Get Dollars in Every Note with Spotify Royalties in 2023

Spotify Royalties in 2023

Spotify leads as the top global streaming platform, linking artists with millions of subscribers through daily song releases. Streaming platforms provide vast content to fans and pay artists for their streams, although revenue debates persist. Realities exist in distributing music on these platforms, necessitating a balanced approach between optimism and strategic marketing. This article dissects Spotify Royalties in 2023, cautions against fake streams, and offers creative outreach ideas.

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What is the payment per stream from Spotify?

Contrary to what many believe, Spotify doesn’t provide a fixed payment per stream. Instead, Spotify’s royalty system operates based on pools of money allocated to different groups of artists on the platform.

For example, artists who are part of a pool with fewer plays or fewer artists will receive higher payments. This leads to fluctuations in the payment per stream.

Spotify hasn’t provided a lot of information about the exact way they group artists, but it’s probably safe to assume that factors like genre, listener interaction, and how often artists release new music are taken into account.

This is because Spotify has a vested interest in rewarding and supporting high-quality artists who are active on their platform.

And this complexity is why there’s no straightforward answer to how much money a single stream can make.

Should I pay for streaming services?

Absolutely not. These fake streams are a scam and could result in a permanent ban from streaming platforms.

Remember, streaming payments are distributed among artists based on genuine plays. Fake streams take away from the hard-earned plays of legitimate artists.

Be cautious of offers for free plays, payment for playlist placements, or buying plays. These services are fraudulent and could have serious consequences in the future. To boost your success on Spotify’s algorithm and increase your streaming revenue, focus on promoting your music, building your fanbase, and consistently releasing new tracks.

Are Spotify’s royalties reasonable?

Addressing this isn’t straightforward due to Spotify’s changing payment system. Emerging artists are rightfully worried about meager earnings from hits. With 60,000 songs added daily, fairness is intricate. Concentrate on your influence: crafting, promoting, and building fans.

Despite low hit-related earnings, see the larger picture – your music resonates, fans increase, and future releases promise.

As an indie artist, you’re connecting on Spotify, expanding your fanbase, and bigger releases are ahead.

Your role: innovate to grow and monetize. The awaited streaming payday will arrive.

3 methods for making money with Spotify

Beyond the earnings from streaming royalties, there are several methods to monetize on Spotify in 2023.

Now, let’s explore promotional concepts available to you once your music is distributed on Spotify.

1. Sell merchandise on your artist page

Sell Merch on Spotify – Spotify royalties in 2023

Spotify offers a surprisingly effective platform for merch sales. Their partnership with Shopify streamlines the process of handling merchandise transactions.

Naturally, consistently updating your artist profile with fresh playlists, images, tracks, and merchandise will enhance your profile’s visibility.

Remember to link your Spotify profile on your social media accounts as well!

2. Sell concert tickets

Apart from merchandise sales, Spotify provides a valuable feature to update your fans about upcoming tours.

Whether it’s a local gig at a nearby bar or any other show, make sure to share it on your artist profile without hesitation.

Live performances are a reliable way to grow your fanbase and gain more visibility. Use all the available channels to promote your shows effectively.

Spotify starts selling live music tickets to fans directly | Spotify royalties in 2023

3. Make a legitimate playlist

How to Submit Your Music to Playlists - Spotify royalties 2023

While it’s important to steer clear of questionable pay-for-play schemes, authentic playlists such as those curated by Spotify or any playlist featuring carefully selected artists offer an excellent opportunity to reach broader audiences.

Feel confident about submitting your tracks to respected media outlets that curate artist playlists on Spotify as well. Numerous magazines, websites, and brands host exceptional playlists on the platform.


Don’t let your Spotify royalties demoralize you in 2023. There are numerous avenues to market your music, expand your audience, and capitalize on your fan base.

Keep in mind your initial passion for creating music – your love for composing and crafting tracks for your fans.

Concentrate on that, and significant opportunities will naturally present themselves.

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