Every Type of Facebook Advert You Should Be Using to Grow Your Business (1/2)

Last Updated on January 22nd, 2019 at 10:38 am

Facebook Advert

There is a reason Facebook is the top platform for both B2C and B2B companies: Facebook adverts work. Perhaps a little too well.

Despite recent scandals, Facebook remains the world’s biggest social media platform. More than one billion people log on to Facebook every day.

Facebook adverts remain one of the most necessary parts of any social media marketing strategy. However, between formats, specifications, placements, goals, and calls-to-action, there’s a lot to figure out.

This guide will cover the important thing differences and advantages of the top Facebook advert types.

Read on to determine which adverts will greatest help you accomplish your enterprise targets and maximize ROI. Let’s find out 11 Facebook advert types you should know in 2019

Facebook photo adverts

All adverts on Facebook are required to have an image, and that is because photos are highly effective. They are the first things people will see when engaging with your adverts.

That is also why a well-executed Facebook photo advert is usually enough to do the trick.

Single image ads are the simplest to make on Facebook. Begin with a clear concept, then find or make a standout picture and accompany it with copy and a clear CTA. These adverts could be used across the most placements on Facebook, making them particularly ideal for accomplishing brand awareness, engagement, reach and even store visit targets.

Tips for Facebook photo adverts

  • Select a compelling subject. Arrangements, people, or displays are among the choices recommended by Facebook.
  • Make quality a priority. No blurry, over or below exposed images. And upload at the highest resolution possible.
  • Attempt to use little or no image text when possible. Facebook has found that photos with less than 20 % text perform better.
  • Use Facebook’s Image Text Check tool to ensure you’ve got a great text-to-visual ratio.
  • Keep away from using too much text, particularly in the thumbnail.

Facebook photo advert specs:

  • Minimum Image Width in Pixels: 600
  • Minimum Image Height in Pixels: 600

If you want to embrace more than one picture, then Slideshow, Carousel, or Collection adverts are the way to go.

Facebook video adverts

The video continues to reign supreme on Facebook, particularly on mobile. “For businesses, winning on mobile now means winning on video,” mentioned COO Sheryl Sandberg in a recent earnings call.

Facebook research shows that people spend an average of 5 times longer with videos than they do with static content. Plus, 30 % of mobile shoppers say video is the best medium for discovering new products.

Video adverts excel at driving reach, engagement, and conversions, and could be placed pretty much anywhere an image advert can—including on Instagram.

Tips for Facebook video adverts

  • Use thumbnail photos and titles that will grab attention.
  • Capture attention quickly. You have got an average of 1.7 seconds before people could decide to move on. When you could hold attention beyond the first three seconds, 65% of viewers will watch for at least another 10 seconds.
  • Keep videos short and sweet. Up to 47% of value in a video campaign is delivered in the first 3 seconds, versus 74% in the first 10 seconds.
  • Optimize for mobile. A mobile-optimized Facebook video has been shown to lift brand awareness to 67%.
  • Upload the best resolution video available.
  • Make your videos accessible with captions. Captions have also been shown to grow video view time.
  • Create for sound off. Most video adverts in the mobile feed are played on mute.
  • Explore formats. Facebook 360 videos capture interest for 40% longer than standard video.

Facebook video advert specs

  • Most file types are supported. You could see the full list here.
  • Facebook recommends H.264 compression, square pixels, fixed frame charge, progressive scan, and stereo AAC audio compression at 128kbps+.
  • Ensure that your video doesn’t have a letter or pillar boxing (aka black bars).
  • Video File Size: 4GB Max
  • Video Length Minimum: 1 second
  • Video Length Maximum: 240 Minutes
  • See a full list of Facebook video ad specs here.

Facebook slideshow adverts

Slideshow adverts bring the best of photos and videos together in a lightweight and cost-effective package. Described by Facebook as “video-like” adverts, slideshows are in essence an easier alternative to video.

There are typically two causes you could opt to select a Facebook Slideshow Advert. When you’re on a tight timeline or budget, this format permits you to add eye-catching motion to multiple photos, without the production costs. You could upload original images, or choose from Facebook’s stock image library.

Alternately, in case your audience is located somewhere with poor connection speeds, low-bandwidth slideshows are a great alternative to video. When you have a pre-existing video, you could simply upload it and choose the skills you would like to use in slideshow format.

Facebook carousel adverts

If you want to showcase a range of products or tell a story in elements, the carousel advert format can be the best fit. In this format, you could upload between 2 and 10 photos or videos that users can swipe through.

Each slide of the carousel is accompanied by a call to action that is usually also used in the entire final slide. There are 18 call-to-action buttons you could select, ranging from Call Now to Subscribe. Supported carousel advert goals include everything from lead generation to promoting in store visits.

Carousel adverts could appear in the mobile and desktop News Feeds on Facebook and Instagram. They could be created from a page, event, the Adverts Manager, or the Adverts API.

facebook ad types

Facebook carousel advert tips

  • Benefit from the format. Use each slide to showcase a range, a series, or develop a narrative.
  • Use photos that complement each other. Do not select visuals that clash aesthetically or tell an incoherent brand story.
  • Show your best-performing carousel cards first—when it makes sense. When you’re using the format to tell a story, it is greatest to keep them in order.
  • Be creative. Target used a Facebook Carousel advert to share a recipe concept for every day of the week. Betty Crocker used each slide for a recipe step.
  • Consider spreading a single long picture across a carousel advert. When you’re attempting to communicate something mysterious, panoramic, or epic in scope, this could have a cool reinforcing effect.

Facebook carousel advert specs

  • Minimum number of cards: 2
  • Maximum number of cards: 10
  • Image file kind: jpg or png
  • Most video files types are supported
  • Video maximum file size: 4GB
  • Video length: up to 240 minutes
  • Image maximum file size: 30MB

Facebook collection adverts

In many ways, Collection Ads are the attention-grabbing News Feed gateway to Instant Experience Adverts.

This hybrid, mobile format permits you to mix video, slideshow or photos and is designed to improve traffic, conversions, and sales for your business.

Most often a collection advert will feature a hero picture or video alongside itemized product shots.

When somebody clicks on a Collection Advert, it’ll bring them to an immersive Instant Experience. This advert format is ideal for online retailers hoping to convert interest into immediate sales.

Templates for Collection Adverts include:

  • Instant Storefront: For when you’ve 4 or more products to showcase. Use this template as a mobile landing page if you want to drive people to your website or app to make a purchase.
  • Instant Lookbook: Use the lookbook to tell a brand story, showcase your products in use, and inspire sales.
  • Instant Customer Acquisition: Use this template when you have specific conversion goal, like visits to your website or other actions.
  • Instant Storytelling: Ideal for brand awareness and consideration goals, use this template to tell your brand story to new customers. Or, share a new story with pre-existing customers.


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