Facebook Automated Rules Stay True: Automate Ad Maintenance (P1)

Facebook Automated Rules

In the course of the previous 12 months, Facebook launched Facebook Automated Rules to the adverts API, which means that it was obtainable to these managing their adverts with a 3rd party provider. It’s an important function that has now made it’s method to Ads Manager and Power Editor.

Let’s take a better look…

What Are Facebook Automated Rules?

Managing and monitoring Fb promoting campaigns is a number of handbook work. These with extra shoppers, budgets, and campaigns are buried on this handbook work.

You may simply begin a marketing campaign and let it roll. Some advert units will outperform others. Some advertisements will carry out poorly. It turns into your job to consistently tweak and optimize — rising finances right here, stopping an advert set there, lowering a bid over right here.

You doubtless have a system for figuring out while you make these adjustments. What in the event you might apply this technique to automate it for you?

That’s the thought behind Facebook Automated Rules. Whilst you ought to nonetheless monitor your outcomes, this characteristic helps restrict among the busy work which will have been pointless.

How Facebook Automated Rules Work

It is advisable to construct your Facebook Automated Rules with a set of variables…

Apply Rule To Your rule can apply to particular campaigns, advert units, or advertisements that you have simply chosen, or all energetic campaigns, advert units or adverts.

Motion: Following are actions that your rule can take if circumstances are glad:

  • Turn off
  • Send notification only
  • Adjust budget (enhance/lower every day/lifetime price range by…)
  • Adjust manual bid (improve/lower bid by…)

Circumstances: That is what Fb wants to judge with a view to decide whether or not or to not take a motion. Present circumstances accessible:

  • Cost per Result
  • Cost per Add Payment Data (Fb Pixel)
  • Cost per Click (Hyperlink)
  • Cost per App Set up
  • Cost per Add to Cart (Fb Pixel)
  • Cost per Initiate Checkout (Fb Pixel)
  • Cost per Purchase (Fb Pixel)
  • Cost per Lead (Fb Pixel)
  • Cost per Full Registration (Fb Pixel)
  • CPM (Value per 1,000 impressions)
  • Daily Spent
  • Frequency
  • Impressions
  • Lifetime Spent
  • Reach
  • Results

Frequency: That is how usually Fb runs the rule. In the meanwhile, it seems it’s not attainable to regulate it from “Continuously – Facebook automated rules rule will run as typically as potential (often each half-hour).”

Notification: You’ll routinely be notified on Fb when a situation is met and the rule is utilized. However, you’ll be able to select to have an e-mail dispatched to you when this occurs as effectively.

Subscriber: When there are a number of individuals with entry to your advert account, you’ll be able to choose which of those individuals will obtain rule outcomes.

Tips on how to Create Facebook Automated Rules

Let’s create our first Facebook Automated Rule.

When viewing your campaigns, advert units or advertisements, choose a number of by checking the field to the left. That can convey up a menu that features a button for “Create Rule.” Click on that!

Facebook Automated Rules

You’ll now be put by means of the method of making your rule. It is going to seem like this…

Facebook Automated Rules

First, you’ll want to find out what your rule ought to apply to. Keep in mind you chose one thing earlier than clicking to create this rule. However, you’ll have the choice of getting the rule applies to the campaigns, advert units or advertisements related to what you chose. Or you may select to use the rule to all energetic campaigns, advert units, or adverts (select one).

Facebook Automated Rules

Now you’ll need to decide the motion you need Fb to tackle the campaigns, advert units, or advertisements that qualify. Your choices are…

  • Turn off campaigns
  • Send notification only
  • Adjust budget
  • Adjust manual bid

Broaden “Adjust budget” to drill down…

Facebook Automated Rules

Know that these choices can be grayed out should you’re making use of the foundations to campaigns or advertisements. It’s because you set your price range on the advert set stage.

However as you’ll be able to see, you’ll be capable to enhance or lower your finances for no matter advert units that qualify. If you choose day by day price range, this may solely influence advert units utilizing each day finances; if you choose lifetime finances, it is going to solely influence advert units utilizing lifetime finance.

