Beat the Instagram Reels Algorithm in 2023

beat insta reels algo

Anyone trying to develop their Instagram following can greatly benefit from learning how to beat the Instagram Reels algorithm. What is the mechanism behind Instagram Reels, and how can you “hack” it to your advantage? Here, we’ll provide what we know.

How does the Reels Algorithm work?

Beat the Instagram Reels Algorithm in 2023

The algorithm prioritizes videos according to what it thinks viewers would be most likely to interact with. The key factors are who’s posts you’re engaging with, what kinds of content you’re engaging with, and also the time. For example, you’re more likely to see someone’s posts in your feed if you frequently like or comment on their stuff. Not only that, the algorithm will keep showing you beauty-related content if you like it. In order to choose what to prioritize, it also considers how frequently you surf the app.

Instagram also revealed that low-quality or obviously recycled content from other platforms (such as TikTok) would be deprioritized. Simply put? The Instagram Reels algorithm is more likely to recommend your videos if they are qualified enough, original, engaging, and fascinating.

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Beat the Instagram Reels Algorithm in 2023

Knowing what the Reels algorithm favors allows us to adjust our content strategy and gain an advantage.

Now, your Reels should be:

  • Entertaining, interesting, and make people laugh
  • Inspiring and can influence others
  • Using filters, text, stickers and other fascinating effects
  • Verticle video is always better (9:16) since it is immersive
  • Utilize music in you Reels, especially the trending ones
  • Creativity is always welcomed

Our advice is that your Reels should not be low resolution and visibly blurry. Also, try to not utilize recycled content from other platforms. Too much text is also a huge problem, so avoid that.

You’ll have a higher chance of beating the algorithm, reaching new audiences, and growing your follower base if you follow to these Instagram Reels tips.

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