Reposting on Instagram: Sharing Content from Other Users

Instagram is a powerful platform for expanding your brand’s reach and attracting new customers. However, consistently sharing content can be time-consuming and costly. That’s where reposting on Instagram comes in. In this post, we’ll guide you through free and simple steps to repost on Instagram. But before we begin, let’s explore the benefits of reposting and how it can boost your brand.

Why should your company repost on Instagram?

Instagram is a huge social media site with over one billion monthly users. By incorporating Instagram into your marketing strategy, you can reach a larger audience and gain visibility quickly. However, consistently posting high-quality content can be time-consuming and costly. To keep up with the demand, it’s helpful to have a backlog of content. User-generated content (UGC) is also highly influential, with 90% of consumers trusting it more than promotional emails and search results.

Reposting on Instagram allows you to showcase brand endorsements from customers, loyalists, and employees. User-generated content (UGC) is highly trusted as consumers promote your product without any personal gain, solely to express their genuine liking for it to their audience.

How to Repost on Instagram?

Instagram offers a native reposting feature that allows you to share other users’ Reels and posts to your Instagram Story. However, this functionality has limitations. You can only repost content temporarily for up to 24 hours, and it cannot be added to your feed, Reels, or videos.

To preserve content permanently, you can add it to an Instagram Story Highlight. If you wish to add a post to your feed and give credit to the original creator, we’ll discuss that in the upcoming sections. For now, let’s explore how to repost content to your Story and include it in your highlights.

1. Go to the post, reel, or video that you want to repost

When searching for content to share with your followers, consider the following avenues:

  • Utilize industry hashtags to discover popular posts by other brands and influencers.
  • Look for branded hashtags to find user-generated content created by your customers and fans.
  • Explore the posts you’ve been tagged in and repost those that align with your brand.
  • Find brands you admire and repost content that resonates with your brand identity.

Keep in mind that you can only repost content from users and brands with public profiles.

Note: You can also repost other people’s Stories if you are tagged in them. To find such mentions, check your Direct Messages.

2. Click the paper airplane icon on the post or Reel

The button will be located next to the Like and Comment buttons on photos and videos.

It will be located between the Comment button and the three dots on Reels.

3. From the pop-up menu, select “Add a post to your story”

If you choose to share a post, a pop-up will appear offering multiple options. If you’re sharing a post, you can add it to your story, reply to the original poster (if enabled), or send the post through Direct Message to recipients you’ve recently messaged.

When you attempt to share a Reel, similar options appear. Add a post or a reel to your story by clicking the appropriate button.

4. Tap to display or hide the caption of the post

Following that, you should see a draft of your story. You can choose whether to show or hide the caption. To switch between the two, simply tap the post.

5. Insert text, stickers, hashtags, and other elements as desired

To maximize engagement and ensure the repost aligns with your brand, enhance the story by incorporating text and other elements. Consider adding a link or a compelling call-to-action to further enhance the impact of the repost.

6. To share your story, click “Your Story”

To complete your report, click the “Your Story” button at the bottom, and it will be shared automatically.

Alternatively, you can choose the “Close Friends” option if you prefer to limit the audience to a select group.

If you click the right-hand arrow, you’ll find more options to share the post through Direct Messages or with your close friends.

7. Organize the shared post into Highlights

Although Instagram doesn’t provide the option to directly share posts to your permanent feed, you can add them to your Highlights, ensuring they stay permanently visible on your profile.

When reposting Stories, it’s important to adhere to the same best practices as when sharing a post. If you’re unsure about the ownership or licensing of the content you want to re-share, it’s advisable to seek permission beforehand. Whenever feasible, remember to give credit to the original posters.

Best Free Instagram Reposting Apps

1. Repost: Posts, Stories, Reels

best apps for reposting on instagram: repost posts stories and reels

Repost is available for both iOS and Android devices, seamlessly integrating with Instagram. This allows you to easily share content from other users directly from your mobile device.

If your brand has a specific style guide, Repost enables you to customize your reposts to maintain consistency. With over 50 text styles and symbol art options, you can create captivating captions that attract more attention.

2. Reposta

best apps for reposting on instagram: reposta

Reposta for Instagram is available for iOS and Android. It provides a simple solution for reposting your favorite photos and videos on Instagram while giving proper credit to the original poster.

To repost using Reposta, copy the share URL of the content you wish to repost in Instagram. Open Reposta, and from there, you can position the attribution mark and send the reposted media back to Instagram.

3. DownloadGram

DownloadGram is a platform that enables social media users to download high-resolution copies of content from channels like Instagram and Twitter, allowing them to repost it on their own accounts.

With DownloadGram, you don’t need to download any additional apps. Instead, you can simply copy and paste the URL of the video, photo, reel, or story you wish to repost via PC and download it for reposting purposes.


Now that you know how to repost on Instagram, you can enhance your profile by sharing content from friends, family, and brands. Follow the methods mentioned above and remember to give credit to the original post as you reshare your favorite content effortlessly.

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