Direct Organic Lead with Youtube (2/2)

Continue to get to know more about how to direct more organic lead to your Youtube channel. Looking for ways to increase your qualified leads through your video content? Want to know how to create YouTube videos that are both engaging and effective in promoting your business? In this article, you’ll learn how to generate organic lead with Youtube.

Suggestion to Create a Video that People Want to Watch

3. The Outro

To generate organic leads with YouTube, your video must have an effective outro. After telling your story, you still need to close the deal. The outro should have two critical elements:

First, include a direct call to action that tells viewers what they should do immediately. Second, include a link to the next video to make your YouTube channel more binge-able. Encourage viewers to watch as many videos as possible to sell them on your brand and send positive signals to the YouTube algorithm.

Avoid wasting time between the story and the outro. Go straight into the call to action without saying goodbye to your viewers or asking them to like and subscribe unless that is your intended action. Remember, your viewers are not obligated to watch your content. As soon as it stops being entertaining or valuable, they will leave.

Take advantage of YouTube’s end screen, which is the final screen that shows for 20 seconds with previews of other related videos. You can use the end card to reiterate the points in your outro, repeat your call to action, and encourage more views.

Youtube Sales Strategy to Generate Ogranic Lead With Youtube

Create YouTube Sales Funnel

Your YouTube video content is at the top of the sales funnel when someone discovers your brand on YouTube. What comes next? How do you move people down the funnel?

Encourage people to invest more in your brand gradually. Start with a free video that offers value in the form of information and entertainment. Next, invite viewers to make a small investment by registering their email address in exchange for more value. Finally, they can invest in your brand by purchasing a product or service.

For the middle stage, offer value in the form of an eBook, downloadable PDF, exclusive video series, webinar, strategy call, or sales call. Ensure that you can scale the offer to nurture more leads simultaneously. The offer should follow on from the epiphany you gave viewers in your video, making them realize that they need to buy your product or service to enjoy the full benefits.

organic lead with youtube

Push or Pull Language for Quality Potential Organic Lead

Use push-pull language to attract valuable leads towards your brand while pushing away low-value or irrelevant leads. Consider your audience’s pain points and tell them a specific, relatable story to entice them.

Suppose some viewers don’t find your stories relatable, don’t have the same pain points or don’t need the help you can offer. In that case, it’s okay to push them away from your brand. For instance, if you sell software products for small businesses, your content should push away major corporations since they’re not your target audience.

Pace Your Sales Messages for Organic Lead Generation

Don’t limit selling to the outro only. Sell throughout the video but ensure that you find the right tone and methods. Early in the video, talk about the benefits that viewers can access if they keep watching. During the video, throw in a couple of engagement breaks where you remind people to subscribe, like or comment if they relate. At the end of the video, be blunt and tell viewers what to do next, where to click, and how to stay in touch with your brand.

Following these steps will help you send a consistent sales message without disrupting the flow or structure of your video. Have you had success using YouTube to generate organic leads? What stories do you tell your audience?

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