Marquee: Best Feature for Spotify Artists in 2023


Marquee is a sponsored full-screen recommendation of your new music to listeners who have already expressed interest in your music. Since then, the feature has been improved since it was first introduced, and there are now a variety of ways to use it to meet your certain needs. Many artists have used Marquee to drive attention to their most recent works. When a listener sees a Marquee over two times on average, they are more likely to save the pre-released track. This article will take you through the best six Marquee strategies used by Spotify artists.

Campaign Engagement Strategies

Marquee: Best Feature for Spotify Artists in 2023

1. Pre-Release Singles

You can use Marquee to promote a series of single ahead of your album. With this,  you can gain momentum before the release of your album by focusing on recently interested listeners—those who have listened to your music within the past 28 days.

Target audiences: Recently interested

Beginning date: Four days before the release day

2. New Music Drops

Start your Marquee on the day of release to make a big splash when your new music is out. Marquees go live at midnight on the campaign start date, allowing you to effectively target the audience who is most likely to pay attention.

Target audiences: Your reachable audience

Beginning date: The day of release

3. Go Global

Using your Spotify for Artists audience data to identify your top markets and target the right listeners, you can take your new release global. Your campaign’s momentum will be maintained and a new wave of listeners who missed the release week will be attracted if the start dates are staggered.

Target audiences: Multiple countries

Beginning date: Staggered among the countries

Fan Development Strategies

4. Turn Listeners into Fan

Target listeners who already listen but have the potential to stream more if your intention is to use Marquee to build relations with them.

Target audiences: Basic audience

Beginning date: Four days after the release day

5. Re-engage Inactive Listeners

Perfect for the case you want to promote deliberate, active streaming or haven’t published any new music in a while.

Target audiences: Inactived listeners

Beginning date: Two days after the day of release

6. Activate Listeners Post-Release

Start a Marquee up to 20 days later to attract listeners who probably want to hear you but may have missed your release date rollout. The reason is that Marquee’s targeting excludes listeners who have already actively streamed your new music.

Target audiences: Your reachable audience

Beginning date: One to two weeks after the release date

How to Measure Your Success

You should try to know which metrics matter the most to you. Depending on your goals, success may look a little different. Look at your streams per listener as well as your listener conversion rate for the campaign engagement strategies (1, 2, and 3 above). Look at the intent rate, or the proportion of your listeners who saved a track from the promoted release or added it to a playlist, for strategies 4, 5, and 6.

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