The Definitive Facebook Marketing Guide for Business (2/3)

Last Updated on July 3rd, 2019 at 9:45 am

Facebook Marketing Guide

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Step 5: Begin posting

Now you are ready to begin posting of Facebook marketing guide. First, let’s have a look at the different kinds of content you could publish on Facebook.

Facebook text post

That is the most basic kind of Fb post. A text-only post could not direct people to your site or drive conversions, however, it could be used to spark engagement on your Page. Asking a query could be a good way to get people involved, as author and speaker Brian Tracy did in this text post:

Fb photo post

Like a text post, an image post is designed to build awareness or spark engagement, rather than supporting other business targets. And on that front, picture posts have plenty to offer. A study posted in the journal Management Science discovered that including images to your posts significantly boosts the number of both Likes and comments.

Unsure where to search out appropriate photos to use in your Facebook posts? And to keep yourself, and your brand, out of trouble, make sure you know the basics of photo copyright before sharing a photo online.

Additionally, remember that the “photo” in your post does not have to be a photo at all. It might be any type of image, like an infographic, illustration, or any other visual.

Fb video post

A brief video post could be compelling in case your product has strong visual appeal. Since videos begin to play automatically in the News Feed, even a clip that is just a few seconds long could be a good way to catch somebody’s eye. What ice cream lover would not pause for a moment over this video from Haagen-Dazs?

Longer video posts have emerged as a form of shareable content that could rack up thousands—or even millions—of views. Buzzfeed’s Tasty recipe videos are a prime instance:

People now watch around 100 million hours of video on Fb day by day. It’s clear that video posts could be a vital method to connect with followers.

Fb Live video

Fb Live video is, not surprisingly, video broadcast live on Fb. It may be a good way to interact with fans or give them a behind-the-scenes look at your company, your product, or the personalities behind your brand. It’s additionally a great format to share announcements in real time, as this announcement of the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience tour.

Remember that anything could occur if you go well, so be sure you prepare ahead of time by reading the post complete guide to Facebook Live video.

Linked content post

A linked content post is exactly what it sounds like—a post that links to content outside of Fb, like your site or blog. That is probably the simplest type of Fb post to create. However, you still should be thoughtful in your post.

To make a linked content post, all you should do is copy and paste a link into the status box. Fb will automatically pull the meta description and picture, so you get a great-looking post with very little effort. Then add text to inform readers why they need to click through, and you are set. When you will want to use most of your link posts to share your own content, you can also share content from other thought leaders in your industry. For instance, Entrepreneur Magazine shared our post on how you can create compelling Instagram captions.

So, how could you figure out exactly what content to publish? One good method to learn what might resonate with your audience is to interact in social listening.

Find out what your customers, potential customers, followers, and even competitors are saying and posting online. These are helpful insights.

What do existing customers love about your company or your products? What challenges are people having that you understand your product may assist them to tackle? How could you differentiate yourself from the competitors? Those are all questions that social listening could help you reply through your Fb posts.

Have you Tweeted content that’s getting a good response? Share it on Facebook, too. Have a page on your blog that’s always getting new comments? That’s another Fb post contender. For the best outcomes, be sure you share your content utilizing cross-promotion, rather than straight cross-posting.

Pinned post

A pinned post is just a regular post that you “pin” to the top of your Fb Page so it’s not bumped down if you update new content.

You understand that one piece of content that soars above the rest? The one that really captures your brand and shows potential followers exactly why they need to Like your Page? Pin it.

You could also use this space to share vital news, showcase an amazing video, increase awareness about a current campaign, or anything that’ll get people to interact with your brand on Fb. You could tell a post is pinned if you see a bit blue thumbtack icon on the top left of the post.

Screengrab of a Facebook post from Hootsuite

You could only have one pinned post at a time, however, you could change your pinned post as usually as you want.

Step 6: Ramp up your Facebook Likes and followers

You have got your Fb Page up and running, and you have begun to populate it with compelling content utilizing a variety of post types of Facebook marketing guide. Now it’s time to extend your Page’s visibility to get more followers and drive engagement.

First, make it simple for people you interact on other social networks to find your Fb Page. Link to your Page in your email signature, newsletter, and other channels. Incorporate Facebook Like and share buttons on your site and blog to make it simple for people to find, follow, and share your Page in one click.

On that note, make sure that the content you post to Fb is extremely shareable. It’s the greatest way to broaden your organic reach. According to a study by the New York Times Customer Insight and Advertising Groups, “entrepreneurs need to be focused on providing content that enhances consumers’ relationships with one another.” In other words, make helpful and entertaining content that followers will be happy to share with their connections.

It bears repeating here that Fb is a social network. If Fb users who attempt to interact with your brand get radio silence, you are hardly being “social.” When you aren’t engaged with your Page, why should your fans be? Followers who find themselves talking into a void will abandon your page for more responsive brands.

Your mantra here is reply, reply, reply.

Lastly, a part of maintaining a quality Page that encourages Likes is ensuring it stays up to date of Facebook marketing guide. Schedule a monthly audit of your profile to check for and remove any outdated content. Be certain your About section is accurate, up-to-date, and on-brand.

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