36 Ways to Target Customers With Facebook Adverts

Last Updated on July 19th, 2019 at 10:16 am

Target Customers With Facebook Adverts

Target Customers With Facebook Adverts are so effective that they have earned the platform billions in advertising revenue.

Over two billion people use Fb, Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp daily. That permits Fb to collect a trove of information about its users, which advertisers could use to connect with their target audience.

For a look below the hood, see how Facebook uses your data to help marketers reach you.

However, Facebook data is only a part of the equation. Fb defines audiences in 3 ways:

  • Core Audiences depend on Fb data to target adverts
  • Custom Audiences use data from your customer management system, site, or mobile apps to target people you already know.
  • Lookalike Audiences assist advertisers to discover new audiences by combining Fb data with your Custom Audience data.

Before you launch your next Facebook ad campaign, learn which targeting options you could select from to target customers with Facebook Adverts.

Finding your Fb target market is simple, particularly if you understand what options are available to you. Here are all of the Fb ad-targeting possibilities available at present.

Core Audiences

Location targeting

With location targeting, advertisers could deliver adverts based on people’s postal code, city, area, or country. You could target up to 25 countries, or 250 cities, or 50,000 postal codes at a time.

Option 1: Everybody in a location
Target anybody and everybody in a location within a given time period.

Option 2: Locals
Target Fb members who list a location as their home.

Option 3: New residents
Reach people who have recently changed or updated a particular location.

Option 4: Visitors to a location
Find travelers and those who have checked in or been tagged in a place that is not their home location.

Option 5: Within a radius
Input an address to target people within a one- to 50-mile radius.

Target Customers With Facebook Adverts
Source: Facebook

Regional targeting

Marketers with broader ambitions could want to target Fb adverts based on particular geographical regions.

Option 1: Free trade areas
Relying on your business agreements and regional availability, it might make sense to target people within eligible trade areas. Options on Fb include NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement), European Economic Area, and APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation), among others.

Option 2: App Store countries
Marketers with app-specific targets could want to target audiences in iTunes app store countries, or Android app countries. For Android app countries, advertisers could select countries where purchases are available or all countries.

Option 3: Emerging markets
For Fb, emerging markets embody Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

Choice 4: Euro space
For Fb, the Euro space represents the next nations: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Eire, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.

Learn how to use Facebook Audience Insights to target a suitable market for your next marketing campaign.

Demographics targeting

Demographic targeting permits marketers to direct adverts at people based on the details they share publicly on Fb.

Option 1: Age
Target people within an age range. Note that Facebook prohibits certain content directed at those less than 18 years old.

Option 2: Language
Target people who speak a particular language. Fb recommends only doing this if the language being targeted isn’t the first language in the location you have chosen.

Option 3: Gender
Target adverts to people who identify as women or men, or people of all genders.

Option 4: Education
Show adverts to people who are university graduates, who currently attend high school, and so on.

Option 5: Political views
Fb uses interest and behavior data to assist advertisers target people based on their political views. For obvious causes, Fb has clamped down on political adverts. Advertisers wishing to run a political, election, or issue-specific content is required to complete an authorization process.

Option 6: Relationship status
Aim adverts at people list their relationship status as single, in a relationship, engaged, or married. Or, when you are advertising single excursions, you might select to exclude those who are otherwise engaged.

Option 7: Family Status
Reach dad and mom, families of a particular size, or even those who have kids of a particular age.

Option 8: Life events
Find those who have recently moved, began a new job, recently married, or shared another significant milestone.

Option 9: Careers
Connect with people who have certain job titles, work in particular industries, and even primarily based on their workplace kind.

Interest targeting

Understanding what hobbies and interests people into your brand share might help you target Fb members based on what they like. Fb also refers to this as “detailed targeting.”

Option 1: Interests
Fb targets interests based on consumer and lifestyle categories like culture, fashion, fitness, or sports. Once you add interest or behavior, Fb could recommend just a few more ideas.

Option 2: Activities
Target people based on the activities they engage with on Fb.

Option 3: Pages they engage with
Target adverts based on pages people engage with and like.

Option 4: Posts they like
Show adverts to people based on the content they have liked in the past.

Option 5: Posts and comments they make
Find your Fb target audience based on posts and comments people share on the platform.

Behavior targeting

Option 1: Mobile device
Include or exclude people based on the mobile device they’re utilizing. You could also target those who have made a recent mobile network or device change.

Option 2: Desktop browser and operating system
Below Digital Activities you could include or exclude browsers and operating methods.

Option 3: Adverts people click on
Target people based on adverts which have prompted clicks in the past.

Option 4: Speed of network
When you plan to run video adverts, you might wish to target people with network speeds that help video content. Otherwise, consider slideshow ads as a lightweight alternative.

Option 5: Wi-Fi users
Target people who have used Wi-Fi.

Multicultural affinity

This Fb advert targeting option is only available in the USA. It isn’t based on ethnicity, however, rather the culture that people have expressed an affinity to based on their interactions.

Housing, employment and credit adverts aren’t eligible for multicultural affinity targeting.

Connections targeting

Fb also permits brands to connect with people who have already connected with them in the past.

Option 1: Fb Page connections
Target people or friends of people who are connected to your Fb Page. You could goal the friends of those people, too.

Option 2: Fb Event interactions
Target people who have interacted with one of your Fb Events.

Option 3: App activity
Target or exclude people who use your apps.

Custom Audiences

Make custom audiences utilizing your own data to discover your customers on Fb. When you have determined which custom viewers is true for your marketing campaign, follow our step-by-step guide on creating one.

Option 1: Contact lists
Add phone numbers or email addresses from any customer lists you have so you could target them on Fb.

Option 2: App users
Create an audience of people who use your app. To do that you will want to register your app and install the Fb SDK in your app.

Option 3: Site visitors
Capture the attention of people that have visited your site in the past. You could get particular by showing people content they engaged with on your website. You’ll need to install Facebook Pixel for this to work.

Lookalike audiences

Lookalike audiences depend on your customer data to help you discover new audiences which have a lot in common with your current customers. Lookalike audience options are the same as custom audiences—contact lists, app users, and website visitors—only they target new people based these sources.

facebook targeting lookalike audiences
Source: Fb

Now that you understand all your Fb advert targeting options, discover all of the Facebook ad types that may assist you to target customers with Facebook Adverts.

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