24 Best Instagram Themes (& Have Them for Your Own Feed) (1/2)

Crafting an appealing Instagram feed aesthetic is a highly effective way to attract followers to your business account and engage them with your posts. Making a strong first impression is paramount, which is why investing effort into your Instagram feed is essential. We understand that learning through examples is enjoyable, so we have curated a collection of 24 best Instagram themes to address these questions. These themes will undoubtedly inspire the transformation of your own feed. But be warned, these feeds are so enticing that choosing just one may prove to be a difficult task.

Nowadays, Instagram serves as many people’s first interaction with a brand, and a significant portion of its users engage in shopping on the platform every week. With half of your potential sales depending on it, it’s crucial to present a clean and inviting profile. Starting off on the right foot can be challenging. Where can you find inspiration? Which color scheme should you adopt? How do you arrange your posts for a cohesive look? Let’s keep on reading to find out.

What is an Instagram themes?

What defines an Instagram theme? An Instagram theme refers to the visual style crafted by individuals and brands to attain a harmonious appearance throughout their Instagram feeds. These themes assist social media managers in curating diverse content types into a cohesive digital motif, resulting in a well-balanced profile.

1. Transitional

This one is among the most common themes in 24 best Instagram themes. If you’re open to exploring various Instagram themes, the transitional theme offers flexibility. This aesthetic allows you to experiment by merging colors in alternating images. For instance, you can begin with a black theme and incorporate hints of beige in each image. Gradually introduce the next color, such as blue, as you progress. Over time, your Instagram feed will seamlessly transition between the chosen colors, creating an engaging and cohesive look.

2. Single Color

Charm A straightforward way to establish a theme is by selecting a single color and adhering to it throughout your feed. This approach provides a clear creative direction and results in a clean and cohesive visual aesthetic. Opting for a visually pleasing and serene color, like the gentle pink showcased in the popular hashtag #blackwomeninpink, adds an alluring charm to your feed.

3. Two Colors

For a highly cohesive feed that goes beyond a single-color theme, explore the concept of incorporating two colors. This approach lends an organized and polished appearance to your feed. By choosing branded colors, you can establish a connection between your other social media platforms and your website. Consider opting for tw

o contrasting colors, as showcased in @Dreaming_outloud’s profile, for a vibrant and impactful look.

4. Pastels

Similar to the idea of a single-color theme, selecting a pastel color palette for your feed can be effective, as seen in @creativekipi’s use of pastels. Pastel shades, reminiscent of Easter eggs and cupcake decorations, evoke a childlike and cheerful ambiance. Their gentle and captivating nature adds an element of surprise to your feed.

5. One Concept

24 Best Instagram Themes

@mustdoflorida’s feed demonstrates the power of honing in on one specific subject or concept, such as beach-related objects and activities in Florida. By showcasing your creativity or photography skills through a feed centered around a singular theme, you can create a compelling and focused narrative.

6. Puzzle

Pieces Constructing a puzzle-like composition for your feed requires careful planning but can yield significant rewards in terms of uniqueness and audience engagement. @Juniperoats‘ posts, when viewed collectively, form a cohesive and intriguing puzzle. By presenting individual posts as puzzle pieces, you can spark curiosity among your followers and leave them impressed by the final result.

7. Black and White

24 Best Instagram Themes

Opting for a refined black and white theme can evoke a sense of sophistication. By eliminating color, the focus is drawn to the main subject of the photo, exuding a timeless quality for your brand. Take inspiration from @Lisedesmet‘s black and white feed, which directs the viewer’s attention to the subject, whether it’s black sneakers or a white balloon.

8. Vibrant Colors

24 Best Instagram Themes

To convey a sense of playfulness and fun associated with your brand, embrace a feed adorned with vibrant hues. Bright colors have a captivating and cheerful effect, making them ideal for attracting a younger audience. Take a cue from @Aww.sam‘s feed, where a carefree and light-hearted approach shines through.

9. Minimalism

24 Best Instagram Themes

Minimalism is the trending in 24 best Instagram themes. For an artistic touch, adopt a minimalist style for your feed, inspired by the likes of @emwng. The images exude an inviting and subtly whimsical vibe through their simplicity, creating an atmosphere of calmness and stability. The inclusion of adorable pup pics only adds to the overall wholesome appeal. Minimalist feeds are inherently less distracting, allowing viewers to grasp the essence of your brand solely through the feed, without the need to explore individual posts.

10. Unique Perspectives

Presenting everyday items and activities from unexpected angles is a surefire way to captivate your audience on Instagram. Similar to how lines create a theme, angles add intrigue through unique perspectives. By capturing different subjects from similar angles, you can unify diverse photos into a cohesive and visually engaging theme.

11. Text Only

While a picture is often considered powerful, a well-designed quote can be equally impactful. Confident Woman Co. defies the conventional Instagram wisdom that suggests images with faces generate the highest engagement. Their text-only theme stands out with vibrant colors and highlighted text, creating a visually pleasing layout both within the Instagram grid format and as individual posts. Even within the text-only theme, you can introduce variations by experimenting with typographic fonts and textured backgrounds, as exemplified in the last image of the middle row.

12. Checkerboard

For those who prefer a departure from horizontal or vertical lines, the checkerboard theme offers an appealing alternative. This aesthetic allows you to create a captivating pattern by alternating between content and images or colors, just like the eye-catching arrangement in @thefemalehustlers‘ feed.


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