Create an amazing Instagram Reels cover (2/2)

Instagram Reels cover

Want to make your Instagram Reels cover pop like never before? Look no further! Crafting a killer cover is key to grabbing viewers’ attention and keeping them hooked on your content. With a standout cover, not only will your Reels shine among the competition, but your followers will get a sneak peek into what you have in store for them.

In this next ultimate guide, we’ll give you many interesting tips to ensure your covers look stunning on your feed. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start now!

Instagram Reels cover sizes and dimensions

The aspect ratio of all Instagram Reels is 9:16. (or 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels). Instagram Reel cover images, however, will range relying on how they’re being seen.

  • Instagram will crop Reel cover images to 1:1 in your profile grid.
  • On the primary Instagram feed, or in another person’s profile, your Reel cover picture can be 4:5
  • The dedicated Instagram Reels tab may display your cover picture in full at 9:16.

This means you’ll design your cover picture accordingly, keeping in thoughts that it will likely be cropped in several methods relying on the place it’s proven.

Instagram Reels cover shown in full aspect ratio

The main factor to recollect is that your cowl picture needs to be recognizable and attention-grabbing even when it’s cropped. Make sure that position crucial parts of your design in the center of the picture where Instagram won’t cut off them.

Instagram Reels cover

If this appears tough, don’t sweat it. We’re sharing some pre-built templates beneath to make your Instagram Reels cowl stand out.

Free Instagram reels cover templates

Don’t want to start from scratch? We’ve created these handy Reels cover templates that will help you design wow-worthy Instagram Reels.

Right here are tips on how to do :

  1. Click on the Use template button to copy the templates to your personal Canva account.
  2. Select from 5 professionally designed themes and swap in your content.
  3. That’s it! Download your custom cover and add it to your Reel.

Regularly asked questions about the Instagram Reels cover

Can you put a cover on Instagram Reels?

Sure, you may add custom covers to your Instagram Reels or select to indicate a still frame from your existing video. The advantage of utilizing a customized Instagram Reel cowl is that you would be able to design it to match your brand. Customized covers additionally assist construct your model’s total feel and appearance on Instagram. Creating a cohesive design in your Reels covers can carry an added aesthetic edge to your Instagram profile.

The advantage of a still frame is that it offers a direct insight into what your viewers can anticipate out of your Reel. Plus, you won’t spend time making a customized cover.

Why did Instagram take away my Reel cover?

In some instances, Instagram could take away your Reel cover if it violates the platform’s tips. This might embody utilizing copyrighted materials or photos which are NSFW.

However, you’ll have to add a new one that complies with Instagram’s tips if Instagram removes your Reel cover. When you really feel the removal was in error, you can even appeal the decision utilizing the appeal form.

Do I need a Reel cover?

Sure, each Instagram Reel has a Reel cover. When you don’t select one, Instagram will mechanically choose a thumbnail out of your video. Remember, Instagram picks at random. This implies your cover could possibly be an incredible shot or a not-so-great one.

Making a Reel cover offers you full management over how your video seems within the feed. And, because it’s the very first thing folks see, it’s value taking the time to create a Reel cowl that precisely displays the content material of your video.

How do I change my Reel cover after posting?

Now you can change your Instagram Reel cover picture after posting. Merely navigate to your Reel, click on the three dots to edit, and choose the Cover button. The system will prompt you to choose between selecting an existing still frame or adding your own cover picture.

What size is the best Instagram Reels cover size?

Instagram will display your Reel cover in a 1:1 aspect ratio on your profile grid and in 4:5 on the main feed. Nonetheless, when somebody is viewing your Reel on the dedicated Instagram Reels tab, they’ll see your cover picture in full 9:16.

To verify your Instagram Reel cover appears nice irrespective of the place it’s being considered, we suggest utilizing a picture that’s 1080×1920 pixels and retaining any essential particulars throughout the central 4:5 space.

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