The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Canvas Adverts (1/2)

Last Updated on November 12th, 2019 at 3:52 pm

Facebook Canvas Adverts

Nowadays, Fb is one of the best platforms for digital advertising — actually, 93% of social media advertisers utilize Facebook adverts on a regular basis. Moreover, since Fb gives a wide range of options for effective and measurable advertising, it is a great chance to reach an audience regardless of your budget. Among the various offerings in the Facebook advert family is the Facebook Canvas adverts.

To help you discover success with Facebook canvas adverts, we have made this guide (based on the 187-page Handbook for Facebook Video Marketing). Keep reading to learn what Fb Instant Experiences are, and how you could improve both brand awareness and revenue through the new tool — for cheap.

What are Facebook Canvas Adverts (i.e. Instant Experiences)?

Facebook Canvas Adverts, now called Instant Experiences, allow you to make full-screen, mobile-only pieces of content within the Fb app.

You may consider them as a mini landing page for your business, keeping customers engaged with your campaigns without requiring users to exit the Fb app at all. These Instantaneous Experiences are particularly efficient for segments of your audience who frequently check Fb and enjoy consuming content within the social media platform.

Viewers could interact with Instant Experiences on both iOS and Android. Once a person clicks on your advert, the Instant Experience loads instantly (15 times faster than a site page) and opens to a full-screen format. From there, users could interact with multiple forms of content.

Facebook Canvas Adverts

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Visuals and video do the heavy-lifting here, which lets you tell compelling stories to capture your audience’s attention while simultaneously collecting data that will assist you to convert these prospects into customers.

Building Your Brand with Instant Experience

Instant Experience adverts are good for both direct response and branding campaigns. No matter which stage of the marketing funnel you are working on, you could make an immersive experience that mirrors your site without taking users away from their Fb browsing.

Fb tests revealed that 53% of users watched at least half of every Instant Experience advert they were served. Best of all, lots of these adverts were over a minute long — that is some serious screen time your company might be getting.

Moreover, the average phone user spends 90% of their browsing time in-app, as opposed to standalone sites — so when you are doing mobile-first marketing, it makes sense to build your campaigns in the places your audience spends the most time.

How to Use Instant Experience Adverts

Most advertisers use Instant Experience adverts in their branding campaigns due to the unique full-screen nature of the advert. But there has been an enormous amount of success with direct response campaigns, otherwise known as demand generation campaigns, as well.

When Canvas Adverts became Instant Experiences, it was more than an easy renaming exercise. Fb also added extra features, including:

  • Analytics functions
  • Ability to embed Fb pixels
  • Ability to add third-party pixels for A/B testing
  • More design template options
  • Re-engagement capabilities

To use Instant Experiences, follow three steps below:

1. Begin with a design template.

If you do not have the luxury of a design team, Fb has you covered. Pre-made templates could help you get your Instant Experience campaigns made and published — fast.

  • Instant Storefront assists you to sell your products in a grid format.
  • Instant Lookbook allows you to showcase your products in the context of a lifestyle magazine.
  • Instant Customer Acquisition helps you motivate customers by displaying your offers and including a clear call-to-action.
  • Instant Storytelling uses photos and videos to make a highly visual experience and give potential customers a greater feel for your brand.

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2. Double down on lead generation.

An amazing new function for Instant Experience adverts is a lead generation add-on known as Instant Forms. This add-on permits you to collect emails, phone numbers, and any other info you may need from within the Instant Experience advert, enabling your sales and marketing groups to make more customizable and fascinating content for your prospects.

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In the past, lead generation campaigns on Fb had difficulty capturing high-quality leads, mainly because there was such a low amount of friction between clicking an advert and signing up for the campaign. As a result, users tended to get a little too click-happy.

Typically, these leads only had a vague interest and were not highly-qualified leads, leading to both poor information and wasted budgets.

Capturing lead generation information from an Instant Experience advert solves this problem by making sure that users must go through a “landing page” experience before giving out their info. This could help advertisers find the qualified leads they are looking for on Fb while enjoying the low cost that typically comes with Fb lead generation campaigns.

3. Link to your campaigns.

All your Instant Experience campaigns could now be linked together. This allows your visitors to navigate through two or more of your Instant Experiences — making a seamless journey just like a mobile site, without requiring users to venture away from the Fb app.

Finally, it’s critical your advert experience is as frictionless as possible. Fb’s Instant Experiences make sure you’re meeting a segment of your audience on an app they already enjoy, without requiring them to leave Fb to experience your brand’s content.

How to Create an Instant Experience Advert

Creating adverts could often feel like a daunting undertaking.

For Instant Experiences particularly, the emphasis is on beautiful, striking imagery and design aesthetics that will intrigue your viewers while effectively delivering your message — it is definitely a little more pressure to perform than your average text-based advert!

Luckily, to make it simple, Fb gives multiple templates that can be utilized to assist showcase your products within the Instant Experience format.

Whether you select to use one of the pre-made templates or make a one-of-a-kind campaign from scratch, it is simple to get began — here is how.

1. Head to your Fb Adverts Manager and make a new campaign.

Facebook Canvas Adverts

2. Select a marketing goal that is supported by Instant Experience, such as traffic, brand awareness, or conversions.

Like any other advert, you should keep the end goal of your campaign in mind if you’re working on building and launching your Instant Experience. Scroll down and give your new campaign a name, then click on “Continue”.

Facebook Canvas Adverts

3. Work your method by the audience, budget, and scheduling selections for your advert, then choose the format for your advert (e.g. carousel, video, single picture, and so on).

Note: When you select “Collection” your Instant Experience will automatically be set for full-screen.

4. Mark the checkbox for “Add an Instant Experience”.

It is here that you could choose a pre-made template to begin building your creative, or make your own custom advert.

5. If you’d like full control over the design and layout to showcase your brand, it is recommended that you build a custom Instant Experience.

We will choose this option.

Give your Instant Experience a name, choose the components you want to add, and select how you’d like to fit them onto a mobile screen. When you are completed, click on “Save”.

Facebook Canvas Adverts

Note: To name each creative component, hover over its name (e.g. “picture”) and click on. Renaming each component makes it simpler to identify later on if you need to change it.

6. To see what your live Instant Experience will look like, or let someone else preview it before it goes live, click on “Mobile Preview” and choose the Facebook or Instagram preview, or click on “Share”.

If everything looks great to roll out, click on “Finish”.

And that is it! You could now publish and run your Instant Experience campaign for the world to see.

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