60+ Best Instagram Christmas Hashtags to Go Viral (2023 Edition)

Last Updated on December 18th, 2023 at 11:17 am

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to boost engagement on your Instagram. Christmas hashtags are like your secret weapon for getting more eyes on your content across various social media platforms, especially with Instagram.

Now, on Instagram, you’ve got the option to slap on a whopping 30 hashtags to each post. But hey, that doesn’t mean you should go hashtag crazy!

Most people stick to 3 to 5 hashtags for their personal posts or pics. On the other hand, brands and big-name accounts might drop all 30 to maximize their reach. However, studies digging into various Instagram accounts have found that the sweet spot is usually between 7 to 15 hashtags.

And don’t forget about your Instagram stories – you can pop in up to 10 hashtags there. Adding these can give a big boost to the views of your eye-catching, top-quality Instagram stories.

So, let’s keep the ball rolling and dive into the best Christmas hashtags for your social media game.

What exactly are hashtags?

Hashtags have been around for a while, originally coming from X (Twitter), and there’s an interesting story behind their adoption. They quickly became a way to keep up with trending news and engage in discussions on specific topics.

They’ve also turned into a potent tool for influencing people, known as hashtag activism. They’ve been used to shape presidential elections (#truestory) and raise awareness about important issues like #metoo. Nowadays, hashtags even serve as names for social or political movements.

At some point, brands recognized the potential of hashtags and began using them for their own purposes. As is often the case with marketing, some did it exceptionally well, while others just followed the trend.

So, I thought, let’s take a fresh look at popular hashtags and explore how to use them to actively participate in social media conversations. This can help boost engagement and grow your Instagram account, rather than just randomly selecting hashtags from a list of the best Christmas hashtags for Instagram.

Popular Christmas Hashtags

Instagram Christmas hashtags

  1. #Christmas
  2. #Christmas2023
  3. #MerryChristmas
  4. #HappyHolidays
  5. #ChristmasIsComing
  6. #TisTheSeason
  7. #ChristmasTime
  8. #ChristmasDecor
  9. #ChristmasDecorations
  10. #ChristmasGifts
  11. #ChristmasMood
  12. #ChristmasLights
  13. #ChristmasEve
  14. #ChristmasShopping
  15. #ChristmasCountdown
  16. #ChristmasParty
  17. #ChristmasGiveaway
  18. #ChristmasTree
  19. #ChristmasVibes
  20. #Xmas
  21. #XmasTree
  22. #XmasTime
  23. #XmasIsComing
  24. #AdventCalendar
  25. #Christmasmagic
  26. #Christmasfun
  27. #SantaClaus
  28. #SantaClausIsComingToTown
  29. #ChristmasNails (watch out for this one if you run a nail salon)
  30. #ChristmasCheer
  31. #GiftIdeas
  32. #GiftGuide
  33. #HolidaySpirit
  34. #LetItSnow
  35. #JingleBells

Funny Christmas Hashtags

  1. #naughtysanta
  2. #lightenupitschristmas
  3. #ohdeeritschristmasalready
  4. #hohoho
  5. #christmasiscancelled
  6. #uglychristmassweater
  7. #tistheseasoning
  8. #deertodream
  9. #howareharryandmarvnotdead
  10. #christmashumor
  11. #sleighallday
  12. #christmasfunnies
  13. #itslit
  14. #restinggrinchface
  15. #elftaught
  16. #santaclaws
  17. #santapaws
  18. #merrycatmas
  19. #funnychristmas
  20. #christmasjokes
  21. #rudechristmas
  22. #noggingfeeling
  23. #yulelovethese
  24. #butwaittheresmyrrh
  25. #smittenwithmittens
  26. #snowmuch
  27. #onlyhaveiceforyou
  28. #flurryfriends
  29. #wakeandbake
  30. #planestrainsandubers
  31. #eightypercenticing
  32. #ohfudge
  33. #imgameforgame
  34. #itwasloveatfrostsight
  35. #isaypotatoyousayyam
  36. #glazedexpressions
  37. #hammingitup
  38. #cramberries
  39. #comehometoroast
  40. #dontshake
  41. #makeitrein
  42. #designatedsleighdriver
  43. #merrylitmas
  44. #hollycrap
  45. #canwegetaroundofsantaplause
  46. #donteatthetinsel
  47. #treemendous
  48. #treatyoelf
  49. #sprucedup
  50. #daschundsthroughthesnow
  51. #mybestelfie
  52. #alliwantforchristmasisewe
  53. #catchmydrift
  54. #fizztheseason
  55. #poppingbottles
  56. #peasonearth
  57. #letsgetlit
  58. #cheersmydears
  59. #festivitea
  60. #youreunfirgettable
  61. #sleighgirlsleigh
  62. #sleighallday
  63. #kevinisabrat
  64. #teamgrinch
  65. #thisisntloveactually
  66. #wheresthetape
  67. #wreathermadness
  68. #gangstawrapper
  69. #claustrophobic