Facebook Automated Rules

If you happen to increase “Alter handbook bid,” you’ll see choices to extend or lower your bid. As soon as once more, this may solely be executed in case you are already utilizing guide bids.

Facebook Automated Rules

Let’s use “Improve each day price range by” for instance. It is possible for you to extend you’re each day price range by both a greenback quantity or share.


Fb recommends a most each day finances cap to stop funds from going greater than you anticipated.

Facebook Automated Rules

Now it’s time to decide on our circumstances. When these circumstances are met, Fb will execute the motion. Below “Most Common,” you’ll see the next choices:

  • Daily Spent
  • Lifetime Spent
  • Frequency
  • Results
  • Cost Per Result
  • Cost Per Mobile App Install
  • Hours Since Creation

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After choosing considered one of these, you’ll want to finish the situation with a variable for spend, frequency, and so on. Extra on that in a second.

Facebook Automated Rules

You even have a number of Fb pixel-associated situation choices. That is just for advertisers utilizing Commonplace Occasions on their websites. These choices are as follows:

  • Add Payment Info
  • Complete Registration
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Lead
  • Purchase
  • Search
  • View Content

In case you aren’t utilizing Standard Events, don’t trouble with this.

Facebook Automated Rules

Underneath “Other,” you’ll discover 5 extra choices:

  • CPC (hyperlink)
  • CPM
  • CTR (hyperlink)
  • Lifetime impressions
  • Impressions
  • Attain

I’ve gotta be straight with you. I do not know what the distinction could be between Lifetime Impressions and Impressions. Perceive that in both cases, you set a time vary from which to drag. And the definition for each is identical.

Facebook Automated Rules

So let’s assume that you simply wish to create a rule primarily based on CPC (hyperlink). The most typical cause you’d do it’s because you might be selling content material, versus selling a product or choose-in. So in that case, you care most about the associated fee to drive site visitors.

In this instance, I wish to inform Fb to extend my finances if CPC (hyperlink) is under $.10 through the previous three days.

Facebook Automated Rules

Observe that Fb then mechanically provides Lifetime Impressions of greater than eight,000 as a situation. That is in order that the rule is executed with an inexpensive pattern dimension.

Be aware I’ve additionally added “Hours Since Creation > 72 hours” as effectively. I used to be simply testing this to be sure that guidelines wouldn’t be utilized till three days glided by. It might very properly be overkill.

Facebook Automated Rules

Subsequent, you’ll choose your time vary. That is the variety of days of information Fb can be when working your rule. The vary you employ ought to be associated with the pattern measurement you may collect in that period of time.

For instance, a $5 everyday price range wouldn’t get a lot of a pattern dimension for a conversion marketing campaign throughout a 3-day interval. In that case, it’s possible you’ll wish to develop the time vary.

Facebook Automated Rules

Listed here are your time vary choices:

  • Previous day
  • Last 3 days
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 14 days
  • Last 30 days
  • Lifetime

Facebook Automated Rules

It’s also possible to regulate the attribution window. This comes up most ceaselessly with conversions and creates fairly a little bit of confusion for advertisers. Perceive that, by default, Fb stories a conversion if both of the next two issues occurs:

  1. Somebody who clicked your advert converts inside 28 days
  2. Somebody who noticed — however didn’t click on — your advert converts inside 1 day

Fb isn’t solely reporting direct click on-to-conversions. It may be rather more than that.

Facebook Automated Rules

In the event you’re not a fan of that attribution window (I prefer it), be at liberty to vary it by checking any of the packing containers you need to outline a conversion.

Facebook Automated Rules

Presently, your rule goes to be run every day at midnight your time. I presume that ultimately there will likely be choices for this.

As talked about earlier, you’ll obtain a Facebook notification when a situation is met and your rule is executed. You may select to even have an electronic mail despatched.

Facebook Automated Rules

Whereas creating your rule, if Fb spots any marketing campaign, advert set, or advert that at present satisfies your situations, you’ll see that on the backside. You possibly can then click on the preview to get a better look (the button is not going to be practical in any other case).


Then you definately see which campaigns, advert units, or advertisements will probably be impacted by this rule, as of this second.

Facebook Automated Rules

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