What Is The Best Way to Promote a New Spotify Album?

Last Updated on October 22nd, 2019 at 3:56 pm

promote a new spotify album

Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video streaming service that provides you with access to tons of songs and other content from artists all around the world. This offers artists an advantage as users could also browse through the music collections by parameters such as artist, album, or genre, and could make, edit, and share playlists. For musicians, learning how to Promote a New Spotify Album will provide you with a major boost in sharing your music to a lot of listeners and rising your fan base.

In case you are a musician, it’s a good chance for you to benefit from the prevalent music streaming platform. As of February 2019, Spotify had over 200 million monthly active users, including 96 million paying subscribers. Promote a New Spotify Album the right method and reach the right audience on Spotify raises your opportunities of becoming more successful with your music career.

1. Get your Artist Profile verified

In today’s world of music technology every Tom, Dick, and Jane could go online and make a Spotify account and declare themselves artists. This sometimes leads people to dupe Spotify users into believing they’re a specific artist when they aren’t.

Verification or the blue tick is a method to notify followers and potential followers that the account at hand is real. That you’re the real artist permitting you to build trust and a legal connection with your followers. The verification badge is rare and coveted and Spotify makes it simpler for you as an artist to acquire one. You could get automatically verified, just by signing up to Spotify for Artists.

promote a new Spotify album

Having your account verified with the blue tick will also set up your legitimacy when Spotify picks and suggests your tracks to its tons of users via playlists and their algorithms. It also offers the reason for most Spotify playlist curators to include your music into their playlists.

2. Get your fans to follow you on Spotify

There is no point in wasting time and power publishing music on Spotify when you do not have any listeners. You’ll most likely see your profile acquiring less than 500 monthly listeners a month. It will make Spotify playlist curators think twice of including your music to their playlists. Although your purpose is about getting discovered, having a large following on Spotify and garnering big numbers such as 500,000 audiences a month will make it effortlessly simple for Spotify and playlist curators to suggest your music.

Having a large following on Spotify is proof of relevance. It shows that your listeners love and appreciate your music.

Moreover, it offers you more credibility as potential followers will want to see your follower count to help them decide whether they need to give your music an opportunity. It’s sad but true! As your listener expands, all your promotional efforts will become much more simple and effective. And this results in the next point.

3. Promote a new Spotify album with Social Media

One of the methods to directly tell your followers about following you and listening to your music on Spotify is by telling them on social media. Spotify is good in giving musicians plenty of methods in sharing their music, particularly on social media. Do not isolate your music on Spotify and hope random people will uncover it and begin following you. Most of us say we do not care about the variety of audiences. We have on social networks, however, deep down you understand when you had a large following promoting your music would be a breeze and you would not have to struggle like other musicians with 100 followers across all social media platforms. Post interacting and superb content frequently on social media to attract a loyal following.

When you get your numbers it will be faster to share your music and not look overly-promoted or spammy. Building strong audiences on social media is one of the best methods to get more traffic to your music on Spotify. Social media also provides you with a chance on your music to go viral should your followers like it. Imagine if your followers share your music over 10,000 times within a day compared to one or two shares in a whole week. It’ll make your confidence soar in regards to your talent.

4. Be active on Spotify by publishing music consistently

The toughest truth about being a musician in an ever-evolving music industry is that no matter how prevalent you become when you stop creating music and posting music you will be forgotten in no time. You have got to maintain a regular schedule of how you are going to launch your new music, however, you also do not wish to overdo it by posting mediocre content.

Most musicians in the music industry tend to rise and fall with the ebb and flow once they launch new music. However, it is a hit and miss strategy because your fans will be fast to jump ship if they do not hear from you in a long time and discover another favorite artist who frequently releases new music. This comes to define you as a one-hit-wonder.

Spotify will also take notice via their algorithms on how active you’re, and how good and engaging your music is by the number of songs which are being added to playlists. Consistency is what’s going to make listeners stick with you for the long haul. This also tells loyal followers that you are committed and passionate about your music.

5. Promote your music with Real Social Company

The best way that I’ve discovered gaining more followers & plays on my music is to promote your music via the companies based on a social platform to boost the music to everybody. It is going to help the track of producers and is own become famous and get lots of money from it.

I’m a young musician, I will share the great site that I’m utilizing to boost my songs and I found it helped me a lot to adverting my songs. You could consider Buildmyplays services. All Spotify plays you get are from real users. That’s amazing!

6. Collaborate with other music artists

Collaborating with other musicians helps in promoting your music on Spotify. One benefit is that when you make a playlist that has music from the featured artist, they could do the same with their music on which you’re featured. This has a double impact in that your promotional efforts are doubled permitting you to reach an even larger audience. It makes sense if both of you’ve nearly the same number of followers on Spotify.

Its a win-win situation for both of you as you get to be featured in multiple playlists by Spotify playlist curators who like each of your music. By collaborating with another musician, you have the opportunity to tap into their fan base. Your track gets exposed to new listeners who have a predisposition to love your music based on the positive association that you have with your collaborative artist.

Collaborations provide breakthrough chances for inspiring each other with your creativity and ideas at the same time whilst also Promote a New Spotify Album.

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