Funny Christmas Hashtags for Instagram

Things to consider when selecting hashtags

Sure, let’s simplify it:

1. Avoid Super Popular Hashtags: Don’t use hashtags that are too popular because your content might get lost, and they often don’t work well.

2. Skip Generic Hashtags: Stay away from plain hashtags like #snow for the same reason – your content can easily get lost.

3. Tell Popular from Trending: Not all popular hashtags are trending right now. Look at recent posts to see if they’re currently in use.

4. Create Your Versions: Make your versions of existing hashtags, like #Christmas2023, to be unique.

5. Make Your Own: You can also make your own hashtag to build a special group around your content.

What hashtags should I select?

When selecting Christmas hashtags for Instagram, take your follower count into account:

– If you have 0-20k followers, opt for hashtags with less than 10k posts.
– For 20-40k followers, choose hashtags with fewer than 50k posts.
– If you have 50-100k followers, go for hashtags with fewer than 100k posts.
– With 100-300k followers, consider hashtags with over 300k posts.
– If you have over 300k followers, feel free to target larger tags.

Beyond size, think about your industry and the type of customers you want to attract. Similar to Google search intent, ask yourself what kind of people you’d like to reach and what they might be searching for when they see your content.

Remember that attracting people for mere impressions is just a small part of the puzzle. Ideally, you want them to stay and eventually become your customers, so don’t focus solely on vanity metrics.

However, do keep in mind that the Instagram algorithm appreciates engagement on your posts and stories.

For example, an interior design company might benefit from using Christmas decoration-related hashtags, while a restaurant chain could use food-related ones like #ChristmasDinner. If you run a nail salon, consider using #ChristmasNails, a highly popular hashtag with over 4 million current posts.

How to Make Your Own Christmas Campaign Hashtag?

To enhance the readability of your Instagram hashtags, consider the following guidelines:

1. Keep it memorable: Craft a hashtag that’s easy for people to remember.

2. Ensure it’s easy to spell: Avoid complex spellings to prevent users from misspelling your hashtag, which could hinder content discovery.

3. Maintain relevance: Tailor your hashtag to match the occasion, such as a contest or event.

4. Foster engagement: Create a hashtag that encourages people to participate and interact with your content.

5. Simplify it: Avoid excessive symbols or emojis, but do use capital letters for each word within the hashtag to improve readability and recall (this won’t affect searchability).

6. Avoid hashtag overload: Don’t overwhelm your posts with too many hashtags, especially if you want to emphasize a specific one.

7. Ensure alignment: Make sure your hashtags align with the content of your post, and ensure that your caption takes a central role in telling a compelling story. Avoid dull or excessively hashtag-laden captions placed in the first comment, as this is not advisable for readability.

Merry hashtagging!

I trust this information will make it easier for you to pick hashtags that can truly support your goals and make you more comfortable when navigating the numerous Christmas hashtag lists found online.

It’s important to remember that using hashtags, regardless of the platform or time of year, should always serve a business purpose. So, be clear about your objectives and search for hashtags that align with your goals, utilizing the tools you have at your disposal.

Wishing you success!

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