6 Tips to Help Your Videos Get Recommended on YouTube

6 Tips to Help Your Videos Get Recommended on YouTube

Want more people to watch your YouTube videos? Getting them recommended by YouTube can help. In this guide, we’ll share six simple tips to boost your chances of getting recommended. We’ll show you how to improve your video titles and keep viewers watching longer to grow your channel.

Let’s dive in!

How do YouTube recommendations work?

To learn how to get your videos recommended on YouTube, you first need to understand how YouTube’s system works. Here’s the simple version:

YouTube wants people to watch videos for as long as possible because this lets them show more ads and make more money.

How does YouTube decide what to recommend? It looks at how long people watch videos. If the videos are related to what you’re already watching and might keep you watching longer, YouTube will recommend them.

Why aren’t my videos being recommended on YouTube?

YouTube recommendations

Here are some possible reasons:

Not enough optimization: Many video makers forget to fully optimize their video titles, descriptions, and tags. Without this, YouTube’s system might not understand your videos well enough to recommend them.

Unclear focus: If your videos are all over the place or inconsistent, it can confuse both viewers and YouTube’s system. Staying consistent with your topics and how you present them helps build trust with your viewers and YouTube.

Irregular posting: If you don’t post videos on a regular schedule, it’s harder for YouTube to see your channel as reliable. Posting regularly keeps viewers coming back and shows YouTube that you’re a consistent creator.

Low-quality videos: If your videos don’t keep viewers watching or interacting, YouTube is less likely to recommend them. High-quality content that engages and connects with viewers is more likely to get noticed by YouTube.

Poor metrics: YouTube favors videos that people click on and watch for a long time. Check your video analytics to see where you can improve things like click rates and watch time.

Topic choice: Picking topics that people are already interested in can help your videos get recommended. While popular topics might get more views, less common topics can also offer a chance to stand out.

Improving these things can help your videos get recommended more often. Remember, success on YouTube takes patience and continuous effort.

6 ways to get your videos into YouTube recommendations

1. Increase engagement

If you want your videos to be recommended by YouTube, you should try to get more viewers to interact with them. The YouTube algorithm notices when your videos get more likes, comments, and shares.

There are many ways to make people more engaged with your videos. For example, you could ask a question in the comments to start a conversation or remind viewers to like or comment at the beginning and end of your videos. You could also challenge them by saying something like, “if this video gets 100 likes, I will (insert what you’ll do next).” These actions can help increase your video’s engagement.

2. Increase watch time

Besides getting more people to interact with your videos, you should also try to make them watch for longer. Remember how the YouTube algorithm works? The more someone watches, the more ads they see. So, if you can keep viewers watching your videos for a longer time, YouTube will notice and start suggesting your videos to more people.

3. Make YouTube playlists

Make YouTube playlists

We have a detailed article about why and how to make YouTube playlists. Playlists are great because they show your viewers that your videos are connected. This can make people watch one video after another, which means they spend more time on your channel.

When the YouTube algorithm sees that people are watching your videos for longer, it’s more likely to suggest your videos to others. This can help more people find and watch your content.

4. Up your thumbnail and title game

We say this a lot, but it’s really important: even if your videos are the best, they won’t get many views if your thumbnail and title aren’t appealing. You need to make sure both are good for every video. There are guides out there to help you learn how to make a good YouTube thumbnail and use the right tags and keywords.

The more people click on your videos, the better your chances of YouTube recommending them. More views are good because the YouTube algorithm likes that, and a clear title helps the algorithm understand your video better.

5. Tap into video trends (with a different angle, natural follow-on)

Jumping on trending topics can help. For instance, if there’s a hot new show like “Squid Game” on Netflix, you’ll see lots of YouTube videos about it. When everyone’s talking about it on social media, it’s a good time to make a video about the trend to get more views.

If you create a video on a topic like “Squid Game,” viewers watching related videos might see your video suggested.

Tap into video trends

However, don’t just follow trends for the sake of it. Your video should be of good quality to keep viewers interested. Think about how you can offer a new or unique angle on the trending topic. Also, consider making your video a good follow-up to other popular videos on the same subject. If people watch your video after another popular one, YouTube might suggest it more often.

6. Invest in your video’s metadata

Lastly, having good descriptions and titles is important for YouTube to recommend your videos. These help the YouTube system understand what your video is about and who might want to watch it. If your channel doesn’t have many viewers, YouTube relies a lot on your video titles and descriptions to find out more. This means that even if no one has watched your video yet, a well-written title and description can help your video show up when people search on YouTube.

By choosing popular keywords that not many people are using, and making sure your video details are spot on, you can make your video stand out. The more people click on your video, the more YouTube learns from those clicks and starts recommending your video more. Paying close attention to these details can help your video get seen by more people on YouTube.

Wrapping up

So, that’s how you get your videos recommended on YouTube! These tips have effectively made your videos stand out in YouTube recommendations. While no instant trick guarantees that YouTube will suggest your videos, actively using these tips and sticking with them should help you see results over time.

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