The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Canvas Adverts (2/2)

Last Updated on November 12th, 2019 at 3:51 pm

When designing your Facebook Instant Experience adverts, it is vital to be crystal-clear on the purpose of your campaign, and have polished, eye-catching visuals ready to go.

Adverts made in this format should be visually striking to entice viewers into watching your experience.

Additionally, in terms of your advert text, it is vital you ensure your creatives could be read from the top-down. Even when you have carousels, it is vital that the advert experience is readable, particularly if the user does not swipe through your carousels.

Best Practices for Creating Facebook Canvas Adverts

1. Try Collection, the highest-performing format.

If you are creating Instant Experiences, remember that the best advert vehicle here is the “Collection” format. This requires that you utilize at least 5 photos in your advert — and every picture counts.

Collection adverts consist of a big header with 4 smaller photos underneath. When done correctly, collection adverts tell a good story and showcase your products in a unique method.

Ultimately, collection adverts could lead to higher click-through rates and better overall performance for your campaigns. Collection adverts in Instant Experience tend to be thumb-stoppers!

2. Keep your design in mind.

With a high level of customization comes to an equally high risk of design error. Low-resolution photos or too much copy could damage your campaigns.

If you do not have designers on-board to help with your advertising creatives, be sure you read through Facebook’s help guidelines to make sure that you are making an advert with the design specs that will drive outcomes for your business.

You do not want a Nike-sized budget to get the most out of your Instant Experience campaigns, however, seeing how leading brands are utilizing these adverts could help get your creative juices flowing.

Here are a few success stories.

1. New Balance

The New Balance campaign for the relaunch of one of their products included Instant Experience as a part of their advertising funnel. This helped nurture their potential customers from the awareness stage to buy.

As a result, New Balance saw a measurable lift in consumer engagement and sales from both new and existing customers.

Facebook Canvas Adverts

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2. Dollar Shave Club

As you’d expect, Dollar Shave Club is not afraid to be innovative with its campaigns. With its “cutting edge” business model, the company was looking for adverts that were cost-effective and simple to run.

Utilizing Instant Experience and the collection advert format, they were capable of creating an immersive user experience that increased their subscription rate by 1.5X while also reducing their cost-per-subscription by 30% (compared to traditional link adverts).

Facebook Canvas Adverts

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3. Airbnb

This campaign required creatives that were designed particularly for advertising on the Facebook platform.

Instant Experience was the perfect choice to run the adverts on, as it enabled Airbnb to showcase its dedication to storytelling and the user experience. The high-quality video and visuals helped them reach 125 million people, and grow subscribers across their target locations.

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4. Cirque du Soleil

To promote its new show, Cirque du Soleil selected to utilize Instant Experience to capture the incredible costumes and performance artists which have made it a much-loved global sensation.

The purpose was to drive awareness and encourage people to purchase tickets to their newest show. The highly visual campaign paid off, with an impressive 8.8X return on their ad spend, plus further returns from re-marketing.

Facebook Canvas Adverts

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Final Ideas on Facebook Canvas Adverts

When you are looking for a cost-effective technique to convey your brand message and showcase your products, it is worthwhile to think about using Instant Experiences.

With rich, immersive imagery delivered to your customers on a full-screen, fast-loading page, your brand comes to life and has the chance to reach a new audience.

As an advertising format, Instant Experiences provides a valuable mixture of storytelling and performance, enabling greater engagement with lower acquisition prices — a win, win.

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