What To Do If You Get Scammed on Facebook Marketplace

scammed on Facebook Marketplace

Getting scammed on Facebook Marketplace can be very upsetting and stressful. It’s important to know the steps you should take immediately to protect yourself and get your money back. In this guide, we’ll walk you through what to do if you find yourself in this situation, from reporting the scam to safeguarding your information. Stay calm, and follow these steps to deal with the scam effectively.

Contact Your Bank Immediately

Getting scammed can be confusing and scary. If you used a credit or debit card to pay, call your bank and tell them about the scam. Ask them to cancel the payment, and you should get your money back.

Scammers often don’t use credit or debit cards because it’s easier for people to get their money back. They prefer gift cards or other ways to get paid.

Contact Law Enforcement

Your next step should be to contact the police and scam agencies. Gather proof of payment, screenshots of chats, the scammer’s profile, and pictures of the product if it’s not as described.

Tell them exactly what happened and how you got scammed. Even small details can help the police catch the scammer or solve the case faster.

Reach Out to the Scammer

Even if the scammer blocks you or deletes their Facebook Marketplace account, there’s a chance they haven’t blocked you yet. They might ignore your messages because they mistakenly sent the wrong product.

Take screenshots of their profile and your conversations for proof. Politely ask them to return your money or say you will take legal action. If they block you on Marketplace, try contacting them through Facebook Messenger on their profile.

Report the Scammer to Facebook

Report the Scammer to Facebook

Reporting a seller might not get your money back, but it can help protect others from being scammed. Facebook will check your report and, if it’s a scam, they will block the account.

If You Shared Your Login or Payment Info

Change your passwords right away. Block your cards and wallets, and change their passwords and PINs. If you installed an app or clicked a link about winning a lottery, delete the app and any downloads. If you shared your Facebook password or it was stolen, change it immediately. Tell your friends and family not to send money if they get messages from your account asking for help.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is important. If you haven’t set it up, do it now. Phishing and data theft scams are common and can take your savings. We recommend using a password manager like Bitwarden (not sponsored) to create and store strong passwords.

Alert Others On The Platform

One way to help others is by warning them about the scam. It happened to you today, but it could happen to someone else tomorrow. Tell them what happened to you and give them some tips on how to avoid it.

We have an article about Facebook Marketplace scams and how to avoid them. Share it with your family and friends to help keep them safe.

Always Be Vigilant

scammed on Facebook Marketplace

If someone asks you to pay upfront or click on a payment link, say no right away. Always meet in person and only pay after you’ve checked the product. Never share your login details; no real company employee will ask for them. Don’t share your phone number either.

Watch out for sellers who are too eager to make a deal; they might be selling stolen items. Be aware of overpayment scams where the scammer sends you more money than the product’s price and then asks you to send back the extra amount before they cancel the whole transaction.

Also, watch out for bait-and-switch scams where sellers advertise one product but deliver something different.

Have You Been Scammed on Facebook Marketplace?

Getting scammed can feel awful, but it also teaches you about the dangers of the internet. While it’s a hard lesson, you can learn from it. Many people get their money back if they report the scam quickly, but some might not.

Scammers on Facebook Marketplace are increasing, so consider using other platforms like eBay. If eBay isn’t available in your country, there should be at least one other buying and selling platform you can use.

If you’ve had a similar experience, we’d love to hear how you dealt with it and if you managed to recover your money.

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