Spotify is by far the world’s largest streaming platform. Every day thousands of songs are distributed to the service where artists can connect with hundreds of millions of paying subscribers.

What makes streaming platforms special is that these platforms have created a method for fans to gain access to unlimited content while making it possible for artists to be paid for streams of their music.

After all, streaming income across all the streaming platforms has been the topic of much debate. Many artists have been important of how little streaming platforms seem to pay per stream.

And since Spotify is the biggest streaming service provider, Spotify royalties typically sit at the center of the debate.

Everybody desires artists to be paid fairly for their work.

However there are some essential realities to confront when distributing your music to streaming platforms—sure, artists can earn money, however, it’s super necessary to be realistic and have a music marketing plan to go along with your release.

In this article, we’ll check out how exactly Spotify and streaming platforms calculate royalties.

Plus, I’ll share some artistic ideas for increasing your reach and improving your music promotion technique.

Let’s dive in!

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