Tips to get Instagram verification Dos and Don’ts

Last Updated on November 28th, 2019 at 10:17 am

get Instagram verification

Now, the more difficult part. Anybody could submit a request to get Instagram verification. However, Instagram is quite clear: “submitting a request for verification doesn’t guarantee that your account will be verified.”

Here are some dos and don’t to assist your application to verify your Instagram account has the best opportunities for success.

Do have a great bio

A complete profile is one of the things Instagram looks for when deciding whether to confirm your account. Be sure to complete all the Instagram bio fields with accurate and related info about yourself or your business.

Do be honest

Ensure you are completely correct and truthful in all stages of get Instagram verification process. Utilize your real name and select an accurate category for your account. Most essential, use a real document—with no changes or alterations—to prove your identity.

This needs to be obvious. However, just in case you are thinking about trying to cheat the system, know this. Instagram particularly says, “When you provide false or misleading info during the verification process, we’ll remove your verified badge and might take additional action to delete your account.

get Instagram verification

Do be newsworthy

Instagram reviews each verification manually. One of the factors Instagram staffers check is whether the user is featured in multiple news sources. How do you get featured in multiple news sources?

When you have got something newsworthy to say, try sending out a press release. Or try reaching out to local news organizations with info about what you do. When you have never been in the news before, a local angle is your greatest bet. From there, you could build to bigger coverage. Post all related stories in a press section on your site or blog to give them a little extra visibility.

Remember that paid or promotional content does not count.

Do have a presence outside of Instagram

Even when you have a lot of Instagram followers, it’s hard to make the case that you are “notable” when you have no presence outside of Instagram. If Instagram staffers Google you during the verification review process, what will they find?

Be sure that your site or blog is optimized to appear in search outcomes. To develop your online presence, you can consider guest posting on other blogs or websites, particularly if they’re well-known and respected in your niche.

Do post regularly

The guidelines say that you must have at least one post to be considered for verification. However, realistically, you shouldn’t apply till you have a more robust Instagram presence than that.

An inactive account isn’t a great candidate to get Instagram verification. To grow your chances of getting the blue badge, be sure to post new content frequently.

Do get your follower count up

There’s no longer a set number of required followers to get verified on Instagram. However, remember that one of the requirements for verification is being “notable.” More followers is a key indicator of noteworthiness.

Another factor Instagram considers is how likely you’re to be impersonated. Nobody is likely to impersonate an account with just a few followers. The bigger your account, the more likely you’re to be Instagram-copied. This makes it more likely that Instagram will want you to have the verification badge.

Don’t link to other social channels in your bio

Don’t cross-promote your other social accounts in your Instagram bio, and particularly don’t use your Insta bio to ask people to follow you elsewhere. Instagram says it will not approve profiles that “include ‘add me’ links to other social channels.”

Don’t use a third-party service to use

Do not try to get an inside edge. Just follow the steps above.

Instagram particularly says not to attempt to verify your account through a 3rd party. There are plenty of scammers out there who will try to sell you Instagram verification. Don’t fall for it.

Don’t give up after the first try

If at first you are denied verification, take the time to enhance your profile and develop your audience. When you have made the necessary changes and further established yourself on the platform, there’s no harm in trying again. You could apply again 30 days after your first request is denied.

Ultimately, getting Instagram verified will rely upon sticking to a winning Instagram strategy and building a dedicated following. Do that, have patience, and it might occur for you.

Don’t lose your badge once you get it

When you get your verification badge, you do not want to lose it. Meaning you should continue to follow the terms of service and community guidelines.

In addition, Instagram might take away your badge, or even disable your account, in case you transfer or sell your badge, or utilize your profile pic, bio, or Instagram name to promote other services. You worked hard to get that Instagram verification. Do not run afoul of the rules and see it taken away.

How to show you are authentic when you can’t get Instagram verified

Verification isn’t the only method to show your authenticity on Instagram. We have got loads of ideas for establishing a strong, credible presence on Instagram in the post on using Instagram for business.

Here are some ideas straight from Instagram itself. While these methods won’t necessarily improve your odds of getting verified, they do help make your account look more credible. That certainly cannot hurt.

Link from other official sources

Instagram suggests linking to your Instagram account from other official sources such as your official site, your Fb Page, or your YouTube or Twitter account. That is particularly useful if you already have a verified account on one of those other channels.

But bear in mind: Do not link to your other social channels from your Instagram bio.

Use your bio effectively

We have already said that you need to have a complete and effective bio to grow your chances of verification. However, it’s worth mentioning again here, because even when you don’t handle to get verified, a great description helps show that your account is authentic and credible.

Instagram says you need to use your bio to “tell potential customers more about your business.”

Go behind the scenes with Stories

Instagram Stories give you the opportunity to show the people behind your brand, and to give followers an opportunity to see what’s occurring at your company in real-time.

That kind of real brand insight is difficult to imitate. That’s why Instagram particularly suggests you enhance authenticity by using Instagram Stories to “provide a behind the scenes look at your business.”

Get followers involved

Engagement is always a great signal of authenticity on social channels. To further highlight your authenticity, Instagram suggests that you encourage customers to tag your business in their posts, “so people could see posts from customers utilizing your services or products.”

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