Who Favorited Your Video on TikTok: 5 Steps to Reveal

Who Favorited Your Video on TikTok cover

TikTok continually introduces new features to enhance user experience, and one such feature gaining traction is the Favorites function. This feature enables users to bookmark videos for later viewing, organizing them neatly within their profile’s dedicated section. Yet, akin to the visibility of likes and profile views, you might be curious if it’s possible to discern who has favorited your posted TikTok video.

Additionally, you might wonder if others can detect if you’ve favorited their content. Keep reading for detailed instructions!

How to Find Who Favorited Your Video on TikTok?

Here’s how to do it:

1. Open TikTok and tap the Inbox button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 1 to see Who Favorited Your Video on TikTok
2. At the top of your Inbox, you’ll see three colored options. Tap on the pink one with the white bell inside it, labeled Activities.

Step 2 to see Who Favorited Your Video on TikTok
3. This will take you to an inbox of activities related to users and TikTok creators you follow or know. Click on the dropdown at the top labeled All Activity.

4. Select Likes and Favorites from the dropdown menu.

5. Now you can browse all the activity related to your videos, seeing which users liked and saved or favorited your video.

How to separate TikTok favorites and likes?

Is there a distinction between favorites and likes on TikTok? Absolutely!

The heart icon denotes a like, while the bookmark icon signifies a favorite. Additionally, users can also download TikTok videos to their devices. These three methods represent different ways users engage on the platform.

Each of these metrics is crucial for gauging engagement on your TikTok video.

While you can see who liked your videos, as of February 2024, there isn’t a method to identify which specific users downloaded your TikTok video.

With all this transparency as a TikTok user, you might wonder about who has access to the data on your device. Some individuals prefer to use TikTok more anonymously.

How to Use Knowing Who Favorited Your Videos on TikTok to Enhance Engagement?

Now that you’re aware of the TikTok users who are favoriting your videos, how can you leverage this insight?

As a creator, this knowledge offers a valuable opportunity. It allows you to engage directly with these users who have already shown an interest in your content. Visiting their profiles, following them, and leaving comments on their videos can help keep your creator account on their radar, potentially prompting them to follow you back.


Now that you’ve learned how to check who favorited your TikTok video, navigating the app becomes a more enriching experience, as you gain access to the information you seek!

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