Six TikTok-Approved Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs

TikTok hacks for entrepreneurs

When you’re an entrepreneur building a business from scratch, time becomes a precious resource. While the hours in a day remain fixed, TikTok hacks for entrepreneurs that can help you optimize your time and make the most of every moment.

With hashtags like #productivity and #productivityhack gaining millions of views, there is a significant demand for tips and techniques to enhance focus and productivity. 

To keep you focused and productive, we’ve compiled a list of the top TikTok hacks for entrepreneurs, ensuring you stay on track and minimize distractions.

1. Managing Your Energy

Master energy management with TikTok hacks for entrepreneurs. Conduct an energy audit to track how activities affect your energy levels throughout the day, and take the following steps:

  • Identify activities that replenish or drain your energy.
  • Create a graph with your energy level on the Y-axis and time on the X-axis.
  • Jot down notes to remind yourself of the activities associated with energy highs and lows.

By analyzing your graph, pinpoint moments of low energy and incorporate activities that you’ve identified as energy boosters.

For instance, if you consistently experience a significant energy drop around 3 pm, consider taking a walk, preparing a snack, or engaging in an energizing activity to counter it.

By understanding your energy patterns and implementing healthy habits, you can minimize energy slumps and maintain a more balanced state.

2. Time Blocking

If you’ve ever peeked at a busy colleague’s calendar, you may have witnessed time blocking in action. Time blocking, also known as timeboxing, involves allocating specific blocks of time on your calendar for each task. Follow these steps to implement time blocking effectively:

  • Begin by listing all the tasks you need to complete for the day.
  • Assign dedicated blocks of time to work on each task.
  • Ensure you block out time for essential activities like meals, sleep, and any morning routines.
  • Plan your schedule hour by hour, estimating the time required for each task.
  • Provide extra time as a buffer to account for unexpected delays or transitions between tasks.

Many users find that grouping similar tasks together can enhance productivity. For example, combining workout time with walking the dog or scheduling a nap along with a snack break.

By utilizing time blocking techniques, you can optimize your productivity, stay organized, and reduce the need for last-minute catch-up efforts.

3. The Pomodoro Technique

Although the Pomodoro Technique originated in the ’80s, it has experienced a resurgence among burnt-out Gen Z individuals on TikTok. Derived from the Italian word for “tomato,” the technique measures time (24 hours x 60 minutes = 1.440 minutes a day / 25 minutes a pomodoro = 57.6 pomodoros a day… or simply put, a bunch of tomatoes).

The technique itself is straightforward:

  • Select a task you wish to complete.
  • Set a timer for 25 minutes.
  • Work on the task until the timer goes off.
  • Take a 5-minute break.
  • Repeat the process.
  • After completing four 25-minute sprints, incorporate longer breaks of 15 to 30 minutes. While this productivity hack may ignite a craving for pasta, it will also help you accomplish more work.

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The Pomodoro Technique has endured because of its simplicity, as it breaks down overwhelming projects into manageable increments.

4. The Five-Minute Rule

Picture this: You have a colossal assignment due tomorrow, yet a single TikTok video leads you down a Reddit rabbit hole that eventually lands you on a 4.8k-word article with countless links diverting you to various websites.

 Before you know it, you’ve become a subject-matter expert in lawn-gnome hats, but the sun has set, and your deadline is rapidly approaching.

Enter the five-minute rule: Commit to working on your main task for five uninterrupted minutes, after which you are allowed to stop if you wish. 

At first glance, it may not seem very helpful. However, many people find that those initial five minutes of dedication are the most challenging to overcome. 

Once you initiate a task, it becomes easier to stick with it. Furthermore, this rule tricks your mind into perceiving the task as less daunting. Instead of facing a massive and intimidating endeavor, you’re simply committing to five minutes.

5. Monotasking

Newsflash: Multitasking is out, and monotasking is in. While we once idolized juggling numerous unrelated tasks simultaneously, the latest productivity trend involves focusing on a single task.

To embrace monotasking, follow these steps:

  • Choose the task you want to tackle.
  • Make an effort to tune out other thoughts, projects, and distractions.
  • Set a predetermined amount of time for working on the task.

There are even books and startups dedicated to the concept of monotasking that can assist you in getting started.

 One of the advantages of monotasking is its applicability to various aspects of life, not just work-related tasks (hello, pile of clean laundry waiting to be folded). 

Additionally, entrepreneurs can optimize their productivity by incorporating TikTok hacks specifically designed for their needs. These hacks can be effectively combined with other techniques like body doubling or the Pomodoro Technique to enhance their efficiency and success.

 So, instead of scrolling through TikTok during a Zoom meeting while having lunch, take a deep breath, step away from the sandwich, put down the phone, and focus on a single task.

6. Collaborative Task Accomplishment

A technique commonly utilized by individuals with ADHD, collaborative task accomplishment, also known as body doubling, involves working on your tasks in the presence of another person, whether physically or virtually.

To implement this technique, follow these steps:

Identify the task you intend to complete.

Ensure you have a partner to work alongside you. This could involve connecting with strangers through live sessions on TikTok, joining a Zoom room with a peer, or sitting at a coffee shop with a friend.

Regardless of who is present, the underlying concept is that someone’s presence holds you accountable for a predetermined duration, enabling you to conquer that troublesome task once and for all.

While having someone watch you work might evoke thoughts of Big Brother, body doubling fosters collaboration rather than voyeurism.

The growing popularity of this technique aligns with the increasing number of individuals working from home, as many struggle with self-motivation and maintaining focus.

By incorporating these TikTok-approved productivity hacks into your daily routine, busy entrepreneurs can enhance their efficiency, overcome distractions, and achieve their goals with greater success. Stay on course and unlock your full potential with these impactful strategies.


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