Write a Catchy Song Hook with 6 Ideas (2/2)

Last Updated on April 8th, 2020 at 2:41 pm

write a catchy song hook

In the previous part of this series, we have known what a song hook is and how to write a catchy hook for a song. Here in this part, let’s check out 6 interesting ideas to create catchier song hooks.

Write a Catchy Song hook ideas

There’s a ton of inspiration and interesting ideas out there for you to create your song hooks.

LANDR took notes from some famous artists then provided us with a list of song hook tips.

Let’s check it out!

1. Combine genres

Combining several genres to write song hook is the very first tip to capture multiple audiences’ attention.

You must know this recent example which was a huge hit in 2019. It is a song, name Old Town Road from Lil Nas.

The hook of this song is an excellent sample of combining genres in writing catchy song hook. It is a combination of country and hip hop that makes everyone could recognize immediately and be able to sing along as well.

Working with country star Billy Ray Cyrus to remix this song didn’t ruin the track’s ability to cross listeners either.

2. Use an instrumental hook

A catchy song hook isn’t always a vocal part.

In some cases, the audiences can be hooked in an instrumental section.

The best example for this could be Phil Collins’ bombastic drum fill in I Can Feel It Coming in the Air Tonight.

You will know exactly what is coming whenever that drum part comes across your ears.

We have all caught some of our friends air drum this section at a party, so you could find it easy to follow along to.

3. Write an anthem

Anthemic hooks are the ones that just so fun to sing along to.

My favorite anthemic hook is in a song, named Sweet Caroline from Neil Diamond.

The lyrics are extremely simple with the Oh-Oh-Oh part, so people can sing together.

It’s the kind of song hook that can get the entire stadium singing at a sporting event.

4. Invent a new word in your song hook

Creating a new word is sometimes important to tell your audiences something deeper about your song hook and give them the message of your track.

In The Motto, Drake was creative. He made a term YOLO, which stands for You Only Live Once which went viral so fast on the internet at that time and still be meaningful until now.

Creating a simple acronym that describes a carefree and risk-taking attitude towards life was an interesting way to make the whole world pay more attention to his track and turn it into a massive hit.

5. Use singable syllables to write a catchy song hook

Words aren’t always the part of your catchy song hook that matters, there are tons of great examples of melodies sung in syllables that worked perfectly to get the audience engaged.

One reason why this song hook writing tactic works is because it removes language barriers.

If anyone can appreciate and even sing along to your hook, you have a much bigger audience.

One such song which represents for this case might be The Beatles’ Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.

It’s catchy and fun to sing along to. I’m sure you’ve had this one stuck in your head before.

6. Use a really simple melody while writing song hook

A lot of today’s pop vocals use very simple melodies.

It seems like songwriters are looking for ways how to increase the number of notes, instead of adding them.

Post Malone uses this technique in a lot of his hooks. In his song Rock Star, you’ll find repeated two-note melodies through most of the track.

It’s such an intentional movement to make the song easier to remember and sing along to.

Hook, line, and singer

Writing a song isn’t easy. It takes songwriters a lot of practice and skill to create some memorable things.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, it just means you’ll have to spend more time practicing.

Start experimenting and sharpening your ears for characteristics in your tracks that could work as a catchy hook.

Sometimes it’s better not to follow any rules, just throw all the rules out of the window and make something fresh that’s unique and describe yourself.

Your best bet is to be authentically you as you write your songs, as long as you’re consciously writing hooks into your music, your tracks will find their way into your audiences’ ears.


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