Organic reach has been declining for some time. However, social media holidays can help companies receive a lift.

These holidays, when combined with the appropriate hashtag, which gives businesses with an opportunity to reach a like-minded audience.

Who sets up social media holidays?

Some days are the byproducts of marketing campaigns. Some were declared by official organizations such as the United Nations. Others appear to have manifested as a result of the Internet’s sheer ridiculousness.

Some days have several holidays, such as May 7, which is both National Beer Day and World Health Day in the United States. On the other hand, some are about serious issues, while others are designated as National Just Because Day (August 27). Some are solely social media holidays, but many are also non-social media holidays.

Not every social media holiday is worthwhile to commemorate. Find the holidays that are right for you.

Rather than gimmicks, this strategy boosts the chances of interacting with individuals based on common values and interests.

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