Top TikTok Challenges Of All Time and New Ones for 2024!

Top TikTok Challenges

Get ready to dive into the world of TikTok challenges of all time! From the classics to the latest trends, we’re exploring the best challenges of all time and the exciting new ones to try in 2024.

6 Top Tiktok Challenges Of All Time

There’s a saying: Stick with what works when you’re not sure. That’s true for TikTok challenges, too.

You can think up new ideas for TikToks, but sometimes, the old challenges are what people like best. They’re also more likely to get noticed by TikTok.

Here are some of the top TikTok challenges that have been around for a long time.

1. The Wednesday Dance Challenge

Back in late 2022, lots of people were into the Wednesday dance challenge or at least thought about it.

Netflix’s “Wednesday” series got a ton of views in its first week, with 341.23 million hours of watching. That’s why the dance challenge got so popular.

The character Wednesday Addams, with her black dress and funny dance, made it inevitable. And Jenna Ortega, who played her, did a great job, bringing something new to the character.

Seriously, watch her dance. I’ve seen it so many times.

Out of all the Wednesday dance videos, Lady Gaga’s was my favorite.

Lady Gaga’s TikTok

Season 2 of “Wednesday” is coming out in November. This means the Wednesday dance challenge might become popular on TikTok again.

For both new creators and famous influencers, joining this trend could help you get more followers and interaction on TikTok. It’s a big chance to grow your audience.

2. Flip the Switch Challenge

In 2020, folks on TikTok were grooving to Drake’s song “Nonstop” and making the most of TikTok’s cool effects.

This challenge was all about dancing with a buddy. When Drake sang “just flip the switch,” partners switched places or swapped clothes (or did something else fun).

The videos were pretty cool to watch.

dance challenge on TikTok

Even the senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, joined the fun. She did the challenge with someone who looks like her on SNL, Kate McKinnon. When they switched back, we saw the senator dancing. That’s pretty bold for a politician!

Switch Challenge

3. The Blinding Lights Challenge

For a TikTok challenge that will make your family and friends laugh, try the Blinding Lights challenge.

The goal is to dance together as a group while the song “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd plays.

It usually ends up being funny!

The Blinding Lights Challenge

The challenge has a fun 80s vibe and some silly dance moves that make everyone look funny. Plus, there’s plenty of room for everyone to act silly. It’s the kind of fun that will make your TikTok followers smile.

4. The Lip Sync Challenge

People have been lip-syncing on TikTok since it started.

And they’re still doing it. Even my quiet neighbor, Shernan, who doesn’t talk much, made a few. It surprised me.

But TikTok has lots of music and sounds to pick from, so it’s no surprise.

One reason why lip-syncing is still popular is because you can show your style.

If you want more people to notice you and reach more people, trying the lip sync challenge can help your brand.

5. The Renegade Challenge

In October 2019, a 14-year-old named Jalaiah Harmon created a dance to the song “Lottery (Renegade)” by rapper K Camp.

Many people on social media copied the dance or made up their own versions. Even famous people like Millie Bobby Brown and Lizzie joined in.

And now, in 2024, the TikTok challenge is still popular.

6. The SupaLonely Challenge

During the pandemic, lots of people on TikTok did the “Supalonely” challenge. It’s about the song “Supalonely” by Benee and Gus Dapperton.

It’s funny that a song about feeling lonely got so popular when everyone was stuck at home.

In the challenge, people lip-sync or dance to the song. They can be silly or creative in their videos, acting out the words or making up dances. The words are easy to understand, so you can do your own thing in the challenge.

Top TikTok Challenges to Try in 2024 and Beyond

Doing the TikTok challenges mentioned earlier can help you get noticed.

But if you do the same thing as everyone else, people might get bored. Sometimes, it’s good to do something new to keep them interested.

Here are some fun and different TikTok challenges that will make your audience happy.

1. The Opposite Best Friend Check Challenge

You know the saying “opposites attract”?

Well, you can try it out with the Opposite Best Friends Check Challenge.

Just ask your best friend, especially if they’re different from you in looks, personality, or what they like. Then, make a TikTok showing off your differences in a fun way.

2. The Silhouette Challenge

The Silhouette Challenge is super popular on TikTok. It got big in 2021, and lots of people are still doing it.

To join in, just make a video where you dance or pose in a bright room, wearing regular clothes. Then, when the music slows down, the video turns into a silhouette, with only your outline showing against a red filter. You can make a cool pose or move to make it look awesome.

It’s a bit tricky, but if you do it well, it’s worth it.

3. The Mirror Reflection Challenge

The Mirror Reflection Challenge is a big thing on TikTok. It’s about using a mirror and hiding an object.

It might sound confusing at first, but trust me, it’s worth trying if you want to impress your followers.

Here’s how it works: hold an object with paper under it against a mirror. Move the camera to the side while filming, and you’ll see the hidden object suddenly show up in the mirror.

It’s surprised a lot of TikTokers. How does the mirror know what’s behind the paper?

The answer is physics (imagine Sheldon Cooper saying it).

It’s a pretty cool trick, right?

4. The Face Swap Challenge

The Face Swap Challenge is a big hit online. It’s all about using special apps to swap faces with someone else, like a friend or a pet.

Here’s how it works: You use a filter in the app, then line up the camera with two faces. When you press a button, the app swaps the faces, making a funny mix.

What’s fun about this challenge is how it changes things up. You can be anyone you want for a moment. People enjoy trying it with friends or other influencers.

It’s like playing around digitally, where you can laugh and be surprised by the funny mixes.

For example, this guy tried swapping his face 10 times, and the results are both scary and fascinating.

5. Corn on the Cob Challenge

How you eat corn on the cob says something about you. Some folks eat it row by row. Others turn it as they go. But how do you eat it fast?

This old question led to the Corn on a Cob Challenge. It got even more famous when a woman lost some hair trying to eat corn with a spinning drill (don’t try this at home, seriously).

This one’s worth talking about.

Wrap up

People on TikTok like doing challenges because it lets them be creative. Dance challenges, especially, show off their skills, personalities, and who they are. And they get to connect with people from all over the world who love making and watching videos.

If you’re a brand, you can join in on TikTok challenges that fit with what your brand is about. By taking part in popular challenges or making your own, you can have fun and connect with TikTok users in a real way.

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