this information, navigate to the “Insights” section of your Instagram account and select “Followers.” Here, you will find essential statistics about your existing followers, such as their age range, gender, and location. These insights can provide valuable guidance in shaping your Instagram targeting approach.

Instagram follower insights showing location distribution of top followers and age range

Combine this information with your buyer personas and competitor research findings. This should help you get a clear picture of your Instagram target audience.

4. Leverage social listening

Audience research allows you to better understand your target audience. As a result, it is a critical step in executing effective Instagram targeting.

Social listening is one of the best ways to understand your Instagram target audience. You won’t be able to engage your audience unless you know what they’re talking about and what they’re interested in.

Instagram Target Audience - a list of brand mentions from specific profiles

5. Use Instagram polls

When conducting audience research, why not directly inquire with your audience?

Utilize Instagram’s Stories polls feature to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of your target audience. Encourage them to vote on their content preferences and expectations from your brand. Alternatively, create polls to gather specific insights on their likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies, and more.


To achieve success in Instagram marketing, it is crucial to comprehend and engage your target audience effectively. Understanding their needs and preferences is the foundation for impactful strategies.

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