16 Free Facebook Advert Templates to Create the Perfect Ad in Minutes (2/2)

Last Updated on August 29th, 2019 at 10:32 am

Facebook advert templates

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Facebook Instant Experiences advert template

Recommended advert specs

Facebook Instant ad specs

  • Number of photos: Up to 20
  • File type: .png, .jpg, MP4, or MOV
  • Picture resolution: 1080 x 1920
  • Video resolution: Minimum 720p, but larger is better
  • Video duration: 2 minutes
  • Text: Multiple text blocks allowed; max 500 words each
  • Font: 6–72 pt
  • Button text: Max 30 characters

What Instant Experiences adverts are greatest for

Instant Experiences are full-screen adverts for mobile-only. They used to be known as Canvas adverts. They can be utilized for brand storytelling, to acquire customers, to show off your products, or to collect leads. You could not make an Instant Experience by itself. Instead, it’s a destination page for a Fb user to land on after clicking on one of the other advert formats. Since Instant Experiences load up to 15 times quicker than a mobile site and require no design skills, they could be a good method to interact with customers without leaving Fb.

Quick tips

  • Since it is a full-screen format and screen sizes vary, you have 2 options to select how your photos behave across devices:
    • Select “Fit-to-width” to ensure the full width of your picture is always seen, potentially with some letterboxing.
    • Select “Fit-to-height” to ensure your picture fills the full height of the screen. If the picture is too wide for a user’s screen, they’ll be able to tilt their device to the pan to the horizontal edges of the file.
  • Instant Experience videos auto-play on silent in a loop.
  • An Instant Experience could contain more than one video, however, the total duration of all videos mixed can’t exceed two minutes.
  • You cannot select your video thumbnails—the first frame of the video is always used. Edit your videos accordingly.
  • Buttons could be a solid color (filled) or outlined. Solid buttons work greatest for the primary call to action, while outline buttons are greatest for any secondary CTAs.

Facebook slideshow advert template

Recommended advert specs

Facebook slideshow ad template specs

  • Duration: Max 15 seconds
  • Resolution: Minimum 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Aspect ratio: 19:9, 1:1, or 2:3
  • Number of photos: 3 to 10
  • Text: 125 characters
  • Headline: 25 characters
  • Link description: 30 characters

What slideshow adverts are best for

Since they use five times less data than regular videos, slideshow adverts are a good option when you are targeting audiences which are likely to have slower connections. They are also the easiest method to create adverts with motion, so they could be a great starting point when you are new to Fb advertising or have never made a video advert before.

Quick tips

  • Use a consistent aspect ratio for all of your uploaded photos. In case you add different aspect ratios, they’ll all be cropped to 1:1.
  • You could select to have a fade transition between photos in case you like.
  • You could select from a set of music tracks available in the advert creation tool. This removes any potential copyright issues. When you have music of your own and you are sure you own the copyright, you could add that instead.
  • In case you do not have photos of your own, you could choose stock photos from within Adverts Manager.
  • You could add text to your images directly within Adverts Manager, so you do not want to do that in a photo editing program.
  • In case you use text, make sure you keep it in the same place on each slide so people could discover and read it rapidly.

Facebook lead advert template

You could use a video or picture advert to collect leads—see the specs for these above. Your advert will link to a lead form. It is a free Fb advert template for the lead form itself.

Lead form recommended advert specs

Facebook Advert Templates

  • Headline: 60 characters
  • Picture resolution: 1200 x 628
  • Number of questions: Up to 15

What lead adverts are greatest for

Not surprisingly, Fb lead advertisements are greatest for collecting leads. However, what does that really mean? Leads might be anything from newsletter sign-ups to quote requests to requests for a test drive. You could use lead adverts to gather new prospects for any stage of your sales funnel.

Quick tips

  • When you could include up to 15 questions in your lead kind, it’s greatest not to ask for more than you want. The more info you ask for, the less likely people are to finish your form.
  • In your targeting, make sure you remove people who have already taken the action you are collecting leads for.
  • When you are collecting leads for appointments like a test drive or sales call, add a question that asks about preferred times.
  • You could add a custom thank you screen to your lead advert that directs people to take action: go to your site, obtain a file, or call your business.

Facebook offer advert template

A Fb offer advert begins with a picture, video, collection, or carousel advert, or a boosted post, and you could find the specs and free Facebook advert templates for these above. It is a template for the offer info details page.

Recommended advert specs

Facebook Advert Templates

  • Title: 50 characters
  • Details: Up to 250 characters
  • Terms and conditions: Up to 5000 characters

What offer adverts are greatest for

Offers can be utilized to drive people to your site for online sales, however, they could be particularly effective for driving in-person visits to an offline business like a service provider or retail store.

Quick tips

  • While your terms and conditions could be up to 5000 characters long, you do not wish to overwhelm potential customers. Be sure they know everything they should know about your offer however attempt to keep this well under the character limit.
  • You could limit the number of offer redemptions to make sure you do not end up overwhelmed. You could also set your advert so that it couldn’t be shared in case you would prefer to limit the offer only to the people your goal.
  • Offers with freebies or a discount of at least 20% perform best.
  • The best length of time for an offer to be available is seven days.

Want to see these different kinds of free Facebook advert templates in action? Take a look at our post on some of the best Facebook ad examples to see how other brands are utilizing different Facebook advert templates effectively.

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