PMO: What Does It Mean on Instagram?

Given Instagram’s wide popularity, many acronyms and shortcuts are used to chat faster. “PMO” is one such term, often unclear to many. In this article, we’ll explain what it means on Instagram and give examples to help you grasp its usage and benefits.

What is PMO on Instagram?


On Instagram, the acronym PMO commonly means “Put Me On”.

When someone writes that word, they’re usually asking to be featured or promoted by the account they’re commenting on. This account is often a bigger brand or influencer who can help them reach a larger audience than they could on their own.

Whether it’s for a shoutout, collaboration, or another form of promotion, influencers and content creators use Put Me On to boost their engagement and reach, aiming to gain more followers.

How to Use PMO on Instagram

PMO pops up in various ways on Instagram. Here are some examples to help you understand:

Using PMO in a Caption

People use in post captions, hoping a bigger account will notice them and collaborate.

Example: “Listen to my new track! Put Me On if you dig it #EDM

Using PMO in a Story

People use it in Stories to grab attention and maybe some shoutouts.

Example: “Here’s my latest artwork. Tell me what you think and Put Me On! #watercolor #art

Using PMO in a DM

Influencers often DM others for promotions. It is used here but without hashtags.

Example: Hey! Love your fashion. Wanna Put Me On my new line?

Using PMO in a Comment

In comments, users often use this word to get notice by bigger accounts.

Example: You’re a fantastic makeup artist! Can you Put Me On me in one of your Stories to show off a technique I learned from you?


Now that we’ve explained what it means on Instagram, you can use this helpful acronym to boost your content’s reach and partner with like-minded influencers and brands. It’s a trendy term among content creators that can enhance your Instagram marketing plan.

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