All Types of Instagram Account: Guide for You to Choose the Right One!

What’s the perfect Instagram account type for your marketing objectives? Whether you’re in charge of social media for an organization or a public figure, selecting the right setup is vital for account growth and access to tools. In this comprehensive guide to Instagram account types, we’ll explore all types of Instagram account, and let’s find the best one for you.

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Understanding Instagram’s Account Types

Instagram offers three account types: personal, creator, and business. For those handling Instagram for professionals like thought leaders, service providers, or retailers, the latter two account types are the most fitting.

Tailored for professional users, business and creator accounts provide essential tools to:

  • Sell products
  • Book services
  • Schedule content
  • Run ad campaigns
  • Analyze data

As Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes content from eligible professional accounts, opting for one of these types can boost audience growth. In the following sections, we’ll explore selecting between these account types, detailing their exclusive tools and features.

But should you ever use a personal account for business purposes? Generally, no. The sole advantage of a personal Instagram account lies in the optional “private” setting, granting control over connections and audience.

Adopting a professional account is the wisest choice for most business users, even if you intend to infuse a personal touch into your social media content. Whether you aim to reach potential customers, foster business relationships, or establish a marketing funnel—paid or organic—the optimal Instagram account types are the two professional categories.

Switching account types is seamless. Open your personal Instagram account, tap the Edit Profile button, and click the Switch to Professional Account option at the screen’s bottom. Then choose a category and an account type.

All Types of Instagram Account

8 Instagram Tools Available Through a Professional Account

While business and creator accounts do showcase a few distinct variations, they share access to a similar array of tools. Let’s start by exploring the tools and functionalities accessible with either type of professional account.

1. Professional Dashboard

Every business and creator account features an automatic display of the professional dashboard, housing all your marketing tools. This hub grants access to account insights, advertising tools, branded content options, and saved replies.

2. Instagram Insights

All Types of Instagram Account

Instagram’s native insights offer the ability to monitor account growth and track content performance. Within the professional dashboard, you can tap into insights, delving into metrics like reach, engagement, and follower statistics.

3. Instagram Shopping

For businesses and creators engaged in e-commerce, Instagram Shopping presents a direct sales-boosting opportunity within the app. Upon establishing an Instagram shop, customers can peruse it via your profile or simply tap to explore products you’ve tagged in posts, reels, or stories.

4. Advertising Account

While achieving organic growth on Instagram is feasible with a compelling content strategy, more ambitious objectives may necessitate an advertising strategy. A professional account empowers you to amplify eligible content directly through the Instagram app (as depicted above). Furthermore, you can link your Instagram account to Ads Manager, facilitating the creation of intricate campaigns and advertising funnels.

5. Influencer Collaborations

Paid partnership tools are at the disposal of professional accounts. Within a creator account, you typically assume the influencer role, while business accounts often function as sponsors or paid partners.

6. Profile Action Buttons

All Types of Instagram Account

Upon transitioning to a professional account, you can showcase public contact details within your Instagram bio. For instance, the @ucla bio features the university’s complete address, enabling users to tap, view it on a map, and obtain directions. Both business and creator accounts also permit the addition of a customized action button to your profile. Such buttons cater to reservations, food orders, and appointments.

7. Scheduling Capabilities

All Instagram professional accounts enjoy content scheduling functionality, enabling the strategic planning of social media content in advance. Within the Instagram app, tapping on Advanced Settings unveils the scheduling tools, allowing you to set a designated time and date.

8. Facebook Page Integration

Typically, you’ll tailor distinct social media content for your organization’s Instagram account and Facebook page. Yet, with a professional Instagram account, you can establish a connection between the two platforms, fostering the potential for cross-posting content.

Setting Up Instagram Business Accounts

Uncertain about the appropriate account type for your entity? First and foremost, let’s delve into the specifics of business accounts.

Business accounts cater to organizations with the objective of engaging and converting customers. Primary objectives include:

  • Reaching a wider audience of prospects and customers
  • Generating leads and constructing sales funnels
  • Showcasing products and services for sale

Which types of organizations stand to gain from utilizing business accounts? Here are a few sectors that frequently find value in this account classification: Restaurants and bars, Food and beverage companies, Software enterprises, and Professional service providers.

Setting Up  Instagram Creator Accounts

Eager to transform your Instagram content into a source of income? Let’s delve deeper into the specifics of creator accounts.

Creator accounts cater to individuals or collectives with a desire to express their creativity. Primary objectives include:

  • Fostering a vibrant community
  • Collaborating with businesses
  • Showcasing distinctive artwork or music

If your organization or higher-ups align with any of the categories listed below, opting for a creator account could be a wise decision: Colleges and universities, Artists and musicians, Influencers and content creators, Coaches and course creators, Membership communities.

Summing Up Our Insights on Instagram Account Types

Both forms of professional Instagram accounts offer ample room for innovation, expansion, and outcomes. Opting for the account type that aligns with your organization will provide you with the necessary tools to achieve your Instagram marketing objectives.

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