How to stand out from the SoundCloud crowd and win fans

Last Updated on November 22nd, 2018 at 10:33 am

stand out from the Soundcloud crowd
Soundcloud is currently one of the largest music stream platforms in the world. There are thousands of small, big artists are using this platform to launch their music. Most of all, the Soundcloud artists are looking forward to having the tracks that really appeal to the listeners.

So, not gonna lie. SoundCloud can get mighty crowded. How can you make your humble tracks stand out and get the attention they deserve? How to stand out from the Soundcloud crowd? It just so occurs we have some excellent ideas.

Ensure your profile is up to date

  • Maintain your profile pic current – unless your seventh-grade school picture is the type of look you’re going for.
  • Use your top banner picture as a shout out for whatever you’re currently promoting – a new album, tour dates, new track, and so on.
  • List your social media accounts and contact info in your profile description.
  • Link your tour dates to Songkick and Bandpage.
  • Highlight your top tracks using our Highlight function (you will need a Pro & Pro Unlimited account for this).

Drill down into SoundCloud stats and find out about top-listening countries, cities, what sites are playing your tracks, and where your listeners are located.

  • Research your stats to help with radio, brand, touring and advertising chances AKA know where you should go.
  • “Top country” data can be utilized to help pitch a new artist to a bigger name act on tour.
  • “Top city” data can be utilized as leverage for radio stations to play a new growing artist.
  • “Top listeners” could be your digital street team and used to help promote contests and network with followers.
  • “Top Websites” can be utilized to evaluate online reach as well as advertising plans.

Engage with people you collaborate with as well as other users

  • Follow the artists that you have worked with on a track. They’re now your family. Get to know them.
  • Repost or Like tracks by other artists that you’re featured on. The feeling might get mutual.
  • Create playlists to help followers find out about your catalog and hook them into other artists you like.

Some SoundCloud Marketing Basics

Use these ideas to kickstart your own advertising and marketing campaign and get your SoundCloud tracks to stand out from the SoundCloud crowd.


Record an audio announcement about a tour or new music and add it to your SoundCloud account. Ensure to encourage followers to follow your profile for updates.


SoundCloud’s stats mean that you have info on which of your followers stream your tracks the most. Run a contest where the person who streams a new track on SoundCloud the most in a week wins a prize. Ensure the prize is legitimate and it could really get to the winner.

Teaser Previews

Add a sample of a track and later replace the audio with the full version. Fan engagement on the original add will stick since only the audio is being changed.

Twitter Q&A/Ask Me Anything

Engage with followers on social media and get them to ask questions. Provide the answers on SoundCloud as an audio recording.

Direct message followers or record private audio tracks to send to them

Use the SoundCloud direct message function to directly communicate with followers. You may also use real-time comments on tracks as a way to engage with followers individually to stand out from the SoundCloud crowd.

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