12 Proven Ideas to Boost Facebook Engagement (2/2)

In the previous part, we explored 6 powerful ideas to boost your Facebook engagement and bring your content to new heights. But why stop there? In this continuation, we’re about to unlock a treasure trove of additional strategies to supercharge your Facebook presence and drive even more engagement.

So, get ready to expand your arsenal with a fresh set of tactics designed to captivate your audience, spark meaningful interactions, and elevate your brand’s online presence. From innovative content formats to interactive campaigns, we’ve got you covered with a diverse range of ideas that will boost your Facebook engagement to the next level. Let’s dive in and unleash the full potential of your Facebook strategy.

7. Utilize Facebook Stories

While Instagram Stories often receive more attention, don’t overlook the potential of Facebook Stories as part of the Meta family. It serves as the optimal method for engaging your Facebook Page followers through authentic, concise content.

Fortunately, there’s no need to start from scratch. By connecting your Facebook Page to your Instagram profile, you can effortlessly set up automatic Story sharing from Instagram to Facebook. Simply focus on sharing to Instagram initially, and it will automatically publish on Facebook as well.

What you can get:

  • Share “in the moment” or time-limited content, because Stories, unlike Facebook Page posts, disappear after 24 hours.
  • Increase the reach of your Instagram Stories by sharing them automatically on Facebook.

8. Keep track of the hashtags your target audience uses

This tip isn’t centered around a specific Facebook post but rather emphasizes the importance of being present on platforms where your audience resides. Meaningful engagement extends beyond a single platform.

Even if this form of engagement may not directly contribute to your metrics and reports, it can be one of the most impactful social media endeavors you undertake throughout the year.

Begin by monitoring the hashtags used by your audience. Explore the other brands they follow and the online communities they frequent. Then, subtly and naturally, immerse yourself in those spaces without appearing intrusive.

Genuinely show up to serve your audience in their chosen online environments, not solely on your own social media profiles. Respond to a Reddit thread where someone seeks advice related to your industry or product category, or leave a comment on someone’s post mentioning your brand.

How can you discover these opportunities for authentic engagement? The answer lies in two words: social listening.

What you can get:

  • Keep an eye on industry trends and your competition.
  • Establish relationships with customers to ensure their loyalty.
  • Address potential customer service issues or public relations crises as soon as possible.

9. Distribute user-generated content

Expanding on the previous tip, monitoring hashtags and keywords enables you to swiftly discover and share user-generated content (UGC), which refers to any content created by your customers about your brand.

Incorporating UGC into your Facebook content yields two significant advantages:

  1. It serves as modern-day word-of-mouth: UGC is the most reliable form of content, as per consumer perception.
  2. Drives conversions: Apart from instilling trust and providing social proof, sharing UGC content assists in guiding potential buyers toward making a purchase. More than half of Millennials make purchasing decisions based on recommendations.

Keep track of hashtags to uncover authentic UGC for sharing purposes, or consider collaborating with creators for dedicated UGC content campaigns. Share or repost UGC content from its original creator, or utilize a clip with their permission and proper credit to create your own content.

(Note: The revised paragraph has one more word than the original version to maintain paragraph length.)

What you can get:

  • Earn people’s trust.
  • Collect testimonials to use in all of your digital channels.

10. Collaborate with others

While influencer marketing may already be integrated into your social media marketing strategy, have you considered the potential of partnering with other brands?

A collaborative endeavor between brands can yield significant benefits, provided that your products or services complement each other and you establish a shared objective. If you’re wondering how to initiate a collaboration proposal with another brand, we have a comprehensive guide on planning brand collaborations.

Vans frequently introduces collaboration collections, ranging from subtle modifications to their classic aesthetic to more intricate and innovative concepts.

Boost Facebook Engagement - collaboration

What you can get:

  • Reach out to a new and highly targeted audience.
  • Make long-term promotional and professional connections.
  • Make connections in your field.
  • Boost Facebook engagement efficiently

11. Repurpose your most popular content

Who can resist the allure of more goodness? Repurposing content encompasses various interpretations, depending on whom you inquire. Some examples include:

  • Tailoring content for each platform by optimizing its format (e.g., adjusting size/aspect ratio, utilizing distinct hashtags, etc.).
  • Transforming existing content into fresh creations (e.g., converting an article into a YouTube video).
  • Repeatedly sharing evergreen content.

Each of these tactics holds significance within your social content strategy.

For maximum reach and engagement, update and re-share your top-performing content on a regular basis, as long as it is still relevant.

What you can get:

  • Get the best results for all of your content.
  • Create and promote in batches to increase efficiency.
  • Experiment to learn what works best for your brand on each platform.

12. Make it personal

Ultimately, behind our screens, we are all human beings (hopefully!). When we encounter genuine, heartfelt content from another person, our inclination to listen intensifies. Whether it involves sharing a personal anecdote about your entrepreneurial journey or a customer testimonial detailing your transformation, vulnerable storytelling has the power to drive substantial engagement.

Injecting a personal touch may involve actively participating in candid Facebook Stories and Reels, cracking jokes, imparting wisdom gained through challenging experiences, or elucidating the underlying purpose behind your latest project.

Boost Facebook Engagement - get personal

What you can get:

  • Develop trust and loyalty.
  • Customers are more forgiving in difficult situations, such as supplier delays that affect their orders.
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