7 Powerful Methods to Get More YouTube Subscribers and Views

Last Updated on November 19th, 2015 at 8:17 pm

get more youtube subscribers

Here are some crazy statistics about YouTube: over 800 million people go to YouTube once a month, 72 hours worth of videos are uploaded each day, in 2011 YouTube had 1 trillion views.

However the actually crazy thing is that these numbers are about to get greater. A recent eMarketer study mentioned that online videos will develop as a lot as 75% in 2015.

This can be a big opportunity for content marketers to tap into. However just establishing a YouTube account, recording some videos and uploading them isn’t sufficient to get people to subscribe and follow your YouTube channel.

You want some hard-hitting methods that can draw people in and persuade them that you’re anyone to look at and follow. Let me show you 7 methods that can assist you to get more YouTube subscribers right now.

Tactic #1: Monitor “attention rating” to measure good storytelling

YouTube govt Bing Chen says, “Another factor that can not be changed is sweet storytelling. We actually suggest you go into your dashboard and take a look at your attention rating.”

What precisely is your attention rating? It shows you the level of attention and the length of time viewers spend watching the videos.

get more youtube views

If your rating is a solid, then you might be doing fairly effectively, you will get more YouTube subscribers. However if it is falling off at a specific space, you would possibly need to change that.

There are two kinds of YouTube content: entertainment and information.

Entertainment videos pull audiences in with good headlines or engaging thumbnails, so the attention level is high at first but drops off towards the end.

Here’s what makes an amazing entertaining video:

  • 5-second rule – An incredible entertaining video should seize people within the first 5 seconds. You should use questions or put your self into an unusual situation. And don’t neglect the conflict. People need to get a sense of suspense instantly.
  • Storytelling – Bing Chen says this is important. Learn the tips of weaving a great story so that people will hold with you thru the length of the video.
  • Short – Entertaining videos should not be too long. Between one and three minutes is good. That is the place looking at your attention rating is important. Where are people drop off?

The other kind of video is the informative video. That is your tutorials and how-to and do-it-your self clips. The factor about these kind of videos is that their attention rating can be the opposite of an entertaining video.

  • Early attention rating is low – A lot of the visitors drops off early. People determine shortly whether or not they’ll study what they wish to be taught from a video.
  • Late attention rating is high – Those that keep past the 2 or 3 minutes mark will usually stay for the complete video.
  • Steps – Nice informative videos pull people alongside by giving them systematic steps to perform a specific activity. In truth, people might are likely to pause the video and write notes or actually carry out the task. Take into consideration how you’d be taught to fold a paper airplane or repair a sink.
  • Length – It doesn’t matter how long your informative video is so long as you’re giving people the solutions they want.

Tactic #2: Use annotations to get more YouTube subscribers

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YouTube annotations are the notes in your videos. You should use them to help you improve your viewers by following these strategies:

  • Call to action – Create a sticky notice suggesting viewers subscribe to your channel.
  • Spotlight annotation – It will help you create a clickable annotation on the video itself. Drive people to a landing or product web page.
  • Hyperlink to different videos – Annotations may also let you link to associated videos

Tactic #3: Five steps to planning an excellent video

There may be loads of planning behind a very good video. Let’s have a look at 5 parts of excellent video planning:

  1. Keyword analysis – You won’t get visitors, not to mention high-high quality visitors, when you don’t do your analysis with keywords. Google’s keyword planner will show you what’s hot and has the best volume.
  2. Transcript – After you’ve recorded the video, seize the transcript and add it to YouTube. This can give Google extra context to help index it and provide you with an extra variety of words to assist people searching.
  3. Bookmarking websites – Share your video throughout social bookmarking websites like Delicious and StumbleUpon, however don’t forget to make use of social media engines like OnlyWire. As well as, you also needs to manually construct hyperlinks to your videos.
  4. Social Media Engagement – Share the video two or 3 times per week on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The more shares you get, the more your video will rise in the rankings.
  5. Your Weblog – After a few week, embed the video on your website. Then you possibly can undergo the process of sharing it once more.

So, these are the fundamentals of making and sharing an excellent video. Let’s take a look at another methods to share it.

Tactic #4: Add a YouTube widget to your weblog

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You can drive visitors to your videos when you’ve got a blog that gets a lot of traffic by using a widget. Listed here are the steps that you must take to get more YouTube views:

  1. Embed your videos in your weblog – This way you don’t drive site visitors away out of your weblog but hold all of the visitors engaged in your website. In case your viewers are watching your video on YouTube, there’s a higher probability of them being distracted by other videos.
  2. Use the Subscription Widget – Ask your weblog visitors to join your YouTube channel from the sidebar with this widget. It’s fairly simple to install.
  3. Call-to-action graphic  You may even embody two call-to-action graphics that may show while the video is playing (just like the picture above).

Tactic #5: Add featured channels

youtube channel

You can too grow your viewers by partnering with different content creators on YouTube. You will discover this option in your YouTube channel page.

It’s pretty simple to do. In your channel:

  • Click on Modules > Other channels > Save changes (It will make “Other Features” available in your channel.)
  • Add channels and save.

Be sure you select content creators who’re similar to your business and whom you assume your viewers will find helpful.

When you’ve discovered other related YouTube content creators, add them to the “Featured Channels” function.

Finally, you’ll get different YouTube creators sending you visitors because they’ll choose you as a “Featured Channel.”

Tactic #6: Create personalised videos

Do you know that Old Spice created over 160 two-minutes videos over above the original “Smell Like a Man” video? These videos took over two days to make, however the crucial factor about them is that they were personalised to people like Alyssa Milano, Kevin Rose and Demi Moore.

The factor is every video took about seven minutes to record. The lesson is that videos are tremendous simple to create.

Tactic #7: Engage with inquisitiveness

One other factor that Bing Chen mentioned was that constructing a strong YouTube brand and viewers concerned community engagement.

However this isn’t just about replying to feedback. It’s a lot extra. Let me show you:

  • Ask questions – Ask them why they appreciated the videos and what different content they might prefer to see.
  • Embrace different YouTubers – It simply takes quarter-hour a day, however watch a couple of videos of different producers, like them and comment. Think about subscribing to some high quality videos too. Additionally, think about creating videos through which you showcase three or 4 great YouTubers you assume your viewers should follow.
  • Encourage video replies – When asking for concepts for future videos, enable people to create videos replies. However don’t stop there. Make them reply through the use of your brand.

The rule of community engagement is just to give, and you’re going to get in return!


The real magic behind rising your YouTube viewers is being consistent. The entire famous person YouTubers share this in frequent: they’ve dedicated to a schedule and churn out high quality, genuine videos based on that schedule.

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