Is TikTok Rolling Out Text-Based Posts?

Is TikTok Rolling Out Text-Based Posts?

ICYMI: TikTok has just rolled out its newest feature, text-based posts.

In tandem with images and short-form videos, users are now being offered an additional avenue for content creation within the app.

Given the uncertainties swirling around Twitter (referred to as X), it’s no surprise that TikTok is stepping into the realm of text-based content. This move aligns it with emerging text platforms like Mastodon, Bluesky, and SPILL.

But much like Meta’s Threads, TikTok already boasts an established status, giving it a definite edge in the competitive arena.

To bring you up to speed, we’re here to provide you with all the current insights into text posts on TikTok, encompassing details about who can access this feature and comprehensive instructions on creating your very first post.

What Are Text Posts on TikTok?

In essence, TikTok’s text posts offer users a fresh method to share content primarily centered around text on the platform.

TikTok has stated that this functionality enables both creators and brands to distribute a variety of written content such as narratives, poems, recipes, and more.

TikTok text posts - TikTok newsroom

While the concept of text-driven posts on TikTok isn’t novel, this feature significantly simplifies the process of sharing through text.

Similar to Instagram Stories, individuals can compose posts containing up to 1K characters and personalize them using elements like songs, stickers, and other recognizable TikTok attributes.

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How to Create a Text Post on TikTok

Ready to initiate your inaugural text post on TikTok? Follow these steps to begin:

Step #1: Launch the app and tap the “+” camera icon. Then, opt for the “Text” feature located in the bottom navigation bar.

Step #2: Introduce your desired text within the “Type something…” prompt. Here, you also have the option to personalize the text’s font, color, and alignment:

TikTok text posts - type something

NOTE: Be mindful that TikTok imposes a 1K character constraint on text posts.

Step #3: At this juncture, enhance your text post by incorporating a song, selecting a background color, or affixing a sticker.

TikTok text posts - edit text post

buiLastly, tap “Post to feed” or “Your Story,” and presto, your text post comes to life:

TikTok text posts - publish post

So, will TikTok’s community embrace textual content akin to their reception of images during their initial introduction? Only time will unveil the answer.

While we await, inform us whether you intend to craft text-based posts on TikTok by leaving a comment on our account!

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