Let’s face it. Facebook is just one part of your marketing strategy and you have tons of other problems to deal with in life. However, you have only 24 hours in the day. That means it’s time to look at automating some of your Facebook marketing efforts. One of the first and easiest things you can do right now is to start using a Facebook auto poster to automatically publish your posts. You’ll save your time on the platform and have more time doing other tasks.

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Facebook has a similar approach to most of the online advertising networks. They don’t give you a set quote for a price once you need to advertise on this platform. Instead, the cost of your Facebook ads will vary, depending on a list of factors. In this guide, let’s explore the cost of running Facebook Ads.

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Be honest. You need that blue checkmark, don’t you? Regardless of the platform, getting verified is one of the greatest ways to establish credibility on social media. With social media filled to the brim with fake accounts and bots, it simply makes sense that social media platforms let brand accounts get verified so customers know they’re legit. In this article, we will go through the steps you can take to get Facebook verification.

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While Facebook cover photo size doesn’t seem like a big deal, it is. Like everything your brand produces online, anything less than an optimized presence can hurt your chances with ideal customers. Conversely, the right design and dimensions will do wonders for your brand. The perfect Facebook cover photo will give your company a professional look and feel. They also inspire confidence, credibility, and make your brand feel altogether approachable and likable.

While there’s no secret to Facebook cover photo sizes, something this guide definitely includes. Facebook cover photo size is a part of an important topic: Design. And design can be complex. You need to balance the right elements in your Facebook cover photo to ensure that you strike the right chord with social media visitors.

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15% of the social media users within the US use Facebook to shop, making it the second social network after Pinterest where they shop the most. This implies the onus is on you to make consumers’ purchasing experience as seamless as possible, which brings us to Facebook Shops.

That is the latest Facebook update and, by far, the biggest jump into e-commerce after Facebook Marketplace and Shop Pages.

Shops catalogs your merchandise in collections, permitting clients to browse, save, share, and even purchase your merchandise throughout the app.

Wondering the way to set up a Facebook shop?

Let’s walk you through the advantages Shops provides, what you should create a shop, and how one can set it up.

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