Get on TikTok FYP (For Your Page) with Simple Hacks

In essence, this blog post functions as your personal For You Page: it’s curated exclusively for you, offering content tailored to your interests. However, it’s authored by a human, not driven by TikTok algorithms. Securing a spot on TikTok’s FYP (For You Page) is vital for platform success. The FYP is the gateway for one billion global active users to discover fresh content, new accounts to follow, and brands to engage with. Here’s a comprehensive guide to cracking the code to get on TikTok FYP, straight from a human’s perspective. Learn the ropes of landing on the FYP (For You Page), where TikTok users explore and engage with captivating content.

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What Exactly Is TikTok FYP (For You Page)?

Get on TikTok FYP

The TikTok For You Page, often called FYP, is a personalized content feed driven by an algorithm. It curates a blend of videos from accounts a user follows and others the platform predicts they’ll enjoy, essentially making educated guesses about the most captivating content.

TikTok’s FYP determines each user’s video stream through three primary criteria:

  1. User interactions encompass likes, comments, shares, and even the user’s content.
  2. Video metadata, including details like sounds, hashtags, and captions.
  3. Device and account settings, such as language preferences, location, and device type, although TikTok notes this is the least influential factor.

Get on TikTok FYP: 6 Proven Hacks

1. Harness Trending Songs

Have a TikTok tune playing on repeat in your head? That’s because the FYP is often jam-packed with trending music, favored by creators far and wide. TikTok’s algorithm is tuned in to the latest music trends and is more likely to catapult your video onto the FYP bandwagon if you ride the musical wave.

Take, for instance, Irish dance sensation Cairde. Their savvy use of trending songs has amassed them a staggering 3.3 million followers, with engagement metrics skyrocketing to double, triple, or even 20 times that number. Their content finds a home on the FYPs of users who don’t follow them, thanks in part to their musical mastery.

Moreover, TikTok sounds often come with their built-in trends, simplifying content creation. Just like this chihuahua, who nailed a video edit that resonated with thousands of Gen Zers. It’s all about embracing the old dog, the new Tik style.

2. Tap into Trending Audio

Much like the previous tip, TikTok virality isn’t limited to songs; it’s about audio too. An audio snippet from a TV show, movie, or even another TikTok can catch fire. Infuse your creative touch into trending audio clips to amplify your “wow” factor and carve out your niche with familiar yet distinctive content.

When this dramatic audio started trending, legions of users unleashed their unique takes on the sound. It’s the perfect moment to fine-tune your lip-synching prowess.

3. Embrace Trend Participation

Apologies for the trend repetition (but hey, online, trends are the talk of the town). TikTok offers boundless opportunities to dive into dance, pranks, challenges, and various trends.

Engaging in trends not only heightens your chances of landing on the FYP but also serves as an effortless source of content inspiration. Instead of brainstorming entirely fresh ideas, take a page from others’ playbooks (and make it even better).

For instance, during the widespread binge-watching of ‘The Bear”, TikTok users creatively recreated the featured omelet. Even potato chip brand Smith’s Chips joined the trend by sharing a how-to video, aligning perfectly with the show’s theme of an omelet adorned with sour cream and onion chips. It’s a stellar example of leveraging a trend to promote your brand.

4. Be Timely

The TikTok FYP thrives on what’s trending now, often requiring a touch of future forecasting. When structuring your content calendar, factor in holidays, events, and seasons, strategizing ways to ensure your TikToks resonate at the moment they drop.

Timeliness can also enhance the usefulness of your TikTok content (for example, no one craves pumpkin-carving tips on November 1).

Kelly Clarkson nailed the timing with this TikTok—her rendition of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Vampire” remained relevant thanks to the trending song, and the video premiered right around Halloween, delivering a delightful blend of eerie, festive, and fabulous.

5. Encourage Engagement

On TikTok, engagement reigns supreme and plays a pivotal role in achieving success. While there are numerous ways to elevate your engagement rate (check out 5 strategies here), a straightforward hack stands out: just ask for it. Encourage your audience to comment, like, save, and share your video with friends.

Take this speed reading challenge as a prime example. Right from the start, it challenges viewers to stay engaged and resist the urge to scroll away. The video prompts viewers to comment if they can tackle the reading challenge and share it with friends who might enjoy a speed-reading test as well.

By urging viewers to comment and share, while appealing to their competitive spirit, the creator ignites increased engagement. This, in turn, boosts their algorithm ranking and enhances the chances of landing on the coveted FYP.

6. Optimize Hashtag

Trending hashtags play a vital role in conveying your video’s essence to TikTok—and we’re not referring to the ultra-basic #fyp. To identify the most fitting TikTok hashtags, take a cue from the experts: observe your competitors (or, to put it more positively, fellow achievers in your field) and note the popular hashtags they employ.

Lately, creating #Swiftok content has proven to be a crowd-pleaser, with football social media managers dedicating extra effort to Taylor Swift-related videos. The captivating TikTok example above includes tags like #taylorswift, #erastour, and #swifttok, signaling to TikTok that it should be shared on the For You Pages of Taylor Swift’s fans.

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