Instagram video is available in five different types: Reels, Live, IGTV, Stories, and in-feed video posts.

The explosion of video throughout the platform is a lot to juggle. However, it’s also created new methods for marketers to tell stories and reach their audience.

Which Instagram video type is right for your brand? There could also be a place in your social media strategy for all of them. Or maybe you’ll decide just to give attention to a couple. Read our guide to learn about the features, specifications, and best practices for every kind.

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Do you want to get more engagement on your Instagram account? Are you finding a way to get genuine feedback from your audience and understand more what your audiences want from your channel?  Creating Instagram Stories Polls can be an amazing way to grab your audience’s attention and to interact with them. It also helps you to catch the pulse of the audience in a fun and interactive manner.

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Over the last year, Instagram has released many tools and resources to ensure that they remain a safe and welcoming community. From advanced account security to comment tools, we’ve rounded up the top tips and tricks, both on and off Instagram, to help you and your community stay safe on this social media platform. In this guide, we’ve listed some tips for staying safe on Instagram. Let’s explore!

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In some methods, Instagram Stories might be considered a Snapchat killer. It’s the Facebook-Instagram firm’s answer to their “blink, and it’s gone” opposition. In this article, I’ll present you use Instagram Stories like an expert.

Like Instagram itself, Instagram Stories are snowballing in reputation. In Instagram Reels Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind, we checked out this fast growth. This previous September, Instagram reached 800 million active monthly users, with 500 million checking their Instagram account daily.

Instagram Stories was solely launched in August 2016, however, its utilization is rising quickly. It has already exceeded the June 2017 figure quoted in our earlier article, 250 million, and four months later it reached 300 million daily users. Snapchat, compared, solely has 173  million utilizing it every day – albeit an increase of 6 million since I wrote the above article. Continue reading